Hypnosis Niche Marketing – These Profitable Niches are Going to Shock You!

hypnosis niche marketingLet’s discuss hypnosis niche marketing and I am guessing that most of you today are going to be shocked by what I am going to reveal. I’ve always been intrigued by the debate of whether you should niche your business or not.

As many therapy marketers will tell you niching your market down has some specific advantages for your business. Yet it can also be hugely problematic especially if you don’t understand how to do it well or don’t keep your eye on the market for any upcoming changes. Good niche marketing means:

  • You get seen as an expert if someone reads your niche-specific website.
  • You build your expertise and results in a certain area.
  • You build a name for yourself as the go-to person for a specific problem.
  • You can market more accurately at your core demographic.
  • You lessen the competition.

In theory, this works brilliantly until something goes wrong such as COVID. Suddenly all the people with one niche websites who were no longer relevant in the middle of a pandemic saw their incomes dry up and customers disappear.  Whilst the virus is just one example of a problem there can be many others:

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The Problems with Niche Therapy Marketing

Your website gets hacked. – I’ve had a problem with this one myself. One of my websites got hacked and I spent nearly a month getting it back up. Not a great experience but thankfully as I have multiple websites it wasn’t the end of the world.

Google changes its algorithm and you disappear off the front page of the search results. – Google is always playing around with how it presents its information. Keeping on top of the latest initiatives will help but many people have found themselves floundering after a change in the search results.

Facebook or Google Ads Change – In case you weren’t aware something very big is going on in this arena right now. Apple has decided that it wants to give its users the ability to opt-out of being tracked by ad networks. There are huge discussions going on right now about how to retarget customers under this new initiative.

Someone or something comes along to make your niche irrelevant. – The big companies are muscling in on the therapy market fast. If one of the majors comes after your niche you are going to have a problem. Keep your eyes peeled on these developments as you may need to change your marketing to contend with this in the near future.

Diversification in niches is hugely important if you want to stay in business as well as always looking forward and staying relevant. If you don’t do these you could be in for a shock.

Choosing a Therapy Niche

Hypnosis niche marketing in more than one area is important if you want to hedge your bets but what niches do you go for? Well, this is where things get interesting. Most therapists choose some of the most obvious areas such as weight loss or stop smoking and so on but have you ever looked at the numbers? Most therapists choose a niche depending on their interest in the topic and may keep an eye out for the competition but I wonder how many of you actually think in detail about your business models.

I said that I might shock you today and this is where I might open your eyes to exactly what you are competing against and why you might have problems struggling to attract clients. Let’s do a deep dive into the stats and see what we find.

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Hypnosis Marketing Stats

Well, one of the most popular niches in the entire world is sleep hypnosis with over 40,000 people searching for an answer to their problems with insomnia every month. So far so normal. Most hypnotherapists should be aware that sleep is a huge area for potential clients. However, you have absolutely no hope of getting on the front page of Google for this specific keyword term unless you pay to play by using ads or get very clever with social media or geographical targeting.

I can guarantee that most hypnotherapists get the majority of their clients because of their websites being found for a specific area and Google maps not because they have a great web page that places them on page one in the bigger search arena. A tiny therapy practice can never compete with Audible as an example who is on the first page for this term.  This means that whilst you will get some customers your bigger competition hoover up the vast majority.

Sex Sells in Hypnosis

I digress however because the next biggest niche with 33,100 searches a month is erotic hypnosis. Yup I know I bet you weren’t expecting to hear that. Sex sells and I can guarantee that most of you will never have even considered that erotic hypnosis was such a huge hypnosis marketing niche. I can go on as sexual hypnosis gets looked at by 18,100 people per month. Another huge number that gets overlooked.

After sleep and sex, we have a huge steep drop in searches until we get to weight loss and stop smoking at around the 6,000 searches per month and then we have Furry Hypnosis at 2,400 searches. Yup hypnosis aimed at people who liked to imagine they are furry creatures. Told you I would shock you. Not because of the subject matter (because personally what someone does in their own time is none of my business) but because I bet you had never even dreamed that this was a niche to go after.

But I bet you will have considered some of these. Sports hypnosis for example which comes in at a measly 390 searches per month which is roughly similar to the numbers for confidence and stress hypnosis.

Now the General Hypnotherapy Register in the UK has around 3000 hypnotherapists registered with them and the Hypnotherapy Society 2,000. There are other organisations that also don’t publish numbers plus people who aren’t registered at all but I think you can start to see an issue with why people have a problem with marketing. without having the stats. Look at how many hypnotherapists will want to offer sports hypnosis and then check out the reality of the niche. The numbers for that keyword don’t stack up especially when you consider that the numbers I have used are for search results worldwide.

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Understanding Basic Business Figures

Now before you all go rushing off to add porn to your websites (I’m only joking) there is a more serious point to be made. The key to attracting clients is to understand the numbers, niches, competition and keywords so that you can get a new client or sale. Until you get to know these facts you will always be scrabbling around to try and get people to come and see you. You don’t have to be writing about porn or fetishes to get results but you do need to understand how to compete effectively and with what topics.

Spending your time and energy in niches that will actually earn you a decent income rather than second-guessing. It can make all the difference! Only when you have this detail and hypnosis niche marketing information can you start to create a website attracting the right people or advertising the right products. Don’t do it the other way round as you are going to face a world of frustration! If you don’t know how to do this then think about hypnosis coaching to help you. It will save you a ton of money and heartache in the long term.






Online Hypnotherapy and Big Business?

Therapy Marketing and Big BusinessI hope you are all doing well wherever you are and that the Coronavirus interruption isn’t hurting your business too much. There are definite signs of more business activity out there in the UK as people start to emerge from the strict restrictions so expect more work in the coming weeks. Face to face work may not begin for another month or so but certainly, there are signs of life in the online market as people realise that they can’t wait forever to get help. Anyway, let’s talk about online hypnotherapy and what I am beginning to see out there.

Online Hypnosis Sessions

As you are probably aware a good percentage of the hypnotherapy market up until a few months ago predominantly operated on a face to face basis. Therapists either worked from their homes or alternatively rented rooms throughout the world to conduct their sessions. Yes, online hypnotherapy existed but for the most part, the vast percentage of hypnosis was still done using old school methods.

Then along came Coronavirus and everything suddenly changed. When therapists realised they were going to earn no money at all because of the lockdown a rush began to move business online. Therapists who had never used Zoom or Skype for sessions were now trying to work out how to work with clients on screen and also how to attract those new clients.

Over the past couple of months, the revolution to online working has picked up speed. Not just with hypnotherapy but in thousands of industries worldwide. We are never likely to go back to exactly how things were in the past as big businesses talk about shelving their office space and allowing their clients to work from home. Partly the speed at which the changes are taking place is because of health and safety but the second is money. An office block, especially in the centre of a thriving city, is hugely costly to run whilst if you get your employees to work from home costs are slashed.

So far all well and good. Surely therapists should be rejoicing as working from home as online hypnotherapy saves costs and cuts dead time waiting for clients. It is a winning scenario, isn’t it?

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Hypnosis Teletherapy

Now I am going to look into my crystal ball and give you some potential pitfalls that I am seeing which you might not have expected as you contemplated this new online world.

I hate to break it to you but once this move to online hypnotherapy picks up pace there are other people looking at your clients and wanting a piece of the action. Big business is out there right at this moment and thinking how can we make money from these people who need mental health support. I’m not talking about charities or online directories but big corporations selling health services and I can tell you they want the money that your clients have in their pocket and not yours.

You see trying to package hypnosis whilst therapists were scattered was difficult part from say in big cities. It costs money to be a therapy company and hire rooms across the country and then hire therapists so the costs didn’t stack up. It is a whole different ball game when you move online because of the profit margin change.

The Amazonification (is that a word?) or certainly the commodification of therapy has begun and over the next few years, everything is going to change. Once big business starts to muscle in on the talking therapy market the small players are in trouble especially those who don’t know how to market well.

The Facts about Online Therapy

When you were working locally and seeing clients the world was a relatively small place. You say had a therapy business in say Kent and you would attract people to your practice from the surrounding county. If you were a little more well known you might have got business from further afield but most people would have driven no more than 30 miles to see you. You could be a big player in a small area and might well have done incredibly well.

In the local search engine results, you might have been on the first page of Google or if not you could have posted a local Adwords or Facebook Ad and attracted clients to see you. Getting clients would have been relatively easy and your business might have been doing very nicely.

Now everyone is moving online. Suddenly you are a very tiny fish in a big big ocean and here is where the problems start. As the general public gradually get used to online hypnotherapy that is what they will search for. Now Google only has 10 search spaces on the front page in any country for that particular keyword term plus around four or five ads. So where does that leave your business? I can tell you that getting one of those covered 10 spaces when thousands of therapists are competing for them as online therapists are going to be almost impossible.

So where does that leave you? Well, it means either trying to compete for smaller niches or problems or continuing local therapy. The Google local pack appears here to stay for now. Alternatively, you will need to start using ads to get business or building a social media presence to attract clients.

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Big Business and Therapy

As big business moves into the therapy market they will have money to spend to dominate the niche. With their SEO experts and content creators, they can start to blow a hole in your profits relatively quickly. I am already seeing companies out there who are offering therapy help and have a pool of therapists on their books. The client contacts the big company and they farm the client out to one of their therapists. Of course, the company takes a hefty chunk of the money leaving the therapist with peanuts.

Don’t believe me let’s look at one therapy company who boasts that their online counsellors make between $15 and $25 per hour if they join. To become one of their therapists in the US you need a masters degree! So you work for them and earn little more than you would in a low paid admin job. This company is currently pushing its services in the UK market! Did you get in this business to work for that kind of money and to work for someone else? I know I didn’t.

Also last night I was sat watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them on ITV (one of the big three TV companies in the UK) During the ad break an advert appeared for an online therapy company and their app. To give you an idea of the cost of that ad it would be somewhere between £10,000 and £30,000 for 30 seconds. My guess is there will be more. Bet that has blown your marketing budget out of the water!

Yes, some people will always want face to face sessions but expect that sector of the market to get smaller over the next five years. Big business has started to muscle in and they want your hard-earned cash.

Therapy Marketing Knowledge is Everything

So do you want to become one of the wage slaves working for big business or do you want to differentiate your business and get ahead? Now is the time to get up and start to work out how to fight back and make sure you protect your income over the next few years. That means:

  • Having an Amazing Website (not just a good enough one)
  • Understanding SEO
  • Differentiating Yourself on the Market
  • Blogging for Business
  • Being an Ads Master

Simply put if you are one of those people who have plodded along and know that you need to do something about your business then this is the time to do it. You need to get up to speed fast otherwise it will be too late.

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Therapy Marketing Courses

Head on over to my website now and start picking up the pace. There are courses there to help you with website layout, business blogging and creating profitable online ads. This is the very minimum you are going to need if you want to start competing for a slice of the therapy market. Online hypnotherapy is here to stay but to really compete you need to have the right skills and from my experience, at least 95% of therapists haven’t taken the time to learn them. What you do right now is going to determine what kind of business you are going to end up within the next year or so.

Therapy Marketing Strategies – It’s All About the Data!

therapy marketing strategiesWell firstly I hope that all of you are keeping well in the middle of the chaos that the pandemic has created. I know that for most of you the disruption to your businesses has probably been huge. People are currently trying to navigate a new normal at the moment and whilst they are figuring out what to do next there has been a period of quiet reflection.  This can be disheartening for many but the thing is with any kind of business you need to be resilient. There is no point in doing nothing instead you need to understand what is working and what isn’t. One way of coming up with new therapy marketing strategies is by looking at the data.

Now I know that many therapists tend to be led by feelings and intuition rather than numbers but I hate to break it to you this is not enough. You need to be crunching the numbers and looking at the data in order to figure out what is working and what isn’t. Your feelings aren’t going to tell you how your customers are finding you. Your feelings aren’t going to tell you what people are looking for but the numbers never lie!

Marketing Therapy Services

At the moment the biggest question you need to consider is whether your current marketing strategies are bringing you in the clients you need. If not then you need to start to look at what is going wrong. If you are seeing clients then the question is how can I do more of the same and get even more sales. So how are you going to do this? Well last week I introduced a number of people on a Facebook live to a Google service that I thought people knew about. Turns out just about every therapist watching had never heard of it so in case you are one of these people let’s start by talking about Google Trends.

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This is a relatively simple and easy tool that every therapist can look at to see what is sought after right now and what is tanking. So how do you use it? Well, all you need to do is head over to https://trends.google.com and choose the country that you are selling your services in. Then choose the time period for the data you want and put in a search term that you might be found for.

In this example, I have called up a graph of the search term Anxiety Therapy. If you look at the data you can see there was a huge drop in people searching for this term throughout March and early April but now searches are beginning to rise rapidly up again. This holds with my theory that people needed time to readjust to the shock of going into lockdown but are heading back out to find help as they get used to their new circumstances. Follow your keywords and you are going to find the best times to advertise your services.

therapy marketing strategies google trends

Now let’s look at another search query this time for confidence coaching. Here you can see that the graph has sunk almost as low as it is possible to go. Clearly, this is not a term that people are bothering with at this moment. If this is your niche you need to adapt your messages.

hypnotherapy marketing data

Play around with the tool and see what is helpful to you. The data is going to help you make more intelligent choices going forward.

Therapy Marketing and Google Analytics

Now let’s look at Google analytics. How many of you actually bother to look at your stats on a weekly basis? My guess is that most of you won’t even have bothered to set this up.

Google Analytics is the perfect way to start to come up with some therapy marketing strategies. Why? Because it mines all the data that is coming in from your website to tell you exactly what is popular and what isn’t. Find out how many people are coming to your website each day. How long they hang around for. Where they came from and what has the best referral rate. What are their demographics and so on?

Google Analytics is a goldmine for data and when you look at it carefully it will help you to adjust your marketing messages to do more of what people are looking for. It will also tell you what marketing channels may not be worth looking at or are simply not working well for you. This information can make or break your success rates at marketing if you know what to look at.

Google Webmaster Tools

Now let’s add Google webmaster tools (search console) into the mix. Another great tool for building therapy marketing strategies. This is particularly useful at seeing what Google has indexed you for in its search engine and how high you appear for certain searches in its rankings. So if you are an expert in IBS therapy you can check where each of your pages rank. If you appear at number 200 then you know you have a problem. If you are in the top 5 in your country then well done expect to get visitors to your site. This data allows you to make intelligent decisions for your business and enables you to look at areas you need to work on.

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This is such a simple tool but one that I use daily in my business. Basically, stick some code on your website and every visitor is logged. I know what country they were in, what pages they visited, how long they stuck around for and even what device they used. By looking at the information on Statcounter I can in most cases tell what someone is ringing me up for even before they have told me. How? Well if they have been staring at my work on my anxiety page for half an hour and I get a call you can almost guarantee it is that person looking for help You can also see who is returning to your pages again and again which can also be helpful.

Other Sources of Marketing Data

When you start to be more considered in your therapy marketing strategies rather than just doing things without thinking you will start to realise that data is everywhere and it doesn’t lie. Start having a look at some of the following:

  • Facebook Insights
  • Pinterest Analytics
  • Instagram Analytics
  • Twitter Stats
  • Home Built Spreadsheets (what are you monitoring?)
  • YouTube Stats
  • Email signups
  • Pay per click analysis

I could go on. Now, of course, you don’t need to look at everything at once otherwise you are going to spread yourself too thinly. Start with your website statistics and your most popular referral source. Concentrate on getting those right before heading to the next popular and so on. When you start to do this regularly you are going to find that your sales are going to rise.

The one thing you shouldn’t do is stick your head in the sand and hope that you can wing it. Intelligent therapy marketing strategies are based on fact, not fiction.

Therapy Marketing Tips

If you subscribe to my YouTube channel you are going to notice that I am putting out more video content. Some of which may never reach my blog. Make sure you follow me to get some of the very latest content. My latest video is on this very topic of data in a live call with one of my former students Steve Norton. You can watch it here: https://youtu.be/Gvp6rJ7ZA-4

Also, I have a Facebook page with info and posts that give you some additional insights into the current crisis as well as plenty of therapy marketing tips. Check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/therapymarketingexpert/

therapy marketing book

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Therapy Marketing Coach

Why do I do therapy marketing coaching? Because my clients need help to market themselves effectively and they can’t do it by themselves. I was talking to one of my success stories this afternoon and I asked him how long did he think it would have taken him to figure out what he needed to do by himself and the answer was never. He had already been working as a therapist for years but never made it because he didn’t know where to look or what to do. He had been going round in circles looking for solutions but it had been pointless.

Therapy marketing coaching fast tracks you to make more successful decisions for your business. It gives you therapy marketing strategies that you haven’t even thought of.  This is why most of my clients are still getting calls even at this time when others are struggling. If you are interested in finding out more about how I help my clients transform their marketing just fill in the form below for a FREE discovery call.

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A Niche Therapy Practice Can Create Problems!

Niche therapy practiceFive years ago I wrote a post called “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” and right at this moment I am sure there are a ton of therapists out there who wish they had taken my advice.  Everyone in the industry has been continually preaching about building a niche therapy practice and being an expert in one particular area but what they aren’t telling you is if the bottom falls out of your market niche your practice and business is in big trouble. Coronavirus is now showing the weaknesses in this business approach. Everyone should have a plan A and plan B and a plan C!

I am a member of a number of therapy forums and during the last few weeks therapists out there are spotting that their businesses which have been working fine for years are suddenly getting no calls. Some have big expenses and outgoings but with no customers they can’t afford to pay them. Many are wondering how they are going to cover even their room rates.  Another therapist said they had got a job in a bar part time to tide them over. I had to break it to them that it is likely that this job will be useless in the next couple of weeks as the government is probably going to shut them down. This is a serious time for everyone not just therapists.

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Weak Therapy Niches in This Market

A few weeks ago I did a Facebook live with a therapist Steve Norton in the anxiety niche. In the video streams, we talked about what was currently happening with Coronavirus and what people needed to do to try and insulate themselves from the fallout. You can watch the videos here: https://youtu.be/5tjMJsNxWc0 and here https://youtu.be/opNFZv6uOVg: It was obvious to me that anxiety was a great niche therapy practice to be in at the moment because of the turmoil and stress that everyone is experiencing but here are some that are going to suffer over the next few months:

Hypnobirthing – Pregnant women are totally freaking out at the moment at what could happen to their unborn children if they catch the virus. Many are already staying away from hospitals where possible what chance do you have of running these sessions as the virus spreads?

Weight Loss – Summer is typically a time of bikini bodies and holidays. Women especially flock to go on diets to look their best when they are away. This year they are more worried about getting some toilet roll and tins to survive so I expect this niche to suffer in the short term. (Update as lockdowns progressed comfort eating is becoming a big problem so target people who are eating to cheer themselves up).

Fear of Flying Sessions – Flights are getting cancelled every day at the moment. The airline industry is on its knees. Don’t expect a flood of calls about this when normally you would be hearing from nervous flyers all spring and summer.

Exam Hypnosis- With schools about to shut and exams put on hold it is unlikely that anyone will be looking for exam help in the near future.

Children’s Therapy – Parents are particularly worried about their children at the best of times but now that worry is in overdrive. My local town Facebook group is going crazy about the thought of Coronavirus. These people don’t want their children out and about at all never mind heading to see a therapist. My guess is unless they need urgent help these sessions will be deferred until later in the year.

Public Speaking – With firms deciding to increase social distancing and more home working starting the need to speak in public is reducing in the short term. Don’t expect to see a ton of people asking for it at the moment.

These are just some examples of weak niches in the current market and I am sure there are many others. If you are in one of these you need to be urgently thinking about what you can do in the short term to earn money whilst you wait for this to all blow over.

Building a Resilient Therapy Practice

Are you familiar with the term to hedge your bets? As a former trader, this was something that we used to think of daily on the trading floor. It simply means taking two different actions to protect your money. So if one of your trades went bad you knew that the opposing trade would come good. Therapists could learn lots from traders!

Here is the deal you do not absolutely need to go all-in on one niche and one niche only. This is a very bad idea as people are starting to see right now. What you need is to appear the expert in a number of niches. This means potentially having websites in a number of different locations or areas so that you can cover a number of bases. If one area starts to go bad you always have the others to call upon. A niche therapy practice can involve multiple niches!

You also need to have adaptability and you can only do that when you are able to:

  • Set up a therapy website fast that converts clients right now and is adaptable
  • Run pay per click ads such as Adwords or Facebook  that can be adapted in minutes to bring in the customers you need
  • Blog so that you can start to attract more business fast

These things can be learned and I teach them in my online courses. To give you an idea on how this is working for me I am currently building a new website. I blogged about Coronavirus anxiety around a month ago (before most people were really talking about it). That blog is getting me a steady stream of website visitors daily and I have only really started the site in January.  Yes of course you have to know how to blog correctly to do this but once you do you are on a roll. The techniques can be applied to any niche or product.

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Passive Income and Your Therapy Practice

Now let’s talk about passive income. How many of you have bothered to create any passive income products for your website? This could make a huge difference to your income. Think about the Hypnobirthing niche which is no doubt suffering or about to crash at any second. Nobody is going to want to come into a hall or practice the techniques but what if you could offer online classes or have built a course on the topic to be sold online. Now you could sell that product worldwide and women who wanted it could be using it right now in the comfort of their own homes.  That product could insulate you from a loss of face to face income and might even surpass your current earnings as you moved from a local to a global business. You have to think bigger sometimes to make money. It isn’t always about a local niche therapy practice.

Creating products and services that can be used online can help grow your business and insulate you from problems like the ones we are currently seeing. If you find that your customers are currently drying up then go all-in on setting some up so when this is all over you will have a better and more stable business.


Nothing to do with a niche therapy practice but something I felt I had to comment on.

This is the time when professional therapists should be helping people to stay calm. We should be helping the local community and offering our mental health expertise to those who are currently not able to get to see their doctors. Don’t be the therapist that this morning created a Facebook messenger group and included me on it talking about wild conspiracy theories and asking what did I think. I tell you what I thought – that any therapist who is spouting nonsense at a time like this is one that I am immediately unfollowing (which I did). Keep your Facebook and social media pages professional be the voice of reason, not the person looking to create hysteria. Don’t start writing about unproven quackery to cure the illness, don’t sell through scaring people, don’t suggest something you know nothing about. We can get through this but keep your professional hats on.

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Free Therapy Services Requests – What Should You Do?

Free Therapy ServicesI felt I had to write about this topic after a sudden influx of requests from companies and PR people asking for free therapy services for their employees or to advertise/promote their products. If you haven’t received one of these emails or phone calls yet this is what you could expect (this is a genuine email!).

Good Afternoon
I wondered if you did info sessions for businesses – presentation on the importance of sleep – useful tips/guidance etc
13 March World Sleep day so looking for something to promote this area around that week.
We are based in XXX city centre.

Perfect I thought so I spent the next few days trying to contact the HR lady who had sent the email to discuss her requirements and my costs. In the end, I sent her an email and this is the response I got:

Sorry for the delay in responding. We don’t really have a budget for organisations to come in however in the past businesses have been in to promote their business and then further down the line we have organised more specific training etc if required.

In other words, do some work for me for nothing and you never know we might decide to do something with you in the future but no promises. This was my response:

I am afraid free does not pay my bills or take into account my considerable experience and expertise. Perhaps your company needs to reconsider its approach to asking people to do something for nothing as it is rather insulting.

I do not feel bad about sending this note and neither should you if you were in my position! If you want more polite responses you can always check out this article in Forbes.

therapy marketing book

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Don’t Work for Companies for Nothing

The companies who have asked me for free therapy services are cheap full stop. They are perfectly able to reconcile earning massive profits with thinking they are doing me a favour by asking me to work for them for nothing. In fact, what they probably haven’t bothered to think about is that it would have actually cost me money to run the session they wanted.

  • I would have taken time out of my work in order to write the presentation they wanted.
  • In this case, I would have had to drive a 30 mile round trip and pay for petrol.
  • As the talk was in the city centre I would have had to find a paid space to park.
  • I would have lost a half day of client income by taking time out to do the talk.

This is the worst deal in the world! No professional occupation is going to get taken seriously when they do work for nothing. Can you imagine what a plumber would say if they had been asked to fit a toilet for the exposure?

Therapists Do the Same

I hate to say it but it isn’t just your clients and corporations who think this way but also therapists. I have had countless messages over the years from therapists who wanted my time to teach them how to set up their business but without any payment. Some of these would be in direct competition with me but still thought it would be ok for me to do all the work and for them to profit. Remember these are not people I have ever met and in many cases even talked to or been in touch with on Facebook. Their requests came out of the blue which is beyond cheeky. Don’t do the same to others and if people do that to you be happy to call them out for their poor behaviour.

Valuing Your Therapy Services and Products

I know from many years of experience that the only way to get success with your clients is by getting them to value what you offer. When they believe that your words are disposable, or not worth the money then why would they bother paying any attention to what you have to say. It doesn’t matter if I am talking about a corporate company or an individual the same applies. You will always get a poorer outcome with clients who haven’t bothered to pay.

In addition, this company would never value me enough to pay me in the future which was the carrot the organisation was trying to dangle in front of me. Once someone has got something for nothing they will expect it in the future. I would never earn anything from them so why bother.

By the way, I am not the only one who is experiencing this. On a hypnotherapy forum, I moderate plenty of other therapists told me of their experiences of this freebie culture. I had to laugh when one of them said they had been approached by Apple to do a free talk. This is one of the most profitable companies in the world.

49 ways to market your therapy practice

Grab Your Freebie

When Should You Think of Doing Free Work

Now, of course, nothing is ever black and white there are some circumstances where you might consider working for nothing.

Fame and Glory

Imagine that tomorrow morning a TV company called you up and wanted you to appear on their segment about Hypnobirthing. Your name, expertise and company details will be broadcast to millions of people across the country. Then this is a prospect worth considering because of the potential for a real peak in client bookings. Plus you now have the chance to place this on your website and pitch yourself as a TV expert. This will earn you money over time.


If you have a favourite charity that you work with then I can totally understand that you might do some free therapy services. BUT from my experience, some of these clients are less motivated to work with you because they are not paying for their services. Be clear on who you will and won’t work with it you do volunteer so that you get the best outcomes for your clients.

Free Therapy Services for New Experiences

Last year I did free work for a number of radio stations partly for publicity but also because it pushed me out of my comfort zone. Sometimes it is good to be pushed outside your daily limits as it keeps you on your toes and teaches you new skills.


If you get together with other health and wellness professionals to do talks and cross-refer products and services it may be worth your while doing the odd free talk. Just make sure that you are not the only one doing all the work whilst the other health professionals sit and do nothing. Cross referrals can be a nice money spinner when you have everything set up and working on autopilot.

20 Passive Income Ideas for Therapists

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Therapy Marketing to Make Money

If you market your wellness business correctly you should never have to offer free therapy services. I gave up doing most free work years ago and have never looked back or regretted calling out people who asked me to do something for nothing. Learning how to use paid advertising such as Google Adwords or Facebook can make a big difference. Setting up your website so it is a client magnet will earn you money. Learning to Blog for money will never make leave you broke. All of these things can be learned and my online courses in my shop will teach you how to walk away from these requests knowing that you are never going to need to hustle for business again. What are you waiting for?

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Therapy Marketing Strategies for 2020

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Don’t Set Up a Therapy Practice Without Reading This!

set up a therapy businessI felt I had to write this post because of the sheer volume of new therapists out there who are currently setting up their practices who have zero clue about business. In particular the hypnotherapy industry that I am part has a ton of training schools churning out would-be therapists. These therapists are ready and prepared to see clients but a good percentage have not thought through what happens next which is how to set up a therapy practice and make money. This is naive at best and completely insane in reality. Do not set up a therapy practice without reading this first!

It is not the job of the therapy courses to teach business and marketing (even though some touch on the subject). Why should they? It is the therapists responsibility to set themselves up for success by investing some time, energy and money into learning what happens next. Yet time and time again I come across therapists who forget this essential part of the process. They think they can create a website (or get someone else to do it for them) and their phone will be ringing off the hook – it won’t!

Therapy Marketing Essentials

So I thought I would write this post and detail some of the things you will have to know if you are running your own business particularly with regard to marketing. If you don’t know or understand what these are then you need to take a course, get a mentor, do some detailed research or alternatively have plenty of money behind you to pay for someone else to do you work for you.

Just remember that when you pay someone else to do stuff for you they don’t always understand your niche, charge for every change and some disappear completely. Also, these people are often only as good as the instructions you give them. So if you tell them you want purple unicorns on your website that is what they will give you. Most therapists have little idea on what converts browsers into buyers on a website so from a business perspective you are likely to make some expensive mistakes.

Understanding why you need things structured in a certain way is hugely important otherwise you are going to end up wasting a ton of time, energy and money.  In fact, you may not even realise you have made a big mistake until months or even years later. Being a sole trader at the start of your self-employment means being a bit of a jack of all trades and that is especially so when you set up a therapy practice.

So what potentially would you need to know to make money?

therapy marketing book


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Setting up a Therapy Website

Before you set up your website you need to choose a name for your business and buy a domain name. This domain name can be a .com or related to your country such as a .co.uk or even be a .org or .online and so on. Do you know what domain is best for your business model?

Next, you will need hosting in order to get your website onto the internet. Do you know what to buy and why? Does your web host offer backups? Do they have good uptime? Are they suitable for the size of your business?

Once you have your hosting your domain has to be linked to it. If the host and the domain name provider are different you will have to change the nameservers. Do you know how to do this?

Once the host and website are linked do you know how to set up a WordPress site in the control panel? If you aren’t using WordPress why not?

Once you have the WordPress dashboard can you upload and choose a theme for your site? Do you understand the implications for your business when you choose a specific theme? Does it have the functionality you need?

If you can’t do this can you afford a web developer to do this for you? Alternatively, if you buy a website template from a therapy marketing website provider are you happy paying money month after month? Does the website they build you allow you to change things easily, add plugins or grow with your business? Do they charge for every change they make? Can you afford this?

Are you aware that Google does not trust new websites and older ones are more likely to get more traffic? It can take months to get any organic traffic and more than a year or more to build it to something that will earn you money. Have you got plans to earn money whilst you are waiting?

20 Passive Income Ideas for Therapists


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Website Structure

Now you have the bare bones of a website do you know how to use WordPress? If not learn because you will need to know how to add content, change menus, upload pictures, host videos and so on.

Do you know the essential elements you need to add to your menu? Don’t copy everyone else because I can guarantee you that most of them are missing a trick.

Do you know what HTML is and when you might need to use it in your site?

Are you able to add sections to your site? Can you add new pages, buttons, change menus, add email capture forms and links?

Do you know what plugins are? What essential plugins will you need?

How are you keeping your website secure from hackers? What happens if your site does get hacked?

Therapy Website Content

Do you know what SEO /Search Engine Optimisation is? Do you know how to write content that will enable you to be found in the search engines?

Do you understand how to optimise your images and videos to be found across the internet?

Do you know how to create products to sell on your website? Are you able to set up a shop?

Do you understand VAT Moss? Do you understand what will happen after Brexit?

What is your business strategy when you create content?

How are you going to drive traffic to your website?

Are you able to create good quality graphics? If not what will you do? Pay someone or learn how to use software to create them for you?

hypnotherapy marketing calendar


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How are you going to monitor who is visiting your website? What metrics do you need to pay attention to? What actions will you need to take after viewing those metrics?

What systems are you going to use to view your metrics? How are you going to add them to your website?

How often should you be looking at these metrics? What can you do if you see little traffic?

Ideal Therapy Clients

Who is your ideal client? How are you going to attract them? How will you make money from that client? How are you going to solve their problem?

How are you going to take money from them and what will your charge (hint it is not calculated by copying others)?

How can you ensure you don’t get cancellations or no shows?

What contractual arrangements do you have with that client? Do they meet the current regulations and laws in your country?

Where are you going to see them? How much will that cost you?

What are Your Costs?

Have you got a handle on all the costs in your business? Have those costs been factored into the price you are going to charge your client?

What are you going to do in quiet periods? Can you still cover your costs?

Will you have a pension?

How are you going to be able to afford holidays?

Are you able to cover all your outgoings as you set up your business?

How much money do you need to set aside for tax? How do your earnings look once you have taken out the tax and other associated costs? Will you be able to afford to live?

What system are you going to use to log all your incomings and outgoings?

Do you understand what costs can be offset against your tax bill?

Do you know how to do a self-assessment tax form? If not can you afford to hire an accountant?

Day to Day Therapy Marketing

What strategies are you going to use day to day to get clients into your business?

How much money are you prepared to allocate to your marketing efforts?

What marketing can you do for free?

What paid strategies are you prepared to try? Do you know what paid marketing works and which is a waste of money?

Do you know what backlinks are? Do you know how to use them?

49 ways to market your therapy practice

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Social Media & Ads

Do you know how to set up business accounts on social media? Do you know how to engage people so that they become interested in your products and services?

What social media platforms are you going to concentrate on and why?

Are you going to use paid advertising? If so what courses and knowledge do you have before you post ads? – Remember most therapists waste hundreds of pounds or more because they don’t know what they are doing and dabble!

How much are you prepared to pay each week in paid advertising? How can you review the metrics on this advertising?

How much time and effort are you willing to spend tweaking your advertising? How will this work if you are seeing clients?

Passive Income for Therapists

Do you know what passive income is?

Are you intending to build passive income into your practice?

What products and services are you going to create to build this passive income? How are you going to sell these?

What platforms and software would you need to use to build these passive income products? How are these going to get to your customer automatically? How are you going to get paid for these?

How are your potential customers going to know your products and services exist?

How will you attract those customers?

Do you know what a funnel is? Do you know how to create one to sell your products and services?

So Setting up a Therapy Practice is Easy You Think!

This post is not intended to overwhelm you but to show you that setting up as a self-employed business is not as easy as those hypnotherapy training courses would have you believe. Running your own business takes significant time and effort and this post shows you some of the elements you are going to have to master if you want to earn a real living from the profession. Now ask yourself is it as easy as you think? Can you figure out this detail yourself? If so how long do you think it will take you and how much are you likely to earn whilst you are trying to work this out?

If you want help to set up a therapy practice I have a ton of free resources for you to download as well as products in my online store to help. For therapy, marketing mentoring just fill out the contact form and I will get back to you.

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Therapy Marketing Strategies for 2020

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Therapy Marketing Strategy for 2020

Therapy Marketing Strategy 2020Happy New Year and welcome to a new decade! I guess by today most of you will have left the Christmas holidays behind and be looking to start work again in January. The question is are you coming back to a busy practice and business or are you experiencing tumbleweed at the start of this year? If it is the latter then you need to create a Therapy Marketing Strategy for 2020 fast!

When you make educated decisions about your business instead of guessing or stumbling in the dark it can make a huge difference to your income!

How to Market Yourself as a Therapist

Number one before you do anything else in your business you have to look and review the data and numbers. Yes I know that this may not be your natural area of expertise but it is essential you get to grips with this if you are to make your business and practice work.  So what numbers am I talking about specifically?

  • How many website visitors do you get a month?
  • What are your most popular pages?
  • Where do you appear in the search engine rankings generally?
  • What are you not appearing for?
  • What was your revenue last year month by month?
  • What was your profit each month?
  • What were your expenses?
  • What made you the most money?
  • What expenses could be reduced or could be stopped?

Drilling down into the data is a great way of finding out what is working and what isn’t.  To market yourself as a therapist you need to know your problem areas then you can start to work on improving the areas where you are weak. The questions I have cited here are just the tip of the iceberg but they are a great place to start but of course these can change depending on how sophisticated your business is. This process should never stop no matter how successful you get.

How to Increase Therapy Clients

So let’s look at how answering and resolving these questions can increase therapy clients into your practice. For example how many website visitors are you getting a month? Firstly are you monitoring the numbers at all? If not that could be your first task for the year. Perhaps setting up Google Analytics or another traffic monitor to see what is actually happening with your site. I know that most of my therapy marketing clients are shocked when they finally see their data in black and white and find out that they are lucky to get 10 visitors a day to their websites! If this is what you are finding then you know that something is fundamentally wrong with your website content and structure and it needs to be changed and fast.

Next step is to monitor what pages your visitors are coming from. Is it only the home page or from some of your other content? If you find that it is just from your home page then you either need to beef up your website content or change what you have written elsewhere. Many therapists don’t understand how to write content that can get found or indexed by the search engines which can mean nobody ever gets to see your website. If you learn to do this well it can make a huge difference to your numbers.

If you want to improve your therapy marketing strategy for 2020 make sure that your website is set up and working perfectly to get your those visitors first before you do anything else. If you don’t know where to start then use my courses Turn Your Therapy Website into a Client Magnet and Blogging for Therapists to show you where to start.

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Case Study

Last year I worked with a fantastic therapist who simply wasn’t getting the calls or business into their practice. In fact, they confessed to me that they barely saw one or two people a week. During our mentoring sessions, we went through the data and implemented strategies based on the problems I found. Over the course of six sessions, my client went from a “tumbleweed practice” to being fully booked into 2020. Here’s what she has to say.

“I contacted Martina as I had heard great things about her work in helping therapists grow their business. We had 6 sessions working together and she gave me advice on how to effectively structure my website, showing me and teaching me tools I would never have found by myself. We also looked at marketing, Facebook Ads and website SEO. If you’re looking for help and advice in lifting your business up not just a level but up many levels then Martina is your person to go to. I highly recommend Martina. The small investment will pay dividends and you’ll have a much better grip on your business. Many thanks, Martina”

There was no magic involved in this transformation just common sense advice and a therapy marketing strategy looking at the facts.  Your business can experience the exact same growth if you bother to analyse data and learn my success strategies

Therapy Business Advertising and Planning

Once you have your website and content structured in the perfect way then you should start to naturally see your website visitors rise significantly and that should convert into more sales. This is not however the time to stop doing marketing this is the time to elevate it to another level. One of the easiest ways to multiply your profits and visitors is through pay per click advertising. Sending visitors to a newly refreshed website using this method should start to pay dividends but you must keep your eye on the facts and figures. For every campaign, you start you need to look at your costs vs your returns. Find out what ads are working for you and which need to be changed. This should be an ongoing process.

Our Facebook advertising and Google Adwords courses can get you started on elevating your basic website traffic to greater heights.

At the same time strategically pick one or two social media platforms to build an audience. Again place your efforts where you see results rather than flogging a dead horse. For example, Tik Tok is all the rage at the moment but most of its users are under 30 years old so if you can’t find a way to sell to that demographic perhaps move on and place your effort elsewhere.

Make sure you collect emails and have a strategic plan on how to utilise this information. This is what takes a small local company into stratospheric growth. How can you capture these emails and how can you then sell to those people is something you need to be thinking about to boost your income away from trading hours for money from one to one clients. Watch out this year for my email strategy and passive income program.

2020 Therapy Marketing

Create a therapy marketing strategy for 2020 and start to systematically tick the boxes of where you need to focus your efforts for the coming year. This is a process that will pay huge dividends if you take the time to make it work. Just promise me no more stumbling around in the dark and hoping you can make a big breakthrough on your own because that is highly unlikely to happen. Invest in your business marketing and training now so that you can start making profits sooner rather than much later or not at all.

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Marketing for Therapists 101 – Passive Income

marketing for therapists passive incomeI love to keep my marketing for therapists posts topical and my latest is certainly that. It has been prompted by an illness that I experienced not just once in the past week but twice! It started with a stomach bug a week ago that floored me completely. There was no chance of me actually being able to work with clients. I just about managed to cancel all my clients before spending 24 hours on my sickbed. I rearranged all my clients slotting them into every possible available spare space I had and tried to carry on. That was until exactly one week later the same thing happened again and I was back to square one!

If you are a therapist it is only a matter of time before the same thing happens to you. You may get the flu and need to take a week off work. You might need an operation and need to recuperate for a month or two. You may break your leg and find it impossible to drive to your clinics. The question for you is what happens to your business and income while this is going on? Have you insulated yourself financially from the impact of something like this happening? In my case I was fine because I earned money even when I wasn’t seeing clients but what would happen to your mortgage payments or bills if you got sick?

Passive Income for Therapists

Before you think I am going to recommend self-employed illness insurance that isn’t what I am going to be talking about (although it is certainly worth considering if you are the only breadwinner). Instead, I really want you all to think about building a passive income stream to insulate your business from this kind of ups and downs. Marketing for therapists doesn’t simply mean finding ways to get customers to come and visit you for one to one sessions. It also involves finding ways to build a bigger income by helping clients when you are not around.

Revenue Streams for Therapists

Why is creating different revenue streams so important for your business?  Simply put it insulates from the ebbs and flows of a typical therapy business and allows you to build areas of income that are not just reliant on clients in your local vicinity. Remember as a therapist you can only see so many clients in a day.  Once you have hit your limit (whatever that may be) then your income trajectory comes to a grinding halt.

Plus I never advocate that a therapist kills themselves by seeing so many clients that they are either going to exhaust themselves or get fed up. The whole point of working for yourself was so that you got rid of the all the negative aspects of working for a company. When your job is no longer enjoyable because you are flogging yourself to death to earn as much as you can you may as well go back to the corporate world with sick pay and holidays.

Hypnotherapist Salary

I often see people ask “what does a hypnotherapist earn?” in order to see whether it is a career that might be worth considering. The answer is not straightforward because marketing for therapists makes all the difference especially if it is done smartly! An average hypnotherapist may earn a comfortable wage but a clever hypnotherapist with many passive income streams could be doing extremely well indeed.

I have created a list of twenty things that you can start to think about for your business to elevate your income. You don’t need to do them all at once. Pick on one area, do it well before moving on to the next. Start to create layers and complexity to your business so that you never have to worry about taking time off. You can download the list by following the link.

20 passive income streams for therapists hypnotherapists marketing

Advantages of Expanding Your Core Hypnosis Business

The advantages of creating a passive income are huge. Who wouldn’t want a bigger income? Yet there are many more benefits to consider. For example, if can earn more money online then you can spend considerably more time mastering something else or just enjoying your hobbies. Your family and friends will also thank you because instead of spending hours and hours working you now have free time to spend with them. Best of all you can start to pick and choose the clients that you really want to see instead of feeling obligated to see everyone because of the money. There is nothing better than having the financial freedom to call the shots.

Marketing for therapists involves working smarter but never harder! Want help to grow your business? Head on over to our online store where I have courses to help you with everything from getting more from your website to therapy blogging and pay per click advertising.


I wrote this post in November 2019 only three months before the Coronavirus crisis. Talk about timing! My words were highly relevant before this event but following the virus, they make even more sense. If therapists had been working on passive income products they would have had a much easier time during the pandemic that those that didn’t. Remember to make your income diverse and stop relying on one source of revenue.


Hypnosis Books – The Ten Best Hypnotherapy Books on The Market

hypnosis books - the 10 best hypnotherapy booksThere are many facets to hypnosis marketing and one of the most important is getting the very best results for your clients. When you get great results time and time again your clients will speak about you to their friends and family and you should start to get a steady stream of referrals into your practice. The problem is that most hypnosis courses are too short to teach you everything you need to do with clients which means continued professional development should be an essential part of your practice. Hypnosis books are a great way of learning from the best so I have compiled a list of the top ten hypnotherapy books you must read. Of course my Hypnotherapy Marketing eBook should be number 11!!! Just note this post may contain affiliate links which means that I get a commission if you choose to purchase through the link. This is at no cost to you.

The 10 Best Hypnotherapy Books on Amazon (in my opinion)

Hypnotherapy – Dave Elman

Dave Elman is one of the greats of hypnosis who taught his hypnosis methods throughout the US to doctors and dentists. His interest in hypnosis was supposedly created when he watched stage hypnosis relieve his father’s pain when he had terminal cancer. Pursuing his interest in the subject he created one of the most famous rapid inductions ever which is still used by hypnotherapists to this day. Despite his huge wealth of knowledge, he left behind this one hypnosis book about his work. This is an essential read for modern-day hypnotherapists.


Hartland’s Medical and Dental Hypnosis – Heap & Avarind 

The authors of this hypnosis book were the people who set up the clinical hypnosis courses at the University of Sheffield Psychiatry department. As professionals, they have taught dentists, psychiatrists and psychologists how to use hypnosis to help their patients. The book includes details on the history of hypnosis, basic procedures to follow as well as how to use hypnosis for specific conditions or problems.


Trancework – Michael D Yapko

Many people would like to claim that they are one of the greatest modern-day hypnotherapists alive but few really are. Michael Yapko is the real deal and a clinical psychologist and therapist who lives in California. He is many recognised for his work on depression and how it can be treated without the need for medication but also teaches all over the world. In Trancework Michael covers everything from how to conduct general hypnosis to dealing with specific ailments such as pain, anxiety and stress to name but a few. An essential for any professional hypnotherapists bookcase.


Handbook of Hypnotic Suggestions & Metaphors – D Corydon Hammond

This hypnosis book is jam-packed and I mean full to the brim of practical suggestions that can be used with your clients. Want help with pain control? Then check out their chapter on chronic pain, emotional pain, migraines and anaesthesia. Or what about help with raising self-esteem, dealing with anxieties and phobias, sleep problems, cancer patients or eating disorders. This book has the lot and means that you will never feel stuck when thinking of ways that you can help your clients.


Trance-Formations – Grinder & Bandler

This is an interesting choice as Grinder and Bandler are actually the founding fathers of NLP.  This particular book is really the transcript of one of their seminars where they discuss and use a whole host of techniques to influence how you think, feel and behave. These guys break down how Ericksonian style hypnosis indirect hypnosis can transform lives.


Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution: Introducing Parts Therapy – Roy Hunter

After hypnoanalysis comes parts therapy and Roy Hunter has written the definitive book on how to use this to create positive change with your clients. This book gives you every step you ever need to take in order to conduct a parts therapy session and have a successful outcome. I have only included one book by Mr Hunter in my list but I would actually highly recommend all his books as essential reads. For example, his hypnosis book on regression therapy is also a wonderful read.


The Weight Hypnotherapy and You – Judith E Pearson

The vast majority of hypnosis books are generalistic and only briefly touch on the techniques you would need to use with specific problems. This hypnosis book is one that gives you all the details you need to conduct successful weight loss hypnotherapy sessions with your clients. Judith has a PhD in counselling and also uses NLP and hypnosis is her practice. She knows her stuff and details on how to coach your clients to weight loss success. The book covers everything from motivation to exercise to stress management in relation to emotional eating and is an essential read for those of you want to specialise in weight control.


My Voice Will Go with You: Teaching Tales of Milton H. Erickson: Teaching Tales of Milton H. Erikson – Erickson & Rosen

Milton H. Erickson is probably one of the most influential hypnotherapists of all time. His way of using hypnosis to create positive change was unique and indirect meaning his subjects were helped with puns, humour or language without even knowing it. This book has collated over 100 of Erickson’s examples of helping others and placed them into a format where a modern-day hypnotherapist can use them in their own practice.


Scripts & Strategies in Hypnotherapy – Roger P Allen

The eternal debate will always be should a hypnotherapist use scripts in their work. Whilst a number of hypnotherapists would disagree with their use they are often an essential way to help a new therapist learn about metaphors, language patterns and suggestions. This particular volume collates a number of useful scripts in one place that can be used as a starting point when working with clients. As ever take the basics and learn to adapt these to your particular client needs for best results.


How to Hypnotise Anyone – Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist – The Rogue Hypnotist

The Rogue Hypnotist is a mystery in hypnosis circles as nobody quite knows who they are. What I can say is that their hypnosis books are hugely entertaining as well as being informative. Once again I have just mentioned one of their volumes but the Rogue Hypnotist has written extensively on everything from addiction work to anxiety. Get stuck in to their latest releases and find out more about what modern hypnotherapists think.


Interested in any of the amazing titles? Then just click on the title links to purchase a copy of any of the 10 best hypnosis books on Amazon.

*This site is owned and operated by Hypnotherapy Marketing Expert. Hypnotherapy Marketing Expert is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Hypnotherapy Marketing Expert is compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon.


How to Successfully Set Up a Hypnotherapy Practice

Setting Up Your Hypnotherapy PracticeIt has been a good few months since you last head from me for two reasons. Firstly this website got hacked! Nightmare scenario and a real problem when you find out the quality content you have been writing has been updated with adverts for viagra and vapes! What a steep learning curve I have been on attempting to resolve the situation. I will write a blog post on my experiences so that you never have to go through the same. Secondly In the last half of last year I have been concentrating on making some new products and services for the website and curating some new free content to share with you all. In particular a completely free guide to successfully set up a hypnotherapy practice.

As I was looking over some of my posts I realised that many of my marketing emails talked to those of you who have already set up your practices and were actively trading but I had completely neglected to talk to those of you who were just getting ready to make the leap from regular employment to setting up a hypnotherapy practice from scratch. So in the past couple of months I have been busy working away creating a new eBook to show you exactly what you need to do.

What Are The Questions That most Therapists Ask when Setting Up a New Business?

I regularly participate in a number of hypnotherapy forums and I see the same questions from new therapists appearing again and again.

  • Where should I practice from?
  • How much should I charge?
  • How do I make more money?
  • What services should I offer?
  • Why are clients not showing up?

You see going on a hypnotherapy practitioner course is great for teaching you how to help people but in most cases, it doesn’t teach you how to help yourself. When you are a sole trader it soon dawns on a new therapist that they are the person responsible for just about everything. You need to arrange a website, their advertising, their branding, accounting, legal requirements and see clients and that is just for starters. Of course, when you get going it soon becomes obvious that there are going to be some big gaps in your knowledge. Unless you pay someone to mentor you then you have to muddle through on your own or ask questions in forums to see if anyone can give you any advice which might help. This can work but if often means that you miss important stuff or spend ages trying to work it all out before you get it right. Time is of course money when you are running a new therapy business! So I thought I would create a really simple eBook to give the absolute basics that you need to start off in the right way.

Building a Therapy Practice Basics

So what have I included in this eBook to get therapists started? Well I cover everything from:

  • Are you cut out to be a therapist?
  • Planning your practice.
  • How and Where to work.
  • Equipment
  • Insurance
  • Data Protection
  • Regulatory and Tax Structure
  • Domain Names
  • Branding
  • Trademarks
  • Must have Essentials on a Website
  • How to Charge and Package Sessions
  • Cost control
  • Specialising or Generalist work
  • How many clients you need
  • Taking Payments
  • Contracts
  • Getting Those first Customers
  • and much more…

Creating the Right Foundations for your Therapy Business

Setting up a therapy business without putting any thought into how it may work or what you need to legally do is a recipe for disaster. Getting off on the wrong foot and not doing some basic initial work can mean wasted months or even years floundering trying to work out why you aren’t getting any customers or earning enough money to pay the bills. I regularly mentor other therapists in six months programs and I see the same problems coming up again and again. Poorly created websites and marketing campaigns that won’t bring in customers or create conversions. A lack of understanding of the very basics of business. Businesses that have been set up and then never reviewed so that basic mistakes linger for years.  Remember if you have never set up a business before or been self-employed then you are going to need a little help. Even seasoned marketers and internet successes regularly pay for courses to take their businesses to the next level so what makes a therapist any different?

Get the Book Absolutely Free!

My mission in life is to make sure as many therapists as possible get to run a highly successful booming business which is why I am offering the free eBook as a total freebie. Yep, that’s right it won’t cost you a penny! You can get the lowdown on how to set up the right foundations for your hypnotherapy business so that you can start on the road of earning a great income instead of doing what you love. I have personally tried and tested everything that is in the eBook and it certainly worked well for me. Not only did I successfully set up a hypnotherapy practice in Harley Street London I moved location over two years ago and created another thriving practice in the Midlands at the same time as renovating a 9 bedroom house! If I can do it then so can you. To get your free copy of the eBook simply follow the link below and you can gain access to the download.

how to set up your hypnotherapy practice