Business Mentoring

Hypnotherapy Mentoring and Business CoachingIf you feel that you would like additional help with either your business or marketing your hypnotherapy practice then I am available for one to one business mentoring sessions. Generally these sessions will take place over Skype or Facetime and each session will last an hour. The aim with each of our sessions is to move your business forward so that you are increasing your revenue, products and customers. Each of our sessions will look at one aspect of your business. During our time together I will be suggesting to you methods and strategies to enable your business to move to the next level.

Before booking in for my business mentoring sessions it is always a great idea for you to have an idea of where your business currently stands. That means it would be useful for you to know the following before we begin:

  • Number of clients per week
  • Your current treatment charges
  • Number of website visitors (if you do not know to get this I can help you)
  • Current revenue per month

Although these numbers are not  essential they are a great way of assessing your business statistics currently. Once we have this benchmark it enables us to monitor our progress over the mentoring sessions.

Mentoring for a Better Business

The way I run my mentoring sessions is fluid and will depend on your particular business model. In general I like to analyse your website in the first session as that is your real advertising platform in this digital age.  A thorough website analysis will allow you to understand the changes that you need to make in order to make your business stand out from your competitors. Generally you will be given suggestions for alterations that may need to be made to that website in order to make it perform well in the search engines. As my mentoring sessions usually take place one month apart it will allow you time to make adjustments to your website before any subsequent sessions. Once we have your website working optimally then we will begin work on building your business.

Work Smarter Not Harder!

Remember the aim of our sessions is to help you work smarter not harder. I often see people bragging about the number of clients they see per week as an indicator of success. My response is running yourself into the ground seeing clients back to back all day is exhausting and mentally taxing. Do that for any sustained period of time and you will become ill and disillusioned. The real skill in building a sustainable business is working smarter. That means earning more money from seeing less people. Remember that face to face client work should only be part of your story. To really increase your revenue you will need to be thinking about building a business which also involves passive income streams.

Hypnotherapy Mentoring Session Packages

canstockphoto14114833Bronze Package – If you would like an analysis of your website then I offer a one hour Skype of Facetime session plus a written report detailing any changes that would need to made to your site. The written report will usually be sent to you within 3 working days of our session. The aim of the session and the report is to help you get found in the search engines, to increase your website traffic and to help you have a website which is tailored perfectly to your business niche.

canstockphoto12597661Silver Package – This is our six month mentoring plan aimed at turning your practice into a profitable business. Over the course of six sessions spaced one month apart we will be reviewing every aspect of your business. The aim of our sessions is to make your business profitable, streamlined, efficient and sustainable. This package will give you a great platform from which you can create a successful and thriving business.


Gold Package – Our yearly mentoring package contains all the elements from the Bronze and Silver Packages but will also enable us to work with you to develop additional profitable products and niches for your business. With longer term mentoring you can be confidant that you will have another person by your side helping your business to grow year on year.

As an added bonus you will be automatically be given a copy of my Hypnotherapy Marketing eBook with all of the packages above.