Are you in Control of your Hypnotherapy Marketing?

Hypnotherapy marketingIf there is one lesson that I have learned from marketing my hypnotherapy businesses it is to stay in control. In other words to make sure that everything I have is owned, run or overseen by me. I don’t want other agencies, web developers or assistants in charge of anything I need to do. Why? Because when your business advances and your marketing becomes more complex it will cost you dearly if those other people have control over your company asset of information. Being in control of your hypnotherapy marketing is one of the most important things you can do to get ahead.

Hypnotherapy Websites

So lets go into detail on the areas that you may find yourself needing the help of others. One of the biggest areas where people need help is with their websites. You go to a web developer, get them to create a website for you and you probably don’t give it much thought until you need to make changes to it or you want to add a level of complexity to how you offer your products. This is where the problem starts. You find that for many changes you don’t have the capability to alter the website. That means you have to pay your web developer for every word or picture that you alter. Over time this begins to seriously add up. If you had developed a website where you had the ability to do this in the first place you could have saved yourself hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

Now lets say you have bought an off the shelf website from a company that created the template. You are able to change the pages and add content. Great you think until you decide you need an online shop or to add a plugin to make things work more efficiently. Every time you need these things done there is a further charge on top of your monthly payment for the site. Suddenly something that should take a few minutes to do costs you money that you don’t need to be spending. My advice is to find a website design that allows  you total control of your hypnotherapy marketing. That means that you only have to farm out the most difficult tasks to your web developer. It will save you a fortune in the long term.

Google Adwords

Oh my goodness how many times have I heard that a hypnotherapist has paid for someone else to look after their Adwords account. These people promise you riches and hundreds of leads and ask for a fixed payment per month to manage your campaigns for you. The trouble is that you pay over money each month and nothing much happens. You get the odd caller or bit of business but in reality your hypnotherapy marketing hasn’t really grown and you don’t know why.

Sorry but in order to maximise your revenues and customers you need to understand how the system works. Yes it is a pain but how are you going to know if people are working in your best interest when you have no idea how Adwords can be used to attract customers? It may take a little time but sit down and take the time to understand this advertising system so that you are not ripped off in the future. At least then if you decide to hire someone to manage your accounts you are able to tell whether they are an expert or a faker.


In order to get customers you need to get found. In order to get found your website needs get a good ranking in the main search engines. Many people choose to leave this task to web companies who really have not got a clue what they are doing. Each month you pay over a sum of money to a person who tells you that they will improve your ranking and you hand over the money and pay no attention to whether it is working or not. Meanwhile this company in the best case scenario adds a few links here and there but nothing to really increase your search engine ranking. In the worse case scenario they add a load of spammy links to sites which will delete them so you are getting no results whatsoever. Or in a disaster scenario the links are considered by Google to be worthless so they are penalised and your website tumbles down the rankings.

Understanding the fundamentals of SEO is hugely important to getting a great online business. Unless you have been in the therapy business for years or have a great referrals practice this is the number one area where you will be found. That means you really need to understand the customers you are targeting and how you are going to get them. Do not get ripped off by not understanding the fundamentals and only pass on work to people when you understand exactly what they are doing. How are you going to monitor their results without that knowledge?

Staying in control of your hypnosis marketing from the very moment you decide to open your business is the most important thing you can do for your company. Do not leave your precious information in the hands of others unless you know exactly what they are doing for you. Remember if somebody else owns your website it will cost you money for every little thing that you do. Start as you mean to go on and get something built that you are fully in control of. Don’t let others optimise for you or control your information as it is a huge asset to your business which you need to own. Ask yourself what would happen to your company if you had to rely on someone else to get customers and they suddenly disappeared, went bust or made your website tumble down the rankings. If the answer is that your business would suffer badly or fold then put everything in your name  and regain Control!!!