Hypnotherapy Client Intake Form Templates for Therapists


Hypnotherapy Client Intake Form – Instant Access To Templates



We love to make our therapy clients’ lives easier which is why we have created a set of therapist intake forms that you can use in your practice when you are conducting your initial assessments. Our hypnotherapy client intake form isn’t just suitable for hypnotherapists but also for counsellors, coaches and psychotherapists.

Our therapy intake form templates are already done for you which means that you can spend time focusing on your clients rather than spending your precious time designing forms.

Therapy Intake Form Templates To Use In Your Practice

A client intake form is a great tool to help you to find out more about your clients when they initially come to see you for therapy or coaching. They should help you to record the basic facts about your clients as well as allow you to note down problem areas that need to be addressed during therapy.

Our forms take things a little further because as well as having a general client intake form for counselling we also have additional forms that have been tailored for some of the most common problems seen in the therapy room. This allows you to ask more targeted questions to certain clients so that you have a better record of their issues.

What’s Included in Our Hypnosis Client Intake Forms Templates?

client intake forms for therapists



So what’s included in our hypnotherapy intake form templates? Well, our pack consists of 8  templates to help you note down information about your clients and their particular issues.

Form 1 – Information on Basic Data (address, phone numbers, D.OB, etc…)

Form 2 – Medical Records Information Sheet

Form 3 – A general intake form that flags problem areas (for example sleep, stressors, work, etc…)

Form 4 – A specific intake form that is tailored to clients with anxiety and stress

Form 5 – A specific intake form that is tailored to clients with confidence and self-esteem issues

Form 6 – A specific intake form that is tailored to clients with food issues

Form 7 – A specific intake form that is tailored to clients with sleep problems

Form 8 – A form to enable you to take client notes

Our forms can be printed out time and time again allowing you to use them in your practice forever making them cost-effective as well as a huge time saver.

Fully Editable Client Intake Form Template

The great thing about our hypnotherapy client intake form templates is that they are all fully editable in Canva.

Canva is a great free design tool for templates, presentations, social media posts and videos. When you purchase our product you will be given access to our therapy intake form templates and then you can customise them if you want to suit your particular practice.

You can change the colours, fonts, and wording, and even add your own practice name and logo. Alternatively, you can leave the templates exactly as they are and start using them straight away.

This is a simple done-for-you system that allows you to start using the templates in your practice immediately. Creating graphics and marketing products can take hours and hours of your precious time. With these off-the-shelf therapist intake forms, you can focus on your clients and general marketing which will give you a great return.

Psychotherapy Intake Forms are Essential For Your Practice

Using an intake form to take notes about your client is essential in your hypnotherapy,  counselling or coaching practice. They enable you to keep track of important details about your client and the issues that you need to pay attention to when you are working with them.

They are an essential onboarding tool for your practice and help you to get to know your client when they first come to see you for help. The information you place on that form helps with general administration as well as understanding the problems that you need to deal with in your therapy sessions.

Keeping records also helps you to keep track of your clients especially when you get busier. Without a record of each client, it becomes impossible to keep track of who you are seeing and why.

Download Your Therapist Intake Forms Today

To get access to your fully editable client intake forms just purchase your templates direct from our online store.

On payment, you will get access to a set of therapy intake form templates when you log in to Canva. You can either download your purchase in Canva and start using them immediately or alternatively you can edit them to suit your particular needs.

Please note that you will NOT receive a physical product or PDF. Instead, you will be given a link to Canva. Canva is a free tool however you may need to create a free account to use it. Canva allows you to download your product as a PDF for use at home. Our product can be personalised to your particular needs but cannot be sold as a template to other therapists or buyers.

Canva is the ideal tool as it allows you to personalise your product if you want at no cost. This gives you the flexibility to alter templates as your practice evolves and changes.