Build Your Hypnotherapy Practice with Continued Professional Development

hypnotherapy cpdAs you are all aware hypnotherapists who are a member of a reputable professional body sign up for Continued Professional Development. That means in a year you all allocate extra time and resources to to learn more about your craft and to keep up to day with the latest developments in the industry. You might attend workshops, webinars or even spend considerable time reading about ways in which you can assist your clients. This is good news for your clients because it means that you working on new ways in which you can help them rapidly with their problem. But did you know that you can also build your hypnotherapy practice with marketing CPD’s?

In the UK certainly and I am guessing throughout the world marketing courses aimed at hypnotherapy professionals count towards your CPD hours during the year. Most professional bodies are happy to make this part of your allowance because without clients you don’t have a business. In fact without clients to work with how on earth are you ever going to improve your techniques and methods? Yet most hypnotherapists who are starting out spend a vast amount of their CPD allowance on learning the latest techniques for anxiety or regression but forget that they need clients to work with.

The simple fact is that if you are seeing hardly any clients per week you need to stop the other CPD’s and build your hypnotherapy practice with hypnosis marketing courses and books. Yes it is lovely to grow your techniques in other areas but without clients it really is all totally pointless. I know that many people see marketing as a challenge or boring but the reality is without mastering this skills you are dooming your business to failure from the start.

When I run my live marketing courses I am always amazed at the number of people attending who have dabbled in hypnosis for years without actually really building up a client base. They work at it part time and and see the odd client here and there but have never been able to get their business off the ground. In order to really build your hypnotherapy practice there needs to be a change in mindset. Running a business takes dedication and sustained effort and that means no more hobby style hypnosis. It is not good for you or your clients.

We all know that seeing regular clients week in and week out allows you to improve on your skills and helps you get better results with your clients in the long run. Seeing the odd client here and there means that you are not gaining these techniques and that means you are doing your clients any favours. If you really want to see them get great results then you need to see more people.

Men Vs Women in Hypnosis

As I have also touched upon in a previous post there is a significant gender pay gap in the profession between men and women. Women are much more likely to treat their business as a part time job because they are being supported financially by their partners. When there is a safety net it is easy to not work to your full ability. Men however think of themselves as the main bread winner so they know that if they choose hypnosis as a profession they need to make it work otherwise the mortgage does not get paid. It is amazing how fear spurs people into action to get something done.

I do not like making sweeping generalisations and of course some women in the industry have built up amazing careers but a significant number have not and that is who I am aiming my comments at. Staying in your comfort zone will not build a business. Every day we deal with hypnotherapy clients who do exactly this and help them to make positive changes in their life. Yet so many women when it comes down to their own business are unable to make the leap into turning it into a full time job with a great salary. Yes that is the best thing about working as a hypnotherapist. You can choose your hours of work to suit you and earn a great wage as well when you work out how to market yourself well.

Hypnotherapy Marketing and Business Coaching

I left my previous career in Trading and Business Development because I wanted to run my own company my way and build a business from scratch. I achieved this in a really short time period and whilst I was recovering from some serious health problems. My passion is now helping others to understand how great marketing knowledge can propel your business into a money making machine. Although I primarily work with therapists I have also worked with small businesses in my local area to help them stand out from the crowd. The great thing about understanding marketing is that it can be applied to any kind of business that you can think about.

My marketing and mentoring sessions take place over either a six monthly period or a yearly mentoring program depending on what is most suitable for your business. When we begin work together I take time to understand both your business and personal goals so that we can work on a way of helping you achieve them. Each session is then broken down into small steps which will help you build the business that you deserve. Bit by bit you we will be building your hypnotherapy practice into a great profit making machine and best of all it will count towards your yearly CPD requirement. For more details about how we can work together simply use the contact me form of give me a call for more information.