Blogging for Therapists Online Course


Blogging for Therapists Online Course


As a therapist having a static website is not enough to generate a great income you also need to blog as well. Blogging is the number one tool that entrepreneurs use to widen their reach and spread the word about their products and services on the internet. Yet many therapists are unaware that having a great blog can make a huge difference to their income. Are you guilty of not updating your blog? Does your blog have the very latest client attraction strategies? Do you know how to use your blog to make money for you whilst you sleep? If not my blogging for therapists online course is designed to help show you exactly how you can use your blog to take your business to the next level.

 How to Write a Good Therapy Blog

In my online course, I’ll teach you to write a great therapy blog using step by step videos. By the end of the course you will have learned:

  • How to write about subjects that will make you money
  • How to conduct research to make sure the numbers add up
  • How to create a blog framework that works again and again
  • How to use keywords in your content
  • How to create passive income from your blog
  • How to dominate the local search engine results through blogging
  • How to spread the word about your blog so that you get even more customers and sales
  • What elements you must include in your blog to ensure it works hard for you
  • How to build relationships with potential customers who might not be ready to commit to a purchase

Blogging for Money

Remember as a therapist you are not just there to help your clients you also need to earn a decent income from your chosen profession. Yet so many therapists are scraping by because they don’t understand the basics of marketing. Therapy blogs can be a highly lucrative way to create additional income if you know-how. The facts and figures also show that any form of blogging can make a huge difference to your company profits and leads. This blogging for therapists online course is going to show you how to get additional profits from this amazing marketing tool.  Did you know?

  • An average company gets 55% more visitors to their website if they blog
  • Blogging leads to on average 67% more leads
  • Websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages
  • Blogs give you credibility and authority
  • 1/3 of marketers says blogs are the most important content they produce

Therapy Blogging for Beginners

This blogging for therapists online course s is suitable if you are just starting out in your practice or if you are looking for some additional tips and strategies you can use in your existing blogs. The course includes online videos where you can look over my shoulder as I show you techniques to boost your blogging presence. There is also an accompanying pdf and printable checklist that you can refer to again and again to make sure that your blog has all the elements of success.

*Course access for one year. Please see terms and conditions for details.