Therapy Marketing Strategies – It’s All About the Data!

therapy marketing strategiesWell firstly I hope that all of you are keeping well in the middle of the chaos that the pandemic has created. I know that for most of you the disruption to your businesses has probably been huge. People are currently trying to navigate a new normal at the moment and whilst they are figuring out what to do next there has been a period of quiet reflection.  This can be disheartening for many but the thing is with any kind of business you need to be resilient. There is no point in doing nothing instead you need to understand what is working and what isn’t. One way of coming up with new therapy marketing strategies is by looking at the data.

Now I know that many therapists tend to be led by feelings and intuition rather than numbers but I hate to break it to you this is not enough. You need to be crunching the numbers and looking at the data in order to figure out what is working and what isn’t. Your feelings aren’t going to tell you how your customers are finding you. Your feelings aren’t going to tell you what people are looking for but the numbers never lie!

Marketing Therapy Services

At the moment the biggest question you need to consider is whether your current marketing strategies are bringing you in the clients you need. If not then you need to start to look at what is going wrong. If you are seeing clients then the question is how can I do more of the same and get even more sales. So how are you going to do this? Well last week I introduced a number of people on a Facebook live to a Google service that I thought people knew about. Turns out just about every therapist watching had never heard of it so in case you are one of these people let’s start by talking about Google Trends.

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This is a relatively simple and easy tool that every therapist can look at to see what is sought after right now and what is tanking. So how do you use it? Well, all you need to do is head over to and choose the country that you are selling your services in. Then choose the time period for the data you want and put in a search term that you might be found for.

In this example, I have called up a graph of the search term Anxiety Therapy. If you look at the data you can see there was a huge drop in people searching for this term throughout March and early April but now searches are beginning to rise rapidly up again. This holds with my theory that people needed time to readjust to the shock of going into lockdown but are heading back out to find help as they get used to their new circumstances. Follow your keywords and you are going to find the best times to advertise your services.

therapy marketing strategies google trends

Now let’s look at another search query this time for confidence coaching. Here you can see that the graph has sunk almost as low as it is possible to go. Clearly, this is not a term that people are bothering with at this moment. If this is your niche you need to adapt your messages.

hypnotherapy marketing data

Play around with the tool and see what is helpful to you. The data is going to help you make more intelligent choices going forward.

Therapy Marketing and Google Analytics

Now let’s look at Google analytics. How many of you actually bother to look at your stats on a weekly basis? My guess is that most of you won’t even have bothered to set this up.

Google Analytics is the perfect way to start to come up with some therapy marketing strategies. Why? Because it mines all the data that is coming in from your website to tell you exactly what is popular and what isn’t. Find out how many people are coming to your website each day. How long they hang around for. Where they came from and what has the best referral rate. What are their demographics and so on?

Google Analytics is a goldmine for data and when you look at it carefully it will help you to adjust your marketing messages to do more of what people are looking for. It will also tell you what marketing channels may not be worth looking at or are simply not working well for you. This information can make or break your success rates at marketing if you know what to look at.

Google Webmaster Tools

Now let’s add Google webmaster tools (search console) into the mix. Another great tool for building therapy marketing strategies. This is particularly useful at seeing what Google has indexed you for in its search engine and how high you appear for certain searches in its rankings. So if you are an expert in IBS therapy you can check where each of your pages rank. If you appear at number 200 then you know you have a problem. If you are in the top 5 in your country then well done expect to get visitors to your site. This data allows you to make intelligent decisions for your business and enables you to look at areas you need to work on.

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This is such a simple tool but one that I use daily in my business. Basically, stick some code on your website and every visitor is logged. I know what country they were in, what pages they visited, how long they stuck around for and even what device they used. By looking at the information on Statcounter I can in most cases tell what someone is ringing me up for even before they have told me. How? Well if they have been staring at my work on my anxiety page for half an hour and I get a call you can almost guarantee it is that person looking for help You can also see who is returning to your pages again and again which can also be helpful.

Other Sources of Marketing Data

When you start to be more considered in your therapy marketing strategies rather than just doing things without thinking you will start to realise that data is everywhere and it doesn’t lie. Start having a look at some of the following:

  • Facebook Insights
  • Pinterest Analytics
  • Instagram Analytics
  • Twitter Stats
  • Home Built Spreadsheets (what are you monitoring?)
  • YouTube Stats
  • Email signups
  • Pay per click analysis

I could go on. Now, of course, you don’t need to look at everything at once otherwise you are going to spread yourself too thinly. Start with your website statistics and your most popular referral source. Concentrate on getting those right before heading to the next popular and so on. When you start to do this regularly you are going to find that your sales are going to rise.

The one thing you shouldn’t do is stick your head in the sand and hope that you can wing it. Intelligent therapy marketing strategies are based on fact, not fiction.

Therapy Marketing Tips

If you subscribe to my YouTube channel you are going to notice that I am putting out more video content. Some of which may never reach my blog. Make sure you follow me to get some of the very latest content. My latest video is on this very topic of data in a live call with one of my former students Steve Norton. You can watch it here:

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