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If you run a therapy business you may have found that getting your qualifications were only the start of your journey to becoming a self employed full time therapist. In order to turn a therapy business from surviving the thriving you also need to have the marketing knowledge and business acumen to earn a great living from you new chosen career. The problem is that most therapy courses are designed to teach you how to assist your clients rather than how to get those paying clients in through your doors leaving many therapists struggling to make ends meet. Our hypnotherapy marketing coaching sessions and online video courses are designed to give you the help you need to move your therapy business from surviving to thriving.

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Comprehensive eBook with the latest marketing strategies for your therapy business.

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Learn therapy marketing at your own pace with our comprehensive online courses.

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Discover how to attract more customers and revenue to your business with our eBook, one to one coaching and video courses which are available to purchase in our online store today for immediate access. Our content is especially created so that therapists can build a better income and business. These methods have worked for our therapists who previously may have had problems even getting clients to pick up the phone to see them. We know that with the right marketing knowledge it is possible to increase clients and revenue, build your exposure in the search engines and create a website that converts browsers into customers.
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I contacted Martina because I wanted to improve my marketing with both Facebook ads and website seo. We had 6 sessions together and since implementing her advice my business is now making a very good sustainable income. In fact I can earn pretty much what I want to earn now depending on how much I want to work. Since working with Martina my website traffic has more than doubled and so has my income. So the small investment to hire Martina was recouped in 2 weeks. Here is the truth. When you hire Martina she will tell it to you straight. If you follow the advice and implement it you will see big improvements. If you don’t you won’t. You’re not hiring her to be your friend, you are hiring her because she can see the flaws you can’t. I have no reservations in recommending Martina, so if you’re sat on the fence get off it and she can help you grow your business. Many thanks Martina. Steve Norton Anxiety Specialist UK

Martina's marketing course and eBook has allowed me to further my therapy business to the next level in terms of client enquiries and increased income. Not only was the content very current as well as being easy to understand and replicate it also started to provide immediate positive results. Robert Russell Mindset Synergy London

Martina's help and expertise has been invaluable in growing my hypnotherapy business. I have gone from obscurity on the 4th page of Google to number 2 for most hypnotherapy searches in my area.  She demystified Google Adwords for me so that I now feel confident in running targeted ads to bring in more clients. As well as giving me help with paid advertising such as Google and Facebook, Martina gave me lots of tips on how to get free marketing using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media apps. She showed me that there is so much you can do to market yourself whether you have a day or just 5 minutes you will never be bored! Judith Stafford Clinical Hypnotherapist Chesterfield

I contacted Martina as I had heard great things about her work in helping therapists grow their business. We had 6 sessions working together and she gave me advice on how to effectively structure my website, showing me and teaching me tools I would never have found by myself. We also looked at marketing, Facebook Ads and website SEO. If you’re looking for help and advice in lifting your business up not just a level but up many levels then Martina is your person to go to. I highly recommend Martina. The small investment will pay dividends and you’ll have a much better grip on your business. Many thanks Martina Caroline Dawe Clinical Hypnotherapist Wigan