20 Passive Income Ideas for Your Hypnosis Business

passive income hypnosis business hypnotherapy marketingIf you are running a hypnosis business that you would like to monetise so that you are not reliant on working one to one with clients you need to start building passive income. Passive income is the ultimate goals for many businesses because it means that you can earn money whilst you are sleeping. Implementing strategies to take you away from trading your time for money means that your earnings potential can skyrocket.  Instead of worrying about cash flow and ebbs and flows in client demand you can concentrate on layering in income from a number of sources to boost your earnings.

To help you think about what huge potential your hypnosis business has I have created a FREE PDF download giving you 20 ideas that you can use to build Passive income.  Claim your freebie by clicking the bold link and start elevating your practice to the next level!

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