Turn Your Therapy Website Into a Client Magnet Online Course



Training to be a therapist is just the first hurdle that you have to overcome if you want to have a successful therapy practice. The next important step is being able to market yourself and attract paying clients into your business.In 2016 that means you need to make your Therapy website a client magnet.

The days of relying on word of mouth or directories to spread the word about your business is over. In order to attract therapy clients you need to have a great quality website that has been optimised for the search engines. The problem is that most therapists  are not marketers, web designers or business savvy and so they create websites that:

  • Act as a client repellent.
  • Never get found in the search engines.
  • Cater to their particular tastes rather than their customers.
  • Have thin content.
  • Are not dynamic.
  • Do not enable them to create a passive income.

This is a huge problem because those therapists suddenly find that they have no clients and no income!

Learn How to Create a Great Therapy Website

Our online course is designed to walk you through the essential elements you must have on your website in order to attract clients to your practice. With over two hours of video lessons we will be showing you tips and strategies that your competitors are using to steal your business.

Through the use of these video demonstrations and our accompanying pdf full of information you will be shown how to structure a high performing website so that in pulls in visitors who are happy to spend more on your goods and services. Each section of the course has its own unique video demonstrating every element that needs to be considered when you are creating a successful therapy website.

Discover the Hidden Website Formula Today

Almost all therapists are unaware that there is a very specific formula that needs to be used when you are creating a website. This course shows you the exact formula that you must follow when you are creating your website and content. Therapists who are unaware of how to format their content are immediately at a disadvantage to their competitors. Without this format formula you are unlikely to get found in the search engines or be able to optimise your website sufficiently. This means that you could be potentially losing thousands of dollars from day one!

Getting your website structure and content created correctly gives you excellent foundations on which to build your business empire. Your website is the key to earning a great income as a self employed entrepreneur. When your website performs well you can:

  • Continually attract new customers to your business.
  • On sell additional products or services to built a passive income.
  • Built repeat business from your previous happy customers.
  • Dominate the search engines in your particular niches.
  • Sign up to or create your own affiliate schemes to bring in even more revenue.

Are you Ready to Invest in Your Success?

As a therapist, you are probably well aware if your website is not performing to its best. The numbers will speak for themselves. If you are seeing just a few clients each week and are not earning the income that you deserve then you need to make an investment in your marketing knowledge so that you can elevate your therapy business from surviving to thriving. Simply purchase the course now from our online shop and start growing the business you deserve today! This online course is designed to help you:

  • Target customers for your services
  • Stop alienating buyers with your content and design
  • Choose the best platform for your website
  • Show you exactly what your home page must contain.
  • Understand the exact formula you need to use when writing content
  • To write content that will boost SEO
  • Learn what pages are key to getting your business found
  • Create a website that will allow you to grow a passive income

“Hi Martina, after carefully going through all the amazing content of your Hypnotherapy Magnet Client Program, all I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH for this AMAZING information that you´ve put together to help hypnotherapists like me who want to start building their business! It is FANTASTIC because we can go straight away to the point to create our website knowing EXACTLY what we need and the type of plugins to set up to attract our clients as fast and effective as possible! Additionally, you mention some ideas of online places where to find what we need and at a cheap investment as we are starting. I feel super confident and excited in this endeavour I am undertaking. I will not hesitate to learn further from your other courses as soon as I have my website running! ” Rebeca Perea Ibanez

*Course access for one year. Please see terms and conditions for details.