About Me

Martina McKeough Hypnotherapy Marketing ExpertMy name is Martina McKeough and I am the Hypnotherapy Marketing Expert. Fancy title but what actually qualifies me to work with other therapists so that they increase client numbers and revenue? Well before I ever became a hypnotherapist I spent years working in The City as a trader and then a Business Development professional for a major multi national oil company. Although oil and therapy seem to be poles apart the skills that I acquired in my former career have been the perfect stepping stone for creating my successful hypnotherapy businesses and for helping my clients grow their companies as well.

I know that the skills I acquired in my previous roles have helped me to have the successful business that I have today. In order to run a successful company you need to understand what makes a profitable deal and what does not. You need to aware of the latest innovations in your industry and apply them to your business to make it more successful. Then you have to be proactive rather than reactive otherwise you will find that you are chasing the competition. You need to run a business that follows all the latest ethical and legal guidelines. You need to strive to be the best that you can as mediocre is not enough to get your clients coming back for more.

In 2016 just being a therapist is no longer enough for you to have a practice. The days of placing an advert in the Yellow pages and waiting for the phone to ring are long gone. In fact now a really successful therapist needs to be an accountant, web developer, PR guru, networker, social media star and so much more. No Hypnotherapy training course teaches you those skills they either need to be acquired slowly over time or you need to hire someone such as myself to fast track you through setting up and running a successful business.

So what makes me the Expert?

I know that I am doing something right as since setting up my businesses six years ago I have:

  • Successfully run successful practices in London (Harley St),  Hertfordshire and now Nottinghamshire.
  • Had numerous articles published in magazines and papers such as The Sun, Natural Health Magazine and Pregnancy and Birth Magazine
  • Consulted for the BBC and ITV on a number of TV shows.
  • Filmed a TV pilot.
  • Appeared on LBC Radio.
  • Helped large corporations such as Tesco with their employee wellbeing.
  • Created a Hypnosis Downloads business.
  • Created a Hypnotherapy Training business.
  • Helped many other therapists build their practices.
  • Become a Hypnotherapy Supervisor for the GHR.

In fact I am now so busy that I have an assistant who now helps me with my workload. My business has grown year on year not by accident but because of my business skills and sustained and systematic effort and planning.

Anyone Can Have a Successful Hypnotherapy Business

Therapy Marketing Strategy

With the right guidance and strategy anyone can have a successful and thriving hypnosis business. That is why I have developed my courses and one to one coaching sessions to help other therapists build the business that they deserve. With a small amount of planning and consistent marketing your business can be transformed. Currently I have a number of marketing courses or programs to suit all businesses and budgets including:


A Hypnotherapy Marketing Ebook – Over 100 pages of information on how to successfully market your Hypnotherapy practice.

One to One Coaching – Coaching programs where I can guide you to build a sustainable hypnosis business quickly and easily.

Ecourses – Video programs to build your business mastery in each marketing niche.

Just some of the information included in my programs include:

  • Accounting Profit and Loss mastery.
  • Cost per Customer Analysis.
  • Working with The Media
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Building Skills
  • Copywriting Expertise
  • Networking
  • Digital Marketing
  • Passive Income
  • Business Trends

If you would like more information about my programs or eBook simply call me on +44 (0) 1636 650 521 or alternatively email me through my contact form for more details.