Build Your Hypnotherapy Practice on a Shoestring- The Best Things in Life Are Free!

Hypnotherapy Marketing ExpertWhilst in some areas you have to speculate to accumulate I believe that when it comes to Hypnotherapy Marketing some of the best ways of getting clients cost absolutely nothing. Now I know that this is of huge importance for many therapists especially those who are starting out because they simply don’t have the money to throw around on large marketing campaigns. I like my students to keep their hands in their pockets where possible as throwing money at something does not actually mean that you are going to get a return.

I know that many therapists simply believe that this isn’t true but some of my best financial returns have cost me very little. For example how many of you have spent hundreds if not over a thousand pounds/dollars on a website created by a developer? My guess is that most therapists believe they are not capable of getting something up on line so they pay someone to do it for them. Well the news is that in 2015 you don’t need any huge web development knowledge to get a website up and running. In fact with many of the online website creators you could get a very basic website up and ready online within an hour. Even better many of these websites will cost you less than a couple of cups of coffee. You simply need to buy a domain name and you are good to go.

Now I can hear many of you thinking that surely it must be difficult to get something up online but the reality is that with the internet anything is possible if you apply yourself. For example this website that you are looking at this blog on was created by me on the WordPress platform. This admittedly took me longer than an hour but I have built plenty of other websites on other platforms which consist of drag and drop templates. All you have to do is add the copy and suddenly you have a website that looks sleek and polished for peanuts. You can also change the elements in the website within minutes so if you want to add a new page or change wording on a page it can be done instantly. Those of you with developer websites know that getting someone else to do these things for you will cost you $$$$$!

Don’t know where to start even when you see a simple web design template? Simple, head on over to YouTube there are plenty of people online showing you exactly how to construct a website on just about every platform you can think of. Many of these are step by step guides which means that you can do a little at a time and build your confidence. When you build your own website on a platform such as WordPress it has other advantages. You are now in control of every aspect of the site and that means that if you want it to have additional features you can add them for no cost. Most WordPress plugins cost you nothing at all. It also means that you don’t have to turn to a developer every time you need to make a little change. Getting to grips with the basics is really important and can save you thousands over your career. If you want a little extra help then I offer advice on what elements a website needs to have in order to be a success.

Save Money on Your Hypnosis Marketing

Creating your own website is just the start of setting up your business on a shoestring budget. In fact you can get your business of the ground for virtually nothing. For example a great way to get clients is through networking. I have never spent a penny on conventional networking groups in fact most of my contacts I met online. I show people in my classes how Social Media can increase your business without you ever meeting the person who is referring people to you.

I save money on my hypnotherapy marketing by not leafleting, not paying for directories or listings on local websites. If a salesperson rings me on the phone they are ignored because I simply do not need their services. I don’t advertise on gym videos, on doctors cards, in local magazines or papers. In fact I am cheap and you can be as well. The only thing I do spend money on is improving my marketing skills whether that is online courses or books to improve my profits and revenue or on paid online advertising in only a few key areas. This is the complete opposite of what I used to do. When I started out I threw money at all kinds of possible advertising schemes and I can tell you that almost none of them worked.

So Why Pay for Me?

People may ask why then should I pay for your business advise if you are telling me that the best things are free? Well firstly my job is to save you money in the long term. My six monthly marketing and mentoring sessions cost the same as one extra client. I can guarantee you that if you follow my marketing and mentoring advice you will make that money back ten times over in those first six months providing you follow my advice.

Secondly I have years of knowledge in business development and I run a successful hypnotherapy company which has tried all these techniques and tips so that you don’t have to. Not only do I see private clients I also:

  • Sell online programs and audios
  • Work with large corporate clients to improve client well being
  • Offer training programs for therapists
  • Sell eBooks
  • Work regularly with the media including companies such as the BBC and the UK Press.

In just a few short years I have gone from nothing to a thriving business and you can as well. For more details about my Hypnotherapy Marketing and Mentoring programs or even my eBooks simply send me an email or give me a call and let me tell you how I can transform your business for the price of one client.