Hypnosis Books – The Ten Best Hypnotherapy Books on The Market

hypnosis books - the 10 best hypnotherapy booksThere are many facets to hypnosis marketing and one of the most important is getting the very best results for your clients. When you get great results time and time again your clients will speak about you to their friends and family and you should start to get a steady stream of referrals into your practice. The problem is that most hypnosis courses are too short to teach you everything you need to do with clients which means continued professional development should be an essential part of your practice. Hypnosis books are a great way of learning from the best so I have compiled a list of the top ten hypnotherapy books you must read. Of course my Hypnotherapy Marketing eBook should be number 11!!! Just note this post may contain affiliate links which means that I get a commission if you choose to purchase through the link. This is at no cost to you.

The 10 Best Hypnotherapy Books on Amazon (in my opinion)

Hypnotherapy – Dave Elman

Dave Elman is one of the greats of hypnosis who taught his hypnosis methods throughout the US to doctors and dentists. His interest in hypnosis was supposedly created when he watched stage hypnosis relieve his father’s pain when he had terminal cancer. Pursuing his interest in the subject he created one of the most famous rapid inductions ever which is still used by hypnotherapists to this day. Despite his huge wealth of knowledge, he left behind this one hypnosis book about his work. This is an essential read for modern-day hypnotherapists.


Hartland’s Medical and Dental Hypnosis – Heap & Avarind 

The authors of this hypnosis book were the people who set up the clinical hypnosis courses at the University of Sheffield Psychiatry department. As professionals, they have taught dentists, psychiatrists and psychologists how to use hypnosis to help their patients. The book includes details on the history of hypnosis, basic procedures to follow as well as how to use hypnosis for specific conditions or problems.


Trancework – Michael D Yapko

Many people would like to claim that they are one of the greatest modern-day hypnotherapists alive but few really are. Michael Yapko is the real deal and a clinical psychologist and therapist who lives in California. He is many recognised for his work on depression and how it can be treated without the need for medication but also teaches all over the world. In Trancework Michael covers everything from how to conduct general hypnosis to dealing with specific ailments such as pain, anxiety and stress to name but a few. An essential for any professional hypnotherapists bookcase.


Handbook of Hypnotic Suggestions & Metaphors – D Corydon Hammond

This hypnosis book is jam-packed and I mean full to the brim of practical suggestions that can be used with your clients. Want help with pain control? Then check out their chapter on chronic pain, emotional pain, migraines and anaesthesia. Or what about help with raising self-esteem, dealing with anxieties and phobias, sleep problems, cancer patients or eating disorders. This book has the lot and means that you will never feel stuck when thinking of ways that you can help your clients.


Trance-Formations – Grinder & Bandler

This is an interesting choice as Grinder and Bandler are actually the founding fathers of NLP.  This particular book is really the transcript of one of their seminars where they discuss and use a whole host of techniques to influence how you think, feel and behave. These guys break down how Ericksonian style hypnosis indirect hypnosis can transform lives.


Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution: Introducing Parts Therapy – Roy Hunter

After hypnoanalysis comes parts therapy and Roy Hunter has written the definitive book on how to use this to create positive change with your clients. This book gives you every step you ever need to take in order to conduct a parts therapy session and have a successful outcome. I have only included one book by Mr Hunter in my list but I would actually highly recommend all his books as essential reads. For example, his hypnosis book on regression therapy is also a wonderful read.


The Weight Hypnotherapy and You – Judith E Pearson

The vast majority of hypnosis books are generalistic and only briefly touch on the techniques you would need to use with specific problems. This hypnosis book is one that gives you all the details you need to conduct successful weight loss hypnotherapy sessions with your clients. Judith has a PhD in counselling and also uses NLP and hypnosis is her practice. She knows her stuff and details on how to coach your clients to weight loss success. The book covers everything from motivation to exercise to stress management in relation to emotional eating and is an essential read for those of you want to specialise in weight control.


My Voice Will Go with You: Teaching Tales of Milton H. Erickson: Teaching Tales of Milton H. Erikson – Erickson & Rosen

Milton H. Erickson is probably one of the most influential hypnotherapists of all time. His way of using hypnosis to create positive change was unique and indirect meaning his subjects were helped with puns, humour or language without even knowing it. This book has collated over 100 of Erickson’s examples of helping others and placed them into a format where a modern-day hypnotherapist can use them in their own practice.


Scripts & Strategies in Hypnotherapy – Roger P Allen

The eternal debate will always be should a hypnotherapist use scripts in their work. Whilst a number of hypnotherapists would disagree with their use they are often an essential way to help a new therapist learn about metaphors, language patterns and suggestions. This particular volume collates a number of useful scripts in one place that can be used as a starting point when working with clients. As ever take the basics and learn to adapt these to your particular client needs for best results.


How to Hypnotise Anyone – Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist – The Rogue Hypnotist

The Rogue Hypnotist is a mystery in hypnosis circles as nobody quite knows who they are. What I can say is that their hypnosis books are hugely entertaining as well as being informative. Once again I have just mentioned one of their volumes but the Rogue Hypnotist has written extensively on everything from addiction work to anxiety. Get stuck in to their latest releases and find out more about what modern hypnotherapists think.


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