Hypnotherapy Marketing – Work Smarter Not Harder

Hypnotherapy Marketing - Work SmarterWhen I start working with therapists to help them grow their businesses I usually ask them what they would like to achieve from our sessions and the answer is nearly always the same. They want to have more clients. Now believe it or not getting more clients isn’t actually the difficult bit when you know how. My hypnotherapy marketing is generally very successful and when I first started my business I used to see seven or eight clients a day but frankly working that hard every day isn’t fun. It is also not the best way to build a booming business and I will tell you why.

Lets say that you decide that you would like to work a typical five day week with clients. So you ramp up your hypnotherapy marketing and end up filling each of those days with six clients. Typically that could mean starting work at 9 or 10 in the morning and finishing in the evening at 6 or 7pm (if you left a gap between each client and allocated time for lunch). Do that 5 days a week and you are seeing 30 clients a week. Now whist initially that sounds lovely the reality is very different.

1) You are exhausted – Seeing such a large amount of clients is draining especially when you are doing it week after week. Eventually each client will seem like a chore and you will find that your energy levels are unable to keep up with the constant late working hours.

2) Where does your business go next? – If you follow the more clients is better thought you have very little room to grow your business further. Yes you could take less breaks or see more clients at the weekend but ultimately you will hit a ceiling and that is where your business stagnates.

3) What about Business Development? – When you are spending every waking moment dealing with clients how can you find and develop new income streams to grow your business? The short answer is that you can’t because you are too busy working on those one to one sessions.

4) What about your social life? – Many of your clients will want to see you in the evening which means that you get very little time to socialise when you are working such long hours.

Filling your time with so many clients frankly does not make sense. If you really do want to be  great at hypnotherapy marketing and business development you need to find another way. In fact less can be more. I now see less clients per week but earn more income. How? Because I am now focused on growing my business in other ways such as through training, passive income and group work. This is a win win situation for any business. Your clients will be happier because you are not exhausting yourself by seeing too many people in one day. Your profits will also increase because you can earn money when you are asleep or by seeing more people at the same time. Plus there is no longer a ceiling on your potential earning leaving your huge amounts of room to grow your business.

So next time someone promises to help your hypnotherapy marketing by suggesting that you see more clients per week think again. Remember the aim of the game is not to work harder but smarter! For help with your therapy marketing and business development contact me for details on my business coaching packages.