Therapy Marketing Specialists

If you run a therapy business you may have found that getting your qualifications were only the start of your journey to becoming a self employed full time therapist. In order to turn a therapy business from surviving the thriving you also need to have the marketing knowledge and business acumen to earn a great living from you new chosen career. The problem is that most therapy courses are designed to teach you how to assist your clients rather than how to get those paying clients in through your doors leaving many therapists struggling to make ends meet. Our hypnotherapy marketing coaching sessions and online video courses are designed to give you the help you need to move your therapy business from surviving to thriving.

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Online Therapy Marketing

One to One Coaching Sessions Via Skype or Facetime.

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Hypnotherapy Marketing eBook

Comprehensive eBook with the latest marketing strategies for your therapy business.

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Video Courses

Learn therapy marketing at your own pace with our comprehensive online courses.

Experts in Hypnotherapy Marketing

Discover how to attract more customers and revenue to your business with our eBook, one to one coaching and video courses which are available to purchase in our online store today for immediate access. Our content is especially created so that therapists can build a better income and business. These methods have worked for our therapists who previously may have had problems even getting clients to pick up the phone to see them. We know that with the right marketing knowledge it is possible to increase clients and revenue, build your exposure in the search engines and create a website that converts browsers into customers.

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