Hypnosis Niche Marketing – These Profitable Niches are Going to Shock You!

hypnosis niche marketingLet’s discuss hypnosis niche marketing and I am guessing that most of you today are going to be shocked by what I am going to reveal. I’ve always been intrigued by the debate of whether you should niche your business or not.

As many therapy marketers will tell you niching your market down has some specific advantages for your business. Yet it can also be hugely problematic especially if you don’t understand how to do it well or don’t keep your eye on the market for any upcoming changes. Good niche marketing means:

  • You get seen as an expert if someone reads your niche-specific website.
  • You build your expertise and results in a certain area.
  • You build a name for yourself as the go-to person for a specific problem.
  • You can market more accurately at your core demographic.
  • You lessen the competition.

In theory, this works brilliantly until something goes wrong such as COVID. Suddenly all the people with one niche websites who were no longer relevant in the middle of a pandemic saw their incomes dry up and customers disappear.  Whilst the virus is just one example of a problem there can be many others:

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The Problems with Niche Therapy Marketing

Your website gets hacked. – I’ve had a problem with this one myself. One of my websites got hacked and I spent nearly a month getting it back up. Not a great experience but thankfully as I have multiple websites it wasn’t the end of the world.

Google changes its algorithm and you disappear off the front page of the search results. – Google is always playing around with how it presents its information. Keeping on top of the latest initiatives will help but many people have found themselves floundering after a change in the search results.

Facebook or Google Ads Change – In case you weren’t aware something very big is going on in this arena right now. Apple has decided that it wants to give its users the ability to opt-out of being tracked by ad networks. There are huge discussions going on right now about how to retarget customers under this new initiative.

Someone or something comes along to make your niche irrelevant. – The big companies are muscling in on the therapy market fast. If one of the majors comes after your niche you are going to have a problem. Keep your eyes peeled on these developments as you may need to change your marketing to contend with this in the near future.

Diversification in niches is hugely important if you want to stay in business as well as always looking forward and staying relevant. If you don’t do these you could be in for a shock.

Choosing a Therapy Niche

Hypnosis niche marketing in more than one area is important if you want to hedge your bets but what niches do you go for? Well, this is where things get interesting. Most therapists choose some of the most obvious areas such as weight loss or stop smoking and so on but have you ever looked at the numbers? Most therapists choose a niche depending on their interest in the topic and may keep an eye out for the competition but I wonder how many of you actually think in detail about your business models.

I said that I might shock you today and this is where I might open your eyes to exactly what you are competing against and why you might have problems struggling to attract clients. Let’s do a deep dive into the stats and see what we find.

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Hypnosis Marketing Stats

Well, one of the most popular niches in the entire world is sleep hypnosis with over 40,000 people searching for an answer to their problems with insomnia every month. So far so normal. Most hypnotherapists should be aware that sleep is a huge area for potential clients. However, you have absolutely no hope of getting on the front page of Google for this specific keyword term unless you pay to play by using ads or get very clever with social media or geographical targeting.

I can guarantee that most hypnotherapists get the majority of their clients because of their websites being found for a specific area and Google maps not because they have a great web page that places them on page one in the bigger search arena. A tiny therapy practice can never compete with Audible as an example who is on the first page for this term.  This means that whilst you will get some customers your bigger competition hoover up the vast majority.

Sex Sells in Hypnosis

I digress however because the next biggest niche with 33,100 searches a month is erotic hypnosis. Yup I know I bet you weren’t expecting to hear that. Sex sells and I can guarantee that most of you will never have even considered that erotic hypnosis was such a huge hypnosis marketing niche. I can go on as sexual hypnosis gets looked at by 18,100 people per month. Another huge number that gets overlooked.

After sleep and sex, we have a huge steep drop in searches until we get to weight loss and stop smoking at around the 6,000 searches per month and then we have Furry Hypnosis at 2,400 searches. Yup hypnosis aimed at people who liked to imagine they are furry creatures. Told you I would shock you. Not because of the subject matter (because personally what someone does in their own time is none of my business) but because I bet you had never even dreamed that this was a niche to go after.

But I bet you will have considered some of these. Sports hypnosis for example which comes in at a measly 390 searches per month which is roughly similar to the numbers for confidence and stress hypnosis.

Now the General Hypnotherapy Register in the UK has around 3000 hypnotherapists registered with them and the Hypnotherapy Society 2,000. There are other organisations that also don’t publish numbers plus people who aren’t registered at all but I think you can start to see an issue with why people have a problem with marketing. without having the stats. Look at how many hypnotherapists will want to offer sports hypnosis and then check out the reality of the niche. The numbers for that keyword don’t stack up especially when you consider that the numbers I have used are for search results worldwide.

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Understanding Basic Business Figures

Now before you all go rushing off to add porn to your websites (I’m only joking) there is a more serious point to be made. The key to attracting clients is to understand the numbers, niches, competition and keywords so that you can get a new client or sale. Until you get to know these facts you will always be scrabbling around to try and get people to come and see you. You don’t have to be writing about porn or fetishes to get results but you do need to understand how to compete effectively and with what topics.

Spending your time and energy in niches that will actually earn you a decent income rather than second-guessing. It can make all the difference! Only when you have this detail and hypnosis niche marketing information can you start to create a website attracting the right people or advertising the right products. Don’t do it the other way round as you are going to face a world of frustration! If you don’t know how to do this then think about hypnosis coaching to help you. It will save you a ton of money and heartache in the long term.