Terms and Conditions

Booking & Cancellation Policy for Marketing Students

Marketing  students are advised that when you book an appointment for mentoring you are reserving my time as well as my expertise. This means that I may perform additional work (with your agreement) on your behalf at my discretion outside of our appointment times. I reserve the right to count this as chargeable time and bill accordingly or offset this against your program fee.

Please make sure that when you book a session with me you know the time slot you have booked and are ready for the appointment on time. I require five working days notice of a cancellation or change to an appointment (working days – Monday to Friday 9 am until 5 pm excluding public holidays in the UK). If you choose to cancel a pre-booked session inside this time period the session will be lost. No show or missed appointments will be lost and not refunded.


Please note that I do not offer one session mentoring packages and only work with you as part of a program. This is because I give you bespoke information tailored to your business from the moment we start working together.  I may also give you at my discretion valuable access to online training materials via digital passwords or email files if needed. The personalised information and course content I give is extremely valuable and therefore has a minimum charge of the full program fee. By agreeing to receive my personalised insights into your business and to accessing all the training dates from our first session we do not offer full or partial refunds.

For multiple session bookings/programs payment is due on the first session. These sessions are not sold on a weekly or monthly basis and require a minimum commitment from a client because of the extent of the personalised information you are given. If a client chooses to not continue with their sessions or program for any reason they will not be eligible for a refund. All programs must be completed within twelve months of their start date. We are unable to start a program, stop it and then resume it months later.

Please note that you are buying my time in the sessions only. Whilst I do review your websites, send personalised emails or do minor research outside of your sessions that is at my discretion.  I reserve the right to charge for additional queries, questions or work that takes up more time than the allotted hours you have booked. This means that any emails you send following a session should be kept to the absolute minimum.

If you need to cancel or change your appointment please ring 01636 650 521 during working hours (I am unavailable at weekends) and leave your name, telephone number and a time where you are free to receive a return call. Alternatively email me at martina@hypnotherapymarketingexpert.com stating your name, the date you want to change and alternative dates you would like for a new appointment. You may also use the contact form on our website to cancel or change your appointment easily. When I am with clients my calls are taken by my assistant. My assistant is there to take messages only and not to give advice.

I reserve the right to cancel a program with a client if I believe I am not the best fit for them. In this case, you will receive a refund of your fees which will be pro-rated by the number of sessions given.

Description of Goods and Services

Clients may receive one or more of the following services as part of my goods and services. Skype/Facetime/Phone mentoring, bespoke information about your business, personalised emails, research on your behalf, digital content, online courses and eBooks.

Access to Online Goods/Courses

All-access to our online courses is guaranteed for one year. As the world of marketing changes rapidly courses can become quickly obsolete or irrelevant. Please take care to take down all the information you need within the one year time period. Whilst access to the course may still be available it cannot be guaranteed after the one year time period plus the information could be outdated.

We reserve the right to remove access to courses after this one year period as software, social media and marketing constantly change and it may not make economic sense to update an outdated form of content. The buyer also needs to be aware that businesses change direction or close down as well, meaning that nobody should expect lifetime access to products.

Support for online products is available from Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm (excluding bank holidays). We do not reply to customer emails at weekends.


As a client, your commitment starts from the moment that your payment is taken and extends to the end of your session or the program that we have agreed on in advance or from the point where you have downloaded my eBook or registered for my courses. If you agree on further sessions or programs the commitment is extended again from the point at which a further payment is taken to the end of the agreed session or program. Online course access is for one year only.


Please note that my courses and content are subject to copyright. They cannot be passed on to other people or used to create your own hypnosis marketing business.


The price of the service you have agreed to is given in your confirmation letter. This breaks down the proportion of the service that is covered by a deposit and the remainder that is due on your first session.  If further sessions are agreed you will be notified in full of the cost of an hourly price.

Geographic Address and Phone Number

Martina McKeough

36 Main Street


NG24 3SA

Tel: 01636 650 521