Hypnosis Books – The Ten Best Hypnotherapy Books on The Market

hypnosis books - the 10 best hypnotherapy booksThere are many facets to hypnosis marketing and one of the most important is getting the very best results for your clients. When you get great results time and time again your clients will speak about you to their friends and family and you should start to get a steady stream of referrals into your practice. The problem is that most hypnosis courses are too short to teach you everything you need to do with clients which means continued professional development should be an essential part of your practice. Hypnosis books are a great way of learning from the best so I have compiled a list of the top ten hypnotherapy books you must read. Of course my Hypnotherapy Marketing eBook should be number 11!!!

The 10 Best Hypnotherapy Books on Amazon (in my opinion)


Hypnotherapy – Dave Elman

Dave Elman is one of the greats of hypnosis who taught his hypnosis methods throughout the US to doctors and dentists. His interest in hypnosis was supposedly created when he watched a stage hypnosis relieve his fathers pain when he had terminal cancer. Pursuing his interest in the subject he created one of the most famous rapid inductions ever which is still used by hypnotherapists to this day. Despite his huge wealth of knowledge he left behind this one hypnosis book about his work. This is an essential read for modern day hypnotherapists.


Hartland’s Medical and Dental Hypnosis – Heap & Avarind 

The authors of this hypnosis book were the people who set up the clinical hypnosis courses at the University of Sheffield Psychiatry department. As professionals they have taught dentists, psychiatrists and psychologists how to use hypnosis to help their patients. The book includes details on the history of hypnosis, basic procedures to follow as well as how to use hypnosis for specific conditions or problems.


Trancework – Michael D Yapko

Many people would like to claim that they are one of the greatest modern day hypnotherapists alive but few really are. Michael Yapko is the real deal and a clinical psychologist and therapist who lives in California. He is many recognised for his work on depression and how it can be treated without the need for medication but also teaches all over the world. In Trancework Michael covers everything from how to conduct general hypnosis to dealing with specific ailments such as pain, anxiety and stress to name but a few. An essential for any professional hypnotherapists bookcase.


Handbook of Hypnotic Suggestions & Metaphors – D Corydon Hammond

This hypnosis book is jam packed and I mean full to the brim of practical suggestions that can be used with your clients. Want help with pain control? Then check out their chapter on chronic pain, emotional pain, migraines and anesthesia. Or what about help with raising self-esteem, dealing with anxieties and phobias, sleep problems, cancer patients or eating disorders. This book has the lot and means that you will never feel stuck when thinking of ways that you can help your clients.


Trance-Formations – Grinder & Bandler

This is an interesting choice as Grinder and Bandler are actually the founding fathers of NLP.  This particular book is really the transcript of one of their seminars where they discuss and use a whole host of techniques to influence how you think, feel and behave. These guys break down how Ericksonian style hypnosis indirect hypnosis can transform lives.


Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution: Introducing Parts Therapy – Roy Hunter

After hypnoanalysis comes parts therapy and Roy Hunter has written the definitive book on how to use this to create positive change with your clients. This book gives you every step you ever need to take in order to conduct a parts therapy session and have a successful outcome. I have only included one book by Mr Hunter in my list but I would actually highly recommend all his books as essential reads. For example his hypnosis book on regression therapy is also a wonderful read.


The Weight Hypnotherapy and You – Judith E Pearson

The vast majority of hypnosis books are generalistic and only briefly touch on the techniques you would need to use with specific problems . This hypnosis book is one that gives you all the details you need to conduct successful weight loss hypnotherapy sessions with your clients. Judith has a PhD in counselling and also uses NLP and hypnosis is her practice. She knows her stuff and details how to coach your clients to weight loss success. The book covers everything from motivation to exercise to stress management in relation to emotional eating and is an essential read for those of you wanting to specialise in weight control.


My Voice Will Go with You: Teaching Tales of Milton H. Erickson: Teaching Tales of Milton H. Erikson – Erickson & Rosen

Milton H. Erickson is probably one of the most influential hypnotherapists of all time. His way of using hypnosis to create positive change was unique and indirect meaning his subjects were helped with puns, humour or language without even knowing it. This book has collated over 100 of Erickson’s examples of helping others and placed them into a format where a modern day hypnotherapist can use them in their own practice.


Scripts & Strategies in Hypnotherapy – Roger P Allen

The eternal debate will always be should a hypnotherapist use scripts in their work. Whilst a number of hypnotherapists would disagree with their use they are often an essential way to help a new therapist learn about metaphors, language patterns and suggestions. This particular volumes collates a number of useful scripts in the one place that can be used as a starting point when working with clients. As ever take the basics and learn to adapt these to your particular client needs for best results.


How to Hypnotise Anyone – Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist – The Rogue Hypnotist

The Rogue Hypnotist is a mystery is hypnosis circles as nobody quite knows who they are. What I can say is that their hypnosis books are hugely entertaining as well as being informative. Once again I have just mentioned one of their volumes but the Rogue Hypnotist has written extensively on everything from addiction work to anxiety. Get stuck in to their latest releases and find out more about what modern hypnotherapists think.


Interested in any of the amazing titles? Then just click on the title links to purchase a copy of any of the 10 best hypnosis books on Amazon.

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How to Successfully Set Up a Hypnotherapy Practice

Setting Up Your Hypnotherapy PracticeIt has been a good few months since you last head from me for two reasons. Firstly this website got hacked! Nightmare scenario and a real problem when you find out the quality content you have been writing has been updated with adverts for viagra and vapes! What a steep learning curve I have been on attempting to resolve the situation. I will write a blog post on my experiences so that you never have to go through the same. Secondly In the last half of last year I have been concentrating on making some new products and services for the website and curating some new free content to share with you all. In particular a completely free guide to successfully set up a hypnotherapy practice.

As I was looking over some of my posts I realised that many of my marketing emails talked to those of you who have already set up your practices and were actively trading but I had completely neglected to talk to those of you who were just getting ready to make the leap from regular employment to setting up a hypnotherapy practice from scratch. So in the past couple of months I have been busy working away creating a new eBook to show you exactly what you need to do.

What Are The Questions That most Therapists Ask when Setting Up a New Business?

I regularly participate in a number of hypnotherapy forums and I see the same questions from new therapists appearing again and again.

  • Where should I practice from?
  • How much should I charge?
  • How do I make more money?
  • What services should I offer?
  • Why are clients not showing up?

You see going on a hypnotherapy practitioner course is great for teaching you how to help people but in most cases it doesn’t teach you how to help yourself. When you are a sole trader it soon dawns on a new therapist that they are the person responsible for just about everything. You need to arrange a website, their advertising, their branding, accounting, legal requirements and see clients and that is just for starters. Of course when you get going it soons becomes obvious that there are going to be some big gaps in your knowledge. Unless you pay someone to mentor you then you have to muddle through on your own or ask questions in forums to see if anyone can give you any advice which might help. This can work but if often means that you miss important stuff or spend ages trying to work it all out before you get it right. Time is of course money when you are running a new therapy business! So I thought I would create a really simple eBook to give the absolute basics that you need to start off in the right way.

Building a Therapy Practice Basics

So what have I included in this eBook to get therapists started? Well I cover everything from:

  • Are you cut out to be a therapist?
  • Planning your practice.
  • How and Where to work.
  • Equipment
  • Insurance
  • Data Protection
  • Regulatory and Tax Structure
  • Domain Names
  • Branding
  • Trademarks
  • Must have Essentials on a Website
  • How to Charge and Package Sessions
  • Cost control
  • Specialising or Generalist work
  • How many clients you need
  • Taking Payments
  • Contracts
  • Getting Those first Customers
  • and much more…

Creating the Right Foundations for your Therapy Business

Setting up a therapy business without putting any thought into how it may work or what you need to legally do is a recipe for disaster. Getting off on the wrong foot and not doing some basic initial work can mean wasted months or even years floundering trying to work out why you aren’t getting any customers or earning enough money to pay the bills. I regularly mentor other therapists in six months programs and I see the same problems coming up again and again. Poorly created websites and marketing campaigns that won’t bring in customers or create conversions. A lack of understanding of the very basics of business. Businesses that have been set up and then never reviewed so that basic mistakes linger for years.  Remember if you have never set up a business before or been self-employed then you are going to need a little help. Even seasoned marketers and internet successes regularly pay for courses to take their businesses to the next level so what makes a therapist any different?

Get the Book Absolutely Free!

My mission in life is to make sure as many therapists as possible get to run a highly successful booming business which is why I am offering the free eBook  as a total freebie. Yep that’s right it won’t cost you a penny! You can  get the lowdown on how to set up the right foundations for your hypnotherapy business so that you can start on the road of earning a great income instead doing what you love. I have personally tried and tested everything that is in the eBook and it certainly worked  worked well for me. Not only did I successfully set up a hypnotherapy practice in Harley Street London I moved location over two years ago and created another thriving practice in the Midlands at the same time as renovating a 9 bedroom house! If I can do it then so can you. To get your free copy of the eBook simply follow the link  below and you can gain access to the download.

how to set up your hypnotherapy practice

Hypnotherapy Marketing for New Hypnotherapists

Hypnotherapy Marketing for New HypnothearpistsI felt that I had to write a blog post to cover some basic hypnotherapy marketing for new hypnotherapists following an email I just received from my contact me page. As the email was received from one of my hypnotherapy websites and not  my marketing site I assumed it was from a client and rang them up to ask them what they needed help with. The answer that they gave shocked me! It appears that they were about to finish their hypnotherapy training and wanted to know if I could tell them a clinic that they could practice in locally. Err what the hell? Yep a person was contacting their local competition and asking if they could help sort out a room for them to use to run their therapy practice from and they wanted this information for nothing!

This call almost rendered me speechless (and that never happens). I mean what hypnotherapy courses are preparing their clients to run a business by not giving them some basic direction as to what to do? But besides that  if a person who is about to start a new career as a self employed person is incapable of searching for some therapy rooms to practice from what are they going to be like when they try and attract new clients into their business? I can already give you the answer they are going to end up back in their old day job fast. Prompted by this call and some threads I have recently seen on some forums here are some simple marketing basics.

Learn Therapy Marketing Skills

If you don’t know anything about marketing then spend some money and learn the basics. Hypnotherapy is a hard business because you are always marketing to find new clients. Unlike hairdressing where you are likely to have a solid client base that will return again and again with hypnosis you have hopefully resolved your clients problem in a few sessions meaning you will need to find more fast.  This constant turnover of clients means that you have to be better at marketing than the average small business. No wonder most new hypnotherapists don’t last in business for very long.

To run a business you need to understand how to attract clients, how to run a website, how to use paid advertising, how to network, do accounts, how to budget and so on. If you have always worked as an employee with a salary in a job which didn’t make you think on your feet or have sales targets then you likely to underestimate the effort and skills it takes to get a business off the ground. Someone offering marketing mentoring can help you navigate this making your job just that little bit easier.

Don’t Expect Decent Information For Free

As a business my time is money. Unless I am doing pro bono  work for charity expect to pay for my services. I charge for advice, my time with clients, my products and so on. Why? Because my experience is invaluable and that is what you are paying for. It means that when I am seeing a client I help them make positive change faster.  When I work with a marketing client they will see profits sooner and so on. If I need expert help in an area where I am not a specialist I get out my wallet and spend some money. I don’t worry about this expenditure because I know it will help me get more rapid results or earn more money. You should do the same.

Learn How to Fend for Yourself

Running a business means that you have to find solutions for yourself. When I used to work in the corporate world I could call the IT helpdesk and get immediate help to fix my computer or software. If I wanted to some legal advice I would head to see our corporate lawyer. When you are self employed you simply don’t have that infastructure around you which means you have to learn to do things for yourself or pay someone else to do them for you.

It is amazing what you can learn when you set your mind to it. I am now proficient at creating websites, recording and selling products, search engine optimisation and much more. Did someone give me that information for free? Nope it took some hard work and dedication to acquire the skills. So remember hypnotherapy marketing for new hypnotherapists requires effort and time.

Understand Basic Accounting

A regular question I see on hypnosis boards is how much should I charge for my services?  My answer is if you don’t know what to charge then you are not ready to run a business. Being self employed and turning a profit is all about the numbers. That means understanding some really basic details.

How much do you need to earn as a minimum per month to cover your general outgoings such as mortgage, food and bills?

What are the fixed costs in your business as a monthly number? That means rent, insurance, phone bill, travel costs, professional memberships, tax and so on.

So lets say you need to cover outgoings of £1000 per month or £12,000 per year.

In addition you have to cover £300 in costs related to your business meaning total outgoings of £1300 per month.

With some simple maths you can calculate that you need a minimum 13 client sessions per month at £100 per session to cover those fixed costs. Alternatively you can see 26 clients at £50 per session or 6.5 clients at £200 per month and so on.

Now have a look at what your most expensive local competition is charging to at least get a vague idea of the top of the market this will allow you to assess the level you should charge.

This is just simple arithmetic yet so many hypnotherapists don’t think like a business person but pluck a number out of thin air and hope for the best. Do the maths and get the real numbers.

Get Your Website Right

Whatever you do don’t throw together a basic website and hope for the best because it won’t work. Creating a website for a business is an art and it has to be structured correctly otherwise you will have no chance of getting any business. Don’t make a website that you like the look of, make a website that converst browsers into buyers. Also find a web designer that has experience in search engine optimisation as well as web design. If you don’t do that you will find that the expensive website that you paid a fortune for is likely to be a dud.  This is why I designed an online video course for creating and marketing hypnotherapy websites to help new hypnotherapists.

The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work

So many people believe that if they simply think about having a successful business the law of attraction will provide them with one. Well keep on dreaming because it actually takes time and effort to get a business off the ground. Hypnotherapy Marketing for New Hypnotherapists is initially a time consuming task. You need to add yourself to directories, create a website, write content and blogs and a myriad of other tasks. If you don’t do this you can’t be found and you will be waiting for the phone to ring. Sorry you just can’t sit there and hope that something will happen. Running your own business can be incredibly rewarding but in the early days it can also be lots of hard work. Get it right and you can watch the money flow into your bank accounts but get it wrong and you will be broke, depressed and back in your old career before you know it.

Should I Practice from my Home?

There is no reason why you can’t practice from your home to keep the overheads low when you are first starting out but only if you have a really professional set up. On a forum the other day someone talked about running their business from their utility room. Hardly the professional image that you want to give a client. You need a dedicated room in your house with a desk and therapy chair and your certificates proudly framed on the wall. When you are in that room you don’t wear your slippers and comfy home wear but a smart professional outfit. If you don’t have that set up then find a therapy room and pay for it.

Next if you do pay for a therapy room in a clinic make sure that you are the only therapist operating from the clinic. In addition make sure that they are not making or taking your bookings for you and that you haven’t used their number in your advertising. Keep control of your biggest assets which are you and your website. Never pay the clinic a portion of what you earn. Instead arrange a fixed fee per hour or per time slot and stick with it. Where possible try and have at least two places you practice from as if one has a problem or shuts down you have a base to work from. This is simple common sense.

Should I do Free Consultations?

I generally have a quick chat with a potential client on the phone before I book them. This is to make sure that I believe they are a suitable candidate for hypnosis and that they aren’t shall we say threatening or problematic. Where possible I keep this chat to a maximum of ten minutes after that I charge. Yet time and time again I hear of therapists arranging to meet potential clients first to have a discussion about the therapy. In one case I heard the other day a therapist had spent 3 hours unpaid with a client.  This is a great way to end up broke.

Meeting clients take time and energy where you could be doing something else. You don’t only lose the time you are talking to them but the time around the appointment where you can’t book someone in case they is a slight overrun. So a one hour chat with a client can take nearly two hours out of your day. In addition because someone is not committing to pay you they might simply not be bothered to turn up. Meanwhile the intelligent hypnotherapists are getting in paying clients for that time and earning money.

In my old practice area a number of therapists I knew used to run free talks in the evening to try and attract new clients into their practice. For that evening they would be earning no money. I meanwhile usually had a full practice with four or five clients paying me a nice figure for every consultation. Live and learn.

Hopefully these pointers can help a few of you new starters to make a great living from a fantastic profession. Just remember that hypnotherapy marketing for new hypnotherapists is a skill just like any other and that it can be learned either slowly by working things out for yourself or more quickly by getting therapy marketing help. You are simply the person who chooses how quickly you want to grow and the time and commitment you put in to your business.




Time for a Mid Year Therapy Marketing Review!

Therapy Marketing Mid Year ReviewSo we are just over half way through the year which means that this is the perfect time to take stock and have a good look at what is working and what isn’t in your therapy business. Therapy marketing should never be static. You shouldn’t just put something in place and just forget about it. Instead you need to review the numbers and results of the marketing strategies that you are using and decide what to keep and what to get rid of. So here are just some of the questions that you need to be asking yourself if you are going to get the best out of your business.

Hypnotherapy Customers

As a therapist this is the biggie as without any customers you simply don’t have a business. Yet so few therapists actually sit down and drill into their numbers to make business decisions. To really get a handle on your business ask yourself the following?

How many clients are you currently seeing on average per week vs the number of time slots that you have available? So if for example you have a goal of 20/25 clients per week do you find yourself consistently finding problems attracting that number of people or are you over stretched? If you find that you are always seeing less clients than you need exactly how many new clients do you need to be attracting per week to make your business work for you? If you have too many clients exactly how many people per week?

Asking yourself these questions allows you to think strategically. A business with too few clients clearly has a problem especially if that shortfall is significant. It is a great signal to tell you that your current marketing methods are simply not working and that you need to try something different and quickly. Too many clients starts to open you up to possibilities in your business. Perhaps you could do more group work to deal with the numbers. Alternatively if you are so in demand can you hire an associate or put up your rates. Here you have choices meaning you need to really think about where you want to go next.

Where are Your Therapy Clients coming from?

Hypnotherapy MarketingNow drill down even further. Where exactly are your customers coming from. I know exactly where each of my customers comes from and I keep a spreadsheet where I note down which clients found me from each therapy marketing method I use. You need to understand exacly where your leads are hearing about you because this will tell you exactly what marketing methods are working and which are not. Have your clients found you from your website doing an SEO organic search? Did paid online advertising help? Did any arrive because of social media, referrals from friends, posters in a gym, networking and so on?

When you understand exactly where they are coming from you can now get a handle on the success of the  marketing methods you are using and their costs. Always look at your return on investment. If you  have a website yet nobody is hearing about you from that website then something is going badly wrong. If you are spending £100 per week on an advert in a local paper and over two months you haven’t had a call then it is time to stop the advert and think of something else.

When I used to work in North London I found that a large number of my competitors would spend one or two evenings a week doing talks round the local area to try and attract new clients. These talks would using take a couple of hours out of their precious evenings and were unpaid. Yes they would get some new clients in because of their marketing but not enough that they still didn’t need to do more talks the following week and then the next. I however used pay per click advertising to reach targeted prospects. In a really short time I was full every day and every evening and earning a great income. Yes it cost money to put out the adverts but they paid for themselves over and over again meaning I never need to slog away just to attract clients and I was being paid a significant amount of money by those clients. This is a perfect example of working smarter and not harder.

Equally at points in my early career I invested in adverts in Yellow Pages, local directories or magazines. It soon became evident that many of these methods were simply not bringing in the revenue so I never renewed my subscriptions. Never keep on plugging away at something that doesn’t work. Look at the numbers and if they don’t add up then stop wasting your money.

What do your Therapy Business profits look like?

Therapy Marketing ProfitsNow lets have a look at your income and profit each month. If you have been a therapist for a while you should always look not only at how you are doing currently but how your profits are changing year on year. If you are not seeing an upward trajectory then you may have a problem.

You can also drill down further and find out which type of customer is more lucrative for your business. I will state the obvious. You will earn more money from clients who are enrolled in a program than seeing clients for one off sessions.  Spending advertising dollars trying to get customers in for nail biting for example makes no sense. You are likelyto see them for one or two sessions and that is it. Attract a customer who would like to enrol on a six session stress management and mindfulness course is a different matter. Creating packages of products where ethically you can do so makes much more sense for your business and will bring greater returns.

If you have not heard about High Ticket Selling then it is worth noting that it is becoming a bigger thing in marketing circles. Basically the concept is simple. Increasingly if you want to attract new customers or clients you are likely to need to spend money. If you attract the wrong kind of customers or don’t get enough of them you will never earn a great living and be living hand to mouth. High Ticket Selling is where you spend a significant amount of money on very targeted advertising but you attract customers willing to spend big to get your expertise to solve a problem. In the coaching sector where this concept is increasingly popular it is not unusual for coaches using this system to charge $3000 upwards for one of their programs. Yes they will have spent $300 on getting that client but they are still hugely in profit and they only need to attract a hanful of clients to be making an exceptional income. Even if you don’t have the confidence yet to do this you can examine your profit per customer and see where you can find ways to increase that margin.

What is your Web and Social Media Presence?

Social Media Marketing for TherapistsIf you don’t have a web prescence or an amazing social media following then give up and go home. This is where the majority of new customers are coming from. People are on their mobile phones all day surfing the web or checking on their Facebook pages so you need to go where your customers are.  Some simple questions to ask yourself about your website:

  • How many people per day are visiting your website?
  • What are the popular pages that your being found for?
  • Where is your websites position in relation to that of your competitors?

I know exactly what each person who comes to my website does and how long they have been on it for. I know what pages they are looking at and how long for. I know their location and even the device they are using when they find me. Here is an example of just some of the statistics I got from one of the visitors to my website this morning as they browsed for nearly twelve minutes.


Exit Time:
6 Jul 2017 10:17:36
Visit Length:
11 mins 57 secs

Chrome for Android/Android

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime 4G
Total Visits:
United Kingdom FlagSturminster Newton, Dorset, United Kingdom
IP Address:
Removed for Privacy Reasons  
Referring URL:
Entry Page:
Exit Page:

I also know the postion of my website in Google not just in the location I am marketing in but also for every keyword that I am trying to attract customers for. Do you? This kind of information gives you valuable therapy marketing insights and enables you to take action in areas where you are weak.


What are your goals for the future of your business? If you just want to see clients then fair enough all you might care about is filling your weekly slots and that is it but for other therapists business expansion is really important. So that means you need to think  about how you could create passive or alternative income streams for your business. As an example teaching your form of therapy to others,  creating online courses for customers, selling audios, or marketing yourself to corporates. Setting out future goals and creating plans to allow for this are important and stop you from being reliant on just one income source.

In addition are there any courses or skills that you need to acquire to help you and your business? I sell marketing solutions but I still go on courses by other marketers to continually improve my knowledge. I also have a few CPD courses that I am eyeing up that will hopefully enable me to up my success rate even more with clients. Whatever you decide to do make sure that your review covers future endeavours rather than just examing your current ones.

Taking a day or so out of your busy therapy business is so important as it can enable you to make  significant improvements to the way that you work. Streamlining your business and getting rid of deadwood can help you to reap rewards well into the future leaving you with a robust, viable and very profitable therapy practice.


Why You Must Use Calls to Action in Your Therapy Marketing

CI hope you are all having a profitable New Year and are getting a flood of calls and sales into your business in one of the busiest months for therapists. We have had a very busy month not only fielding new client enquiries but also creating a new look for this website. This was prompted not only to freshen up the site which frankly every therapy practice should do every two or three years but also because of the latest Google Algorithm change penalising pop ups on mobile devices. As of the 10th January pop ups on mobile devices are now actively discouraged so if you have any on your website take them down now and find another way to connect with your clients. We hope you like the new look. Now on to the main blog topic for today calls to action in your therapy marketing.

What is a Call to Action?

If you have never heard the term before it simply means that an image, text, video or email capture has been placed on your blog or website telling your customers to do something. One of the biggest mistakes therapists make on their websites is that they don’t instruct their readers exactly what to do. They will create a page of copy but at not stage will they instruct their potential customers what they need to do after they have read it. It isn’t enough to just have a mobile number at the top of your website page or a contact me page you need to force clients to take an action.

Very simple calls to action may be:

  • Email us Today
  • Book Now
  • Download
  • Subscribe Now and Get our Free eBook
  • Register for our new course
  • Follow us on Facebook

Of course many marketers are now getting increasingly clever in getting readers to take action. When you get creative and start to create compelling copy it is possible to come up with more sophisticated ways to get the attention of potential customers. Wordstream have some great examples in this blog post and you can find plenty of other examples in Google search that you can adapt as calls to action in your therapy marketing.

What to Include in Your Copy

There are certain elements that should be included in your copy so make sure that when you are creating some calls to action you include these elements.

Immediate Response – The design of a call to action is to get your potential clients to do something immediately. So that doesn’t mean next week, year or month but at that very moment. If you can make the offer compelling and visible enough the person reading your post should want to sign up or call you immediately.

Design – There is no point in designing something that blends into the background of your website. You need to find something that is visible and that stands out so your offer is immediately visible.

No Risk – People are now wise to many marketing techniques which means that you have to make your offer have little or no risk. Free consultations as part of your call to action might be a way of doing this. No obligation confidential telephone assessment. It means that potential customers can call you without worrying initially about spending money. This way of attracting people is used all the time in big business. How many people do you know who signed up to the free months trial for Netflix and are still paying for the service a year or so later?

Limit Your Offer – Adding a limited time frame for your customers also means that some of your customers will act now rather than waiting for later. I never like to see discounts offered on websites as it cheapens your brand. Instead try and create additional value as part of your limited offer.

What is the Benefit – Make sure that the person being shown the call to action actually understands what they are getting if they take action. Are they getting an eBook, free video lessons, a download or a telephone call? You need to spoon feed the information to potential clients rather than making it difficult for them to know exactly what you are offering.

Location – There is no point tucking your call to action at the very bottom of a web page that many people may never read. Make sure that your call to action is placed somewhere that it can be seen preferably above the fold in your website.

What’s on your Therapy Website?

Now go back on to your therapy website and see where you can add some calls to action in your therapy marketing to increase potential conversions. Remember that every person who comes to your website is a potential customer and if you can compel a few more of them to make contact with you then over the course of a year you are likely to find that you have significantly increased the number of people either buying your products or booking sessions. As I have said before if you have a website that can’t be easily changed bin it now and get one created where you can alter the copy. Too many therapists rely on webmasters to look after every single change on a site and this means it is costly and time consuming to create alterations. This leads to inaction and in the end the therapist does nothing missing out on huge potential income.

Google Adwords

Finally just a mention that my Google Adwords course is rising in price on the 1st Feb from £29.95 to £49.99. If you are not using Adwords yet then you are potentially missing out on a large number of potential customers. To give you an idea of its power my ads in just one location alone were placed in front of 7,500 people in January.  Not only did a large number of people see my ads all of those people were actively looking for therapy services so they are highly targeted customers. Of course a significant portion of those people also then clicked on my website and took action. Very few therapists would be able to get that kind of performance on their own which shows you how important Adwords is as a part of your marketing strategy. Are you missing out on this great traffic source.

hypnotherapy google adwordsHypnosis Google Adwords Online Course




49 Hypnosis Marketing Strategies You Can Implement Today

Hypnosis Marketing StrategiesFirstly welcome to the last blog post of the year. I hope you have all had a lucrative 2019 and are now getting ready to multiply those practice profits in the New Year. December is the perfect time of the year to be planning your hypnosis marketing strategies for 2020. As your clients thoughts turn to overeating, drinking and being merry  you are likely to have a couple of quiet weeks where you  plot and plan that income boost that always appears in the New Year.

Now as many therapists are aware in order to be a wealthy therapist you need to be killing it when it comes to your competition. That means you need to work smarter and harder than your competitors whether they are based internationally or locally. Here are 49 Hypnosis marketing strategies that you can start to work on today to boost your income and build that amazing business of yours. There is no need to work on everything at once as it just is not possible but pick a few from the list and make a start on marketing your products and services.

In order to help you we have a number of additional tools which can help you to build your business faster. An Online Hypnotherapy Marketing Ebook with more details on some of these strategies. Our Turn your Website into a Client Magnet that shows you just what you need to do to attract paying customers into your practice. I also have a new course on Google Adwords which I will be releasing in the New Year to help you get to Number One on Google and slay your competitors.

So until 2017 I wish you all a fantastic Xmas and New Year.

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49 Hypnosis Marketing Strategies to Start Using Today

  1. Create Gift Vouchers – What can you get the person who has everything? Why a hypnosis gift voucher. It can be for relaxation sessions, law of attraction work or even just to target the curious. Market them on your website, create a beautiful online voucher and you are ready to go.
  2. Target Your Doctors Surgery – Talk to the practice managers, leave leaflets in the surgery or offer specific services to each GP. This is the perfect target market for anxiety clients.
  3. Head to the Gym – No not to work out but to put up your leaflets. Get there before January and help all those clients who want to lose weight as part of their New Year resolutions.
  4. Free Noticeboards – Stick those leaflets up anywhere you see a free noticeboard. Bus stops, coffee shops, supermarkets and so on. Even better if the leaflet is somewhere where people have to queue!
  5. Set up an Account on Pinterest – Get pinning those inspirational images that make your business seem irresistible.
  6. Driving Schools – Where there is a nervous driver there is a hypnotherapist who can help. Contact those instructors and offer to help.
  7. Corporate – Find the movers and shakers in companies local to you and start to offer them your services. Create promotion packs to sell stress management,  stop smoking or sales performance sessions.
  8. Video – Start creating videos and marketing them on YouTube or any of the other video sharing sites. Show proof of your skills, clients beaming with happiness as their problems fade away and watch the hits on your website increase.
  9. Awareness Days – Find out the awareness days for 2017 and create special promotions around them. Such as depression awareness, Stoptober and Dry January.
  10. Team Up – Find some local massage therapists, personal trainers, physios and team up with them to create a package of services or to cross refer.
  11. Hand Out Leaflets – Outside stations, busy fairs or events or even in a shopping centre promoting your services. Just make sure you get permission from the relevant authorities first.
  12. Create an Online Course – Although you will always need the personal touch with some clients others will respond with some simple self help online. Give them the tools to empower them and they will thrive.
  13. Get a Website Review -Find someone who really knows about hypnosis marketing strategies and get them to review your website. With some simple changes it is often possible to double, triple or quadruple your revenue by rectifying your copy and website structure. My online course How to Turn Your Website Into a Client Magnet enables you to review your website yourself and make changes so that you can multiply your income.
  14. Contact Those Dentists – Nervous dental patients or clients with bruxism as perfect candidates for some hypnosis to alleviate stress and anxiety.
  15. Create and Instagram Account – Advertise your business, like others and generally get involved in your community.
  16. Yoga Classes – Hypnobirthing and Yoga Classes go hand in hand. Offer taster sessions with the local yoga teacher at the end of a class and start attracting new clients.
  17. Start a Blog – Blogging is a great supplement to your website and if done well can go viral or create a community of followers in your niches.
  18. Design a Logo – Create an identity for your business and use it on your website, marketing materials and emails to stand out from the crowd.
  19. Get on Facebook – Get involved locally or in a group important for your niche. Heah even better start a group of your own and control the content!
  20. Market Research – Find out what your customers really want. Get out on the street or go online and ask questions to find out what is selling then tailor your products and services to meet demand.
  21. Get Testimonials – Put them on your websites, on videos and in your marketing materials. People love proof that hypnosis works!
  22. Record some Self Help Audios – Start recording self hypnosis audios and market them online and to your clients. Just make sure that they are the very best quality you can make.
  23. Upsell your Products and Services – Package your sessions to that you are selling programs. Upsell email support or your self help audios to bring in extra revenue. Even buy wholesale products and have them in your therapy room for your customers to purchase.
  24. Find your USP – Your Unique Selling Point is what makes you different to your competition. Work out what it is and start to use it in your hypnosis marketing strategies.
  25. Build a Therapy Centre – Rent a premises and start selling the other rooms to therapists for a fee. The other therapists will cover your room costs and you should profit on top!
  26. Use Paid Advertising – Google Adwords and Facebook advertising when done well gets you in front of your target audience. Use it wisely and see customer numbers jumping. I have created an online course to help you master Google Adwords for Therapists  and another for Facebook Advertising.
  27. Connect With Other Therapists – Counsellors, CBT therapists and psychotherapists are perfect people to network with and create cross referrals.
  28. Start a Podcast – Offer people tips and strategies for self help on a regular podcast and build a network of followers.
  29. Citations – Build citations in local directories and link them back to your website. Just make sure they are relevant or local.
  30. Networking – Join some local networking groups and connect with others. Spend very little initially until you find the ones that work for you.
  31. SEO – Learn about Search Engine Optimisation and start to put your knowledge into practice. Good SEO can boost your organic rankings and get you found in Google and Bing.
  32. Forums – Get involved in niche forums and offer your advice. Put your links in your profile and wait to be contacted.
  33. Get out on the Street – Why not demo your hypnosis skills in front of the general public. Amaze those passers by and wait for the stream of people who want to book an appointment with you.
  34. Wedding Planners or Dressmakers – Who doesn’t know a bride who didn’t want to lose weight for the big day? Create a weight loss package and market it to bridge and even the bridegroom.
  35. Health Food Stores – Get to know the owners. Put up leaflets and offer taster sessions and talks.
  36. Email Lists – Start collecting emails from your customers and potential clients and remarket to them.
  37. Local Newletters – Find out who runs your local newsletter and either write an article or take out a small regular advert.
  38. Press Releases – Got a new product or amazing service that you need the world to know about. Create a press release and advertise just what you can do.
  39. Twitter – Get on Twitter and engage in the community or with people in your specialist niches.
  40. Create a Workshop– Start by creating a workshop or a mini course for people to attend. Seeing twenty people at once will always be more lucrative that seeing one person at a time.
  41. Get on the Radio – Ok so you may have a problem getting on the National stations but there are hundreds of local and community stations that would love your input.
  42. Create an ebook and Sell it – Have a great solution to a problem? Then get writing and marketing your ebook. Self publishing on Kindle makes it easy for you to be a published author. My eBook on Hypnotherapy Marketing goes into considerable detail on how to market your business effectively.
  43. Broadcast Live – Periscope, Meerkat and even Facebook allow you to broadcast live and post directly online. Create a session with the wow factor and put it out there for the world to see.
  44. Snapchat – Learn how to use Snapchat and build a following.
  45. Volunteer – Get a gig volunteering at your local hospital using your hypnosis skills. Once you have people convinced of its effectiveness you can market your sessions to those who can afford to pay.
  46. Local Help Groups – Get involved with local help groups and offer taster sessions or talks.
  47. Google+ – Get on Google + and Google My Business to appear on those maps!
  48. Create a Membership Website – Offer clients continual value so that they sign up for your services month after month or year after year.
  49. Local Newspapers – Get in touch with your local newspaper journalists and offer them a story. How you cured a local person of a fear of Santa Claus. How you created stress reduction sessions for families who were worried about Brexit. Make it topical and local.

Enjoy putting in place those hypnosis marketing strategies hopefully they should keep you busy until my next post in the New Year!

5 Essential Tools to Boost Your Hypnotherapy Advertising

Hypnotherapy Advertising ToolkitI think you will agree that finding great tools to boost your Hypnotherapy Advertising can save you time and money. In the old days it was relatively simple. Pay for an advert in the Yellow Pages and wait for the phone to ring. Now hypnosis marketing is becoming increasingly complex and if you don’t understand the game then you are doomed from the very beginning. Many of my marketing students are stunned at the complexity of modern day client attraction techniques. Left to their own devices most of them would have been out of business in half a year. That is why it is essential to have the business knowledge and tools to help you on the road to success. Here are just some tools that can help you to boost your current marketing efforts.

Google Keyword Planner – Previously called the Google Keyword Tool this has become an essential starting point in finding out keywords that are relevant to your business and niche. Whilst not always 100% accurate the planner can help you to identify words that you can use on your website or blogs to attract people interested in your services. Primarily the planner allows you to enter in a set of keywords into its search system and then it generates a large number of other keywords which may be useful to your business niche.

I know that this tool could be invaluable to most therapists if they bothered to use it. Why? Because it would stop them writing content that nobody wanted to see. There is no point making a great page on your website talking about your expertise in Hypnotherapy for Dementia if there are only ten or less Google searches in the country per month for that term. Logically it is highly unlikely that many of those searches will be near you so concentrate initially on the terms that your clients are looking for and write your content around that.

WordPress – There really is no need now to get expensive websites created in HTML coding when WordPress has become the main platform to create your online site. WordPress has made things simple for you and uses a system that makes it super easy for you to write content that matches what Google wants. It allows you to add pictures and video at the click of a button. Your content can be tagged correctly with a simple click. You can even see if your content meets SEO standards with the wonderful Yoast plugin.

With a simple traffic light system it shows you whether you content needs work with a red light or whether you are green to go. If you are given a signal that your content needs work all you have to do is page down and it tells you exactly what is wrong with what you have written. Oh and there are thousands of plugins you can add to your site to increase your marketing effectiveness. Do you want to regularly retweet content? Well there is a plugin for that. Want to add a a pop up screen to collect email addresses on your site? Yep there is another pop up for that. This is easily one of the best systems for helping you in your therapy practice marketing today.

Google Adwords – Adwords is a complex beast of a system but use it correctly and it is a client attraction machine. Yes it uses pay per click advertising as a means to get paying clients in through your door but that is no bad thing. Think of Adwords as your manager. You pay your manager a percentage of your income and they get you work. Yes of course it would be lovely to get clients without having to pay anything but lets look at the reality of the situation.

If you are an established hypnotherapist who has been in the business for years and has built referral networks, marketed to old clients and has a name for themselves then you probably don’t need to do anything to get work. If however you are new to this game you need to get found. Networking and referrals take time and you have to ask yourself can you afford to wait for months if not years to get to the point where you are earning enough to live on. So you think about creating a website instead and boosting it in the rankings until you high in the organic rankings. Again this takes time and a significant amount of effort. In addition with the new way that Google shows results it is likely that even with organic SEO you may appear relatively low on the first page. Google is not daft it now monopolises search to the point where you are going to find if difficult to earn a living without them.

Fiverr Hypnosis AdvertisingFiverr – This website started out as I will do anything for you for five dollars and now has morphed into the go to site to get things done cheaply. Want new leaflets created for your business? Well you can fiddle around trying to create something badly yourself, hire a local graphic designer or head on over to Fiverr to get this done for the price of a cup of coffee. You can get videos made, websites created,  content written and so much more. Of course not everything is quite as cheap as five dollars anymore. Usually the service providers on this site choose to offer their work in exchange for multiples of the five dollars but it will be still be at a great price. What better way to boost your hypnotherapy advertising cheaply.

Think about it a local graphic designer in the UK, Australia or The States charges in relation to their cost of living in that country. That means a small graphic can cost you a significant amount of money. The sellers on this site are situated all over the world which means they can significantly undercut local offerings. What may cost you £100 in the developed world can be only £4 overseas. Just make sure that you choose the person you are using from their reviews. If a seller has hundreds of positive reviews then you are likely to get great work. Think twice about choosing services from someone with little or no track record.

Google Webmaster Tools – Have you placed your website on this yet? If not you are missing tons of useful information that can help you with your hypnotherapy advertising. This free site allows you to see your website as Google does. Here are just some of the reports and data you can receive from the tools.

Information on the search queries for your website and the click through rate of the people arriving at your website. Clearly this is valuable information showing you how you have been found.

Links to your site – If you have lots of natural links which flow back to your site it boosts your search engine results. The reports here can show you who is linking to you and on what pages.

Keywords – Google provides you with a list of keywords it finds when it is crawling your site. Check to make sure that the words they are finding are the ones that you want to be found for.

Internal Links – Details of the links on your website which link to other pages. Google loves relevant internal linking as it improves your customer experience. Think Wikipedia.

Errors on your site – You may not know it but there may be broken links or problems with your website and Google lets you know where they are.

Understanding How to Use Tools in Your Hypnosis Marketing

These are only a few of the tools that it is possible to use in your hypnosis marketing efforts. However having the tools is not enough if you don’t know how to implement them. Hypnotherapy Advertising is becoming more and more sophisticated and that means you need to have the knowledge in order to stand a chance in beating your competition.

My marketing students found that when they tried to market without any knowledge of these techniques they got almost zero clients in through the door and no income. When they were given the tools to work with and were guided through the marketing maze they suddenly got high search engine positions and a steady stream of new customers. Don’t let a lack of business savvy hold you back from achieving your dream of a hypnosis career find a mentor to guide you through the maze.





The Hypnosis Practice is Full – Therapy Marketing Mission Accomplished!

Building a Successful Hypnotherapy PracticeIf you have been following my blog posts regularly you will know that in mid September I moved house. Not only did I move my home but I gave up my practices in London and Hertfordshire and started my business again in an entirely new area. Yes I could have continued my existing practices but who wants to commute for hours and hours each week so I began again from scratch. To clarify that mean’t I no longer had a website and certainly not a well optimised one. I had no clients or referrals and frankly nobody knew who the hell I was. In fact I was in the same position as a therapist who had just finished their training apart from the fact that I had my therapy marketing skills.

Now I had no idea exactly how long it would take to build my new business. I knew that my new home was within easy reach of some large pockets of population but equally some of those areas were not particularly affluent and some very rural. I thought that perhaps it would take me a year or two to get my practice up to the levels that I saw in London in fact it took less than five months. I should point out that one of those months was December where I wasn’t even in the country. I am thrilled to report that my methods work because as of next week I have a full diary.

Building a Successful Hypnotherapy Business Quickly

Therapy marketing may seem difficult to many but with the right knowledge it is possible to build a thriving practice in only a few months. When you have the right knowledge and start thinking like a business person you can get remarkable results really quickly. I have heard so many therapists blame the economy or lack of demand for their financial woes but these are just excuses. I live in a village with 2,500 people in it yet I have filled my sessions at my home easily which means so can you.

In my marketing programs I teach other therapists and small businesses how to get ahead of their competition and get paying clients in through their door. Many of these customers had previously been struggling to get even one person to pay for their services! In the last month alone I have had one client see a website move from nowhere on Google to some of the top spots on local searches. Another has seen a massive uplift in conversions from her new website. In both cases just one new client paid for my six monthly marketing training. Of course they will be getting hundreds more so I would consider that a great return on their investment. My guess is that without my training many of these therapists would have been out of business within the year and back working in their old day jobs.

The Five Keys to Marketing Your Hypnotherapy Practice

Website – Without a decent website you may as well give up before you start. Yes I know you may be tempted to cobble together some awful looking one page site on some online free software but it will look terrrible and your customers will go elsewhere. There is nothing worse than a shabby looking, badly aligned web page. A great website is easy to read, informative and converts browsers into buyers. The content has to be written in a very precise way in order to be recognised by the search engines. Get it wrong and you won’t even appear in the top ten pages of Google never mind the front page.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation is key to getting found in Google. Think you can write any old content and get people ringing your phone? Forget it, your content including your pictures and videos needs to be structured in a certain way so that your potential clients can find you. Even after you have written that content you need to promote it so that you can get relevant backlinks. This takes time which is why so many people hire SEO companies to do it for them. Yet you do not need to be an expert to achieve results provided you are shown how.

Blogging – Every website that needs business should be blogging on a regular basis. A blog is a great tool of giving additional detail about the products and services that you are offering. As a bonus it can help you get found in the search engines. If you structure it well it can also get you regular followers and you can monetise it.

Geographical Targeting – Understanding how to market yourself geographically can make a big difference to your chances of being found in the search engines. Do not just confine yourself to targeting the area that you are living in but to the surrounding areas as well. I know I target a thirty to forty mile radius around my practice. You will be shocked at the number of people who will drive long distances to see you.

Paid Advertising – Not so long ago everyone wanted to appear highly in the Google organic rankings. SEO companies made fortunes helping their customers get higher in the rankings and then things started to change. These statistics from Wordstream show how the landscape of SEO is changing in 2016:

64.6% of clicks to a website now come from paid advertising.

35.4% are from organic rankings

For keywords which have a high commercial intent 2/3 of the clicks are sponsored!

Organic search results now account for 14.8% of what you can view above the fold. In other words when you enter a search query most of what you will initially see on the page before you page down is paid advertising.

As long as Google and the other search engines maintain their dominance these figures will increase meaning that soon you will not be able to get any business without paying. If paid advertising is not one of your methods of getting new customers it will soon need to be.

Therapy Marketing Mentoring

If you run a therapy business that is

Brand New and has no customers.

That is established but is struggling to attract customers


You would simply like to take your business earnings to the next level then my therapy marketing coaching sessions can help to transform your practice. Over six hour hour sessions I can show you the same tactics that I used to fill my new practice. Simply send me an email or give me a call and we can talk about your business goals for the next year. Until the next time.





2016 Hypnosis Marketing Strategy & Merry Xmas

Hypnosis Marketing 2016If you are not in the world of the self employed it is highly likely that this is the time of year when you are winding down and getting ready for the Xmas holidays. Perhaps you are planning your christmas shopping or are intending to go to every party in town during this festive season. If you are a self employed hypnotherapist and are thinking of doing this then it is time to get a new job. Yes December tends to a time when client load tends to reduce but this means it is the perfect time to work on your 2016 hypnosis marketing strategy.

December in a therapists calendar is time to take stock of the previous year and to decide what worked well and what needs to be overhauled in the New Year. If you are planning to create products to sell in order to make passive income this is the perfect time to do it as you will be able to dedicate time to making a great course, audio, video or self help manual without the distraction of too many clients. If you don’t have the clients then this is the best time of year to create a new hypnotherapy marketing plan to attract those customers in through the door.

Hypnosis Gift Cards

How many of you are offering gift vouchers on your hypnotherapy sites? If not you are missing a trick. At Christmas sites such as Virgin experience or Red letter days sell all kinds of vouchers for everything from wine tasting to helicopter trips. At Xmas there are millions of people out there with money to spend on presents and wanting to pick something for their loved ones that is a little bit different. It could be a relaxation taster session, a stop smoking program or even weight loss sessions. Publicise your products well enough in the local area and online and you may get a great monetary boost just before Xmas.

Partner Up

Why not partner up with another local business in order to market your hypnotherapy clinic. Create a package that enables you to cross sell for something a little bit different. The possibilities are endless when you team up with other local businesses. If you know someone offering pregnancy massage package it with your hypnobirthing. If you offer weight loss find a nutritionist who can offer a personalised nutrition plan to offer to your clients. These packages will work for sales both before and after Christmas especially when they are linked with New Years resolutions.

Marketing Your Hypnotherapy Business in January

There is no point in thinking about marketing your hypnosis services in January because by then you will have missed the boat. People start taking stock of their life almost as soon as Xmas is over. By the time they hit the office on the first day back after the holiday people who are dissatisfied with what they achieved in 2015 will be hitting Google to see what they can do to improve themselves the following year. Make sure that you are the business that is giving them what they are looking for rather than thinking about adding something to your website later on in the month.

What is your 2016 Hypnosis Marketing Strategy New Year Resolution?

To get more clients? To earn more money? To give up your day job and start your hypnotherapy practice? Just as your clients need guidance and help to make positive change so do therapists. I was saddened to hear during the week of a hypnotherapist who announced that they were quitting the business because they had only managed to get two paying clients through their door in 8 months. They believed that they had done everything possible to get those paying customers but the reality was very different. When I looked for their website it appeared nowhere in the Google rankings. Without a web prescence in 2015 a hypnosis business is doomed from the start.

It is interesting when I hear therapists say that they have tried everything to get clients in through the door but can’t get the business. What they are really saying is I have tried everything I know which is very different to doing everything that is possible. A good Hypnotherapy Marketing Coach can show you where you are going wrong and help you start to build the business you deserve providing you are willing to put in the work as well. Don’t let your business fold in 2016 without getting expert help.I wish you all a Merry Xmas and I will be back in the New Year with more ways to plan your 2016 Hypnosis Marketing Strategy.



Building a Hypnotherapy Business by Having a Plan

Hypnotherapy business planIn the last month I have spent a considerable amount of time creating a hypnotherapy marketing plan that will help my business be ready for January 2016. In other words I have created a systematic and detailed way of getting my business to rank in my local area as well as creating plans for future products to increase my passive income earning potential. Trying to do well at marketing a hypnosis business without having a plan is pointless as the world of website creation, content generation, social media interaction and SEO requires detailed thought and regular input to get real results. Here are just some of the things that you will need to consider if you are to create a successful business.

A website as I have discussed before is a must have for any therapy business starting up now and in order for it to succeed it must be set up correctly. Getting the elements of your website right is key to getting the customers you deserve. What I have noticed is that just about all of my competitors in my local market are failing in this area. These are just some of the big errors that I am seeing when I look at my competitors.

Spelling Mistakes – Nobody is going to trust a hypnotherapist who hasn’t taken the time to proof read their website. I can forgive the odd mistake but a competitor in my local area has huge ones in the headings of his web pages. This is a turn off for many people who arrive at your site.

Keywords – Frankly many of the local hypnotherapists around me haven’t even thought about using them in their copy which is unbelievable. Google and the algorithm it uses needs to see keywords when it crawls your website otherwise it doesn’t have a clue where to bring up your business in its listings. So if you are a hypnotherapist in London you need to write that somewhere on your website. If you have no address in London, no mention of London in your copy or the fact that you are a hypnotherapist then how the hell do you expect to get found?

Minimal Pages – I have said it before and I will say it again. Hypnotherapists in general are lazy when it comes to doing anything marketing related. They can barely be bothered to write four or five pages of copy on their site. Most of my local competitors have a website that has too few pages. Yes it takes effort to write a website and lots of time to do it well but get it right and it can reap rewards. As I mentioned before with keywords these need to be all over your site leading customers directly to you. If you don’t mention that you do confidence coaching or work with depression then you will not get found when a client places a query in a search engine.

Minimal Content – Even those therapists who have placed in a number of web pages tend to write thin content. In other words they can barely summon up the energy to place a picture on the page and a short paragraph. Content is king currently. Write thin content and your website will be penalised and you are wasting your time thinking it will attract business.

Pricing – Oh I could weep for the local therapists and their business pricing. Some of the locals around me are charging as little as £40 a session! I am already the most expensive in the area by miles and guess what clients are still coming to see me. Undervalue your skills and charge too little and you will never earn a great living. From a business perspective I sell a gastric band audio download program for £39.99 on my website which is a form of passive income. I have recorded it once and now I can sell it again and again with little effort at all. Why would I want to see a client for £40 when I can earn that from a passive income product that requires me to do very little? Clearly my local competitors are not thinking like a business.

Hypnotherapy Business Plan

Now of course it is impossible to do everything at once but having a business plan which lays out your markting strategy is vital for the health of your business. I know that I have a great one for mine and it is working. Bit by bit my websites are moving higher up the search engine rankings and getting me not just on the front page of Google but in the number one slot.

As an example in my nearest local town I am number five on Google. So in just over six weeks I have gone from nowhere to beating websites that have been up and running for years. This town has a population of 25,000. I expect to have the number one or two slot by the new year. I am now repeating this formula in all the surrounding towns which means that I should have a population reach of well over a million potential customers.

I am also systematically creating great web pages and content for each of my key niches and building backlinks. This means you will find me on the front page for all kinds of issues related to hypnosis such as fear of flying, weight loss, depression and so on. By January I should have hundreds if not thousands of pages of content out there for people to find me. With the right guidance and work ethic you can do the same and not just earn a great living but dominate the area that you choose to work in. For more details about my hypnotherapy marketing mentoring send me an email via my contact me page.