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Therapy Marketing ResourcesIf you want to build a more successful therapy business then you are going to need to start to use a ton of tools (both free and paid) to help you market effectively. The best way to maximise your profits is to use tried and tested software, systems and tools to help you do things more quickly therefore allowing you to earn more money. This is a list of therapy marketing resources that can be used to help you bring additional income into your practice. You don’t need to start using them all at once but plan to start including some of these in your marketing efforts so that you can improve the way you work. (This post may contain affiliate links which means that we get a commission if you choose to make a purchase through the link. This is at no cost to you. Please read our disclosure page for more information. )

Websites and Hosting


Anyone building a website needs to have a hosting service. This is what enables your site to be accessible on the internet. Bluehost is a huge hosting service looking after millions of websites so it is trustworthy and reliable.

Elegant Themes

Yes, you can use a free WordPress theme but in a competitive market, it makes sense to pay a little bit extra to get exactly the website you want. Elegant Themes have over 800 designs for you to choose from and a website editor that is hugely responsive with drag and drop capability. Having design control over every element in your website can help you avoid a ton of frustration which you can end up with using a standard theme. Being able to change the fonts, colours and add elements such as filters or animations is a game-changer.


If you aren’t using WordPress to build your website then why not? Don’t start using web designers who use complicated coding that you have to pay to change at every turn. WordPress is the simplest and easiest web platform plus it has a ton of functionality and additional plugins you can add to change elements on your site. One of the most used plugins is Yoast which pretty much tells you exactly what you need to do in order to get your web pages and blogs featured in a search engine. This is a fantastic tool to tell you if your headline is too long if you need to add more keywords to a page or to tell you to add links. Follow what it tells you and you are more likely to get web pages that will be indexed and discovered by your potential clients. Even better the entire plugin costs you nothing.

Email Marketing

The money they say is in the list. If you are running a website selling products and services then you should be making it a priority to collect emails from your customers. Then once you have those emails you should be providing your customers with regular emails and content in the niche they are interested in. The two very best email marketing systems I have used are:


Aweber is the system I use to collect emails from my customers and place them into databases based on niches. I find it one of the easiest systems ever to use.  It allows me to create template emails as well as automated email series that go out at regular intervals to my customers and email lists. The more people that are on your list and engage with what you have to say the easier it is for you to sell to them. Even if you are only a small local business regularly staying in touch with your subscribers is a great way of getting people to trust you so they will buy or drumming up repeat business for your other products and services.


GetReponse is more than just an email marketing database. Yes, that is one of its functionalities but it does so much more. The product allows you to create landing pages so that you generate more leads. As well as helping you to build funnels that will help you to convert email subscribers into buyers. This is a great system when you are looking to advance from basic email marketing and newsletters.


Lead Generation


One of my favourite systems that I use to generate leads is Leadpages. If you don’t know much about lead generation here are how things work. In order to collect email addresses and leads you can either set up lead magnets and sign-ups on your website or you can create stand-alone one-page lead pages that you direct traffic to and get people to subscribe.

Leadpages is so useful because not every website is designed to get the best click-through rates for sign-ups. This is because a typical website has menus, navigation bars and pictures which may detract from your message. With a lead page, you strip out everything that is unnecessary and get your potential customer to focus on one task only. This might be signing up for a webinar, downloading a freebie that you have or giving someone an offer, coupon or discount. With Leadpages you can tailor their templates to fit your branding, place your own picture and get over your message. Then you can integrate the system with your email provider so that your marketing list continues to grow.



If like me you have no design background or have no idea how to create great-looking graphics for your website, blogs and marketing materials then you need to check out Canva. Using this system (which is totally free) can elevate the look and feel of your content tenfold. This system is amazing. Want a new Facebook banner? They have a template for it. Want to post something on Instagram? Yep, they have something for that as well. In fact, this system is amazing because you can quickly and easily create graphics, printables, posters and so on in just a few simple clicks. You need this system in your life as a therapist because creating great-looking content takes your marketing message from amateur to professional.


Google Analytics/Statcounter

If you aren’t looking at the statistics on your website then you are missing a trick. How can you possibly assess how your marketing is going if you don’t know:

  • How many visitors a day you are getting to your site?
  • What pages are they visiting?
  • How long do they stay on those pages?
  • Where those visitors came from?
  • What paths did they take when they got to your website?

I usually recommend that my therapy marketing students sign up to two free services. Google Analytics and Statcounter. Once you have these set up you can start to look at how your website is doing and make tweaks to improve the number of visitors and their experience when they hit your site.

Small Seo Tools

Small Seo tools is a great little site particularly if you want to find out where you are ranking in the search engines. If you weren’t aware of using Google to see where you rank is going to give you an incorrect answer. This is because it will favour your previous searches to rank you higher.  Therefore you need a tool that gives you a more accurate picture. Just use the keyword tool in this site and you can see where you rank for multiple keywords for free. This gives you insights as to what pages you need to work on to improve your Google/Bing/Yahoo rankings. The site also has a host of other free features that you can use which might be useful for your business.

Useful Tools


Fiverr is a great site for a small business. No matter how much you would like to do everything by yourself in your business it isn’t always possible which means you have to hire others to do things for you. You could, of course, look locally but in many cases, the prices will be higher than you want to pay so head on over to Fiverr instead. This site allows you to find graphic designers, website fixers, animators, videographers, sound engineers and so much more. Just search for what you need help with and a huge list of service providers will pop up. You can filter them by reviews or look at their work and then book them to do your job.


Many of my clients may have problems with certain aspects of marketing. For example, they might not have a clue about how to edit and use a WordPress site. Rather than paying me to teach them, I recommend they find someone offering a short course on Udemy. Most courses cost around £10 which makes them super accessible to everyone. You can study the modules in the courses at your own pace and the information on the well-reviewed courses is usually top-notch.

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