5 Essential Tools to Boost Your Hypnotherapy Advertising

Hypnotherapy Advertising ToolkitI think you will agree that finding great tools to boost your Hypnotherapy Advertising can save you time and money. In the old days it was relatively simple. Pay for an advert in the Yellow Pages and wait for the phone to ring. Now hypnosis marketing is becoming increasingly complex and if you don’t understand the game then you are doomed from the very beginning. Many of my marketing students are stunned at the complexity of modern day client attraction techniques. Left to their own devices most of them would have been out of business in half a year. That is why it is essential to have the business knowledge and tools to help you on the road to success. Here are just some tools that can help you to boost your current marketing efforts.

Google Keyword Planner – Previously called the Google Keyword Tool this has become an essential starting point in finding out keywords that are relevant to your business and niche. Whilst not always 100% accurate the planner can help you to identify words that you can use on your website or blogs to attract people interested in your services. Primarily the planner allows you to enter in a set of keywords into its search system and then it generates a large number of other keywords which may be useful to your business niche.

I know that this tool could be invaluable to most therapists if they bothered to use it. Why? Because it would stop them writing content that nobody wanted to see. There is no point making a great page on your website talking about your expertise in Hypnotherapy for Dementia if there are only ten or less Google searches in the country per month for that term. Logically it is highly unlikely that many of those searches will be near you so concentrate initially on the terms that your clients are looking for and write your content around that.

WordPress – There really is no need now to get expensive websites created in HTML coding when WordPress has become the main platform to create your online site. WordPress has made things simple for you and uses a system that makes it super easy for you to write content that matches what Google wants. It allows you to add pictures and video at the click of a button. Your content can be tagged correctly with a simple click. You can even see if your content meets SEO standards with the wonderful Yoast plugin.

With a simple traffic light system it shows you whether you content needs work with a red light or whether you are green to go. If you are given a signal that your content needs work all you have to do is page down and it tells you exactly what is wrong with what you have written. Oh and there are thousands of plugins you can add to your site to increase your marketing effectiveness. Do you want to regularly retweet content? Well there is a plugin for that. Want to add a a pop up screen to collect email addresses on your site? Yep there is another pop up for that. This is easily one of the best systems for helping you in your therapy practice marketing today.

Google Adwords – Adwords is a complex beast of a system but use it correctly and it is a client attraction machine. Yes it uses pay per click advertising as a means to get paying clients in through your door but that is no bad thing. Think of Adwords as your manager. You pay your manager a percentage of your income and they get you work. Yes of course it would be lovely to get clients without having to pay anything but lets look at the reality of the situation.

If you are an established hypnotherapist who has been in the business for years and has built referral networks, marketed to old clients and has a name for themselves then you probably don’t need to do anything to get work. If however you are new to this game you need to get found. Networking and referrals take time and you have to ask yourself can you afford to wait for months if not years to get to the point where you are earning enough to live on. So you think about creating a website instead and boosting it in the rankings until you high in the organic rankings. Again this takes time and a significant amount of effort. In addition with the new way that Google shows results it is likely that even with organic SEO you may appear relatively low on the first page. Google is not daft it now monopolises search to the point where you are going to find if difficult to earn a living without them.

Fiverr Hypnosis AdvertisingFiverr – This website started out as I will do anything for you for five dollars and now has morphed into the go to site to get things done cheaply. Want new leaflets created for your business? Well you can fiddle around trying to create something badly yourself, hire a local graphic designer or head on over to Fiverr to get this done for the price of a cup of coffee. You can get videos made, websites created,  content written and so much more. Of course not everything is quite as cheap as five dollars anymore. Usually the service providers on this site choose to offer their work in exchange for multiples of the five dollars but it will be still be at a great price. What better way to boost your hypnotherapy advertising cheaply.

Think about it a local graphic designer in the UK, Australia or The States charges in relation to their cost of living in that country. That means a small graphic can cost you a significant amount of money. The sellers on this site are situated all over the world which means they can significantly undercut local offerings. What may cost you £100 in the developed world can be only £4 overseas. Just make sure that you choose the person you are using from their reviews. If a seller has hundreds of positive reviews then you are likely to get great work. Think twice about choosing services from someone with little or no track record.

Google Webmaster Tools – Have you placed your website on this yet? If not you are missing tons of useful information that can help you with your hypnotherapy advertising. This free site allows you to see your website as Google does. Here are just some of the reports and data you can receive from the tools.

Information on the search queries for your website and the click through rate of the people arriving at your website. Clearly this is valuable information showing you how you have been found.

Links to your site – If you have lots of natural links which flow back to your site it boosts your search engine results. The reports here can show you who is linking to you and on what pages.

Keywords – Google provides you with a list of keywords it finds when it is crawling your site. Check to make sure that the words they are finding are the ones that you want to be found for.

Internal Links – Details of the links on your website which link to other pages. Google loves relevant internal linking as it improves your customer experience. Think Wikipedia.

Errors on your site – You may not know it but there may be broken links or problems with your website and Google lets you know where they are.

Understanding How to Use Tools in Your Hypnosis Marketing

These are only a few of the tools that it is possible to use in your hypnosis marketing efforts. However having the tools is not enough if you don’t know how to implement them. Hypnotherapy Advertising is becoming more and more sophisticated and that means you need to have the knowledge in order to stand a chance in beating your competition.

My marketing students found that when they tried to market without any knowledge of these techniques they got almost zero clients in through the door and no income. When they were given the tools to work with and were guided through the marketing maze they suddenly got high search engine positions and a steady stream of new customers. Don’t let a lack of business savvy hold you back from achieving your dream of a hypnosis career find a mentor to guide you through the maze.