Facebook Ads for Therapists – Online Course


Facebook Ads for Therapists Lead Mastery



Many therapists have never used paid advertising as part of their marketing strategy meaning that they are missing out on a large chunk of revenue and customers. Pay per click/impression advertising is simply huge and just about every savvy business owner is using it in order to multiply their revenue and profits. Facebook is one of the biggest advertising opportunities that are available on the internet which is why I have created a Facebook Ads For Therapists Lead Mastery Online Course.

So let’s look at some statistics. In 2017 it is estimated that around 33 million people in the UK will be using Facebook. Of those people around 75% are logging in daily. Think carefully and unless you are very young or very old it is likely that the vast majority of your friends will be on their Facebook account regularly. Each one of those people will have shared information about themselves. Their ages, job titles, what cars they have driven, their marital status and more. On top of that, they will have told Facebook what videos they like, the films they have watched and liked brands or pages which mean something to them. Facebook is therefore sitting on a huge amount of information that you can access.

Want to find women between the ages of 25-35 who are married and are pregnant? Facebook can find them and you can sell them your hypnobirthing services. Want to market to men who have an above-average income, who have a luxury car but smoke? Sell them your stop smoking sessions. When you start to mine the information that is there on Facebook you can target customers interested in your products and services and attract new business that was not accessible to you from organic searches alone. This is why our Facebook ads for Therapists online course can help you to attract new customers and revenue which can help to build your booming business.

Facebook advertising can significantly increase your profits but only when it is done right. Just creating an ad in your local area is not going to get you great results without putting in place some additional ways to capture your potential audience. This online course shows you:

  • How to set up Facebook Ads correctly to get great returns.
  • How to find Facebook users interested in your products and services.
  • How to create great ad graphics.
  • How to get people to take actions on your website, products or blogs.
  • How to set up audiences that work for you.
  • How to Retarget visitors to your website
  • How to decipher the metrics/numbers to understand if what you have done is working
  • How to understand Facebook Ad policies to get your ads passed.
  • Learning the fundamental difference between Facebook ads and other forms of PPC advertising

This Facebook Ads for Therapists online course consists of 12 videos that cut through the complexities of Facebook advertising and shows you the easiest ways you can get a return.  In just over an hour we show you everything you need to know to help you run a basic profitable Facebook campaign.

*Course access for one year. Please see terms and conditions for details.