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Build a booming business with our Hypnotherapy Marketing eBook. In the UK only 3% of qualified hypnotherapists see more than 15 clients per week. In fact the majority of hypnotherapists see significantly less and work part time supplementing their income with other work. Of the newly qualified hypnotherapists out there 85% will go out of business within one year. These sobering numbers prompted Martina McKeough to write a practical guide for therapists to build a thriving full time hypnosis business. This eBook has been updated with some of the most successful marketing strategies you can use in 2018.

This eBook has been designed to guide you through the marketing that is necessary in this internet age to run a full time booming hypnotherapy business. All the methods that are discussed in this book have been tried and tested by the author and have enabled her to create her first busy practices in London and Hertfordshire and then to do the same again in Nottinghamshire. You can achieve similar results by following the tips and strategies given in the manual to take your business to the next level.

Hypnotherapy marketing is essential if you are to have a successful business. Without working at your marketing weekly if not daily it will be difficult to get clients in through your door. Marketing can seem like a daunting task especially if you have not run a business before but with some sound advice you can soon put in place steps to get clients beating a path to your door.  This eBook is a perfect guide to help therapists who are new to marketing put in place some of the latest techniques to get paying clients. My eBook has been designed to help you with:

  • Running marketing budgets.
  • Website development and SEO.
  • The key website elements needed to build your web presence.
  • Understanding Marketing funnels.
  • Newsletters.
  • Expanding your marketing strategy online.
  • Using social media to attract clients.
  • Online therapy.
  • Implementing networking strategies that cost you nothing.
  • Paid internet advertising
  • Understanding your competition.
  • Getting the Media to advertise your business
  • Attracting free publicity.
  • Passive income streams.
  • Group and Corporate Work.
  • Implementing referral programs to fuel your business.

Our Hypnotherapy Marketing eBook consists of over 150 pages of marketing tips and strategies and is available to purchase now.  Simply add the eBook to your shopping cart and pay via Paypal and you will receive a pdf copy enabling you to start building your therapy practice today.

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