Boost Your Hypnosis Marketing by Learning from the Best

hypnosis marketingHow many times as a therapist have you actually gone online and started researching marketing methods for your business? How often do you sign up to some of the leading marketers emails and newsletters to get help with your business? From what I have seen this is something that very few therapists actually do. Given the opportunity most hypnotherapists would happily sign up to numerous CPD courses on hypnosis rather than spending time learning how marketing works. This attitude is killing your business. In order to boost your hypnosis marketing you need to be looking at what the best in marketing business are doing.

As I have said many times before without clients you are nothing. It means no revenue and no mortgage being paid. In order to get the clients you need to do hypnosis marketing. It is not a nice to have but an essential. Now as well as learning how to market from people such as myself there are plenty of people online who have taken their marketing to another level. They may work in completely different industries but the great thing with marketing is that the techniques used can be applied to all kinds of businesses and areas. Keep your eye on what the best marketers are doing and you can use their tried and tested methods to boost your business.

I know that to make sure I achieve my business goals I am always looking at what other people are doing. In-between seeing clients and running my online business I can spend a considerable amount of time browsing online and seeing what is new. I no longer bother to see what my local competitors are doing instead I look and see what the best people in the world are doing. These are the people who have taken their businesses to the next level.

So who are these movers and shakers?

Well the list is changing all the time but some great people to follow are:

Marie Forleo – This woman is amazing. She started off as a life coach and now she runs a multi- million dollar company. Sign up for her updates and news and you will get access to her great videos on all kinds of issues that you may experience with a business. Her website is glossy, her videos funny and informative and you can get much of this for free. What’s not to like?

Mari Smith – Want to learn more about how to make Facebook work for you? This woman has all kinds of information on the social media site. Analysis of updates as well as showing you how you can make money on this social media platform.

Neil Patel – Founder of and guru on all kinds of marketing. His blogs get hoards of visitors because they are useful and informative. He talks on everything from infographics to SEO.

Derek Halpern – Founder of Social Triggers and a individual who is particularly interested in the psychology of marketing. When I started to watch his videos he looked like a college graduate and an amateur but with great information. By showing people such as myself how to market he has made a fortune. His videos are now more polished and professional. Just shows you what money can do for you.

Matt Cutts – Never heard of him? Well you should as he is in charge of Google’s webmaster videos. If there is a big change coming on the Google search engine he will be the first person to tell you about it. Keep an eye on what he has to say as it could impact your web position.

Rand Fishkin – The founder of He is an expert in SEO, marketing methods and provides great information on building great businesses.

I could go on. Look around the internet and there are plenty of people who are willing to show you how to run a better business. You don’t have to purchase everything they publish but I have no doubt that in some cases it would be well worth your money to do so. None of these people talk about hypnosis marketing specifically but I can tell you that when it comes to selling everything is simple. You have a product or service and you need to persuade your customer to buy it. Get that right and you have the perfect business.