Hypnotherapy Marketing and Google Adwords

hypnotherapy google adwordsFor those of you who are unaware Google Adwords is the number one tool used by Google to make money. In fact in 2013 Google made over 50 Billion in advertising revenue mostly because of Adwords. So what does Adwords do? In simple terms when a person uses Google to search for a term they are presented with a long list of websites which link to the information that they want. Google will always try to make the search results relevant and as closely linked to the original question as possible. Depending on the popularity of a keyword the first four results on a laptop and first three results on a mobile device will be adverts. Following this you will see maps results if applicable and only then the organic search results. Understanding how to rank for Pay Per Click adverts as well as organic rankings can make a huge difference to your hypnotherapy marketing.

The top four Adwords results are the result of people paying in order to get found for certain keywords. So if a person in Luton types into the search box “find a hypnotherapist in Luton” the first four results shown as well as some bottom page results will show up hypnotherapists in the area who are paying to advertise their business. The remaining results below the top four will be people who have optimised their websites well enough so that they appear on that coveted front page on Google.

So what does that mean for your Hypnotherapy Marketing? Well number one if your website is not appearing on the front page at all you are in trouble. Most potential customers other than word of mouth referrals will be looking for therapists by using  a search engine. If you don’t appear on that front page those prospects will happily go elsewhere. So at the very least you need to have a sufficiently well optimised website so that it shows highly in those search results. If you want to take your Hypnotherapy Marketing that one step further then you may want to consider using Google Adwords to get further up the search engine rankings.

Google Adwords uses pay per click which means that every time somebody clicks on one of those ads you will be charged a fee. This means that potentially many people can click your advert and not ring or buy your products but it will still cost you money. On the plus side if your cost per click for the words or phrase that you are looking for is very small you can probably live with a number of non converted clicks as the costs will out weigh the revenue you get for selling your treatments or services.

I always recommend that if you don’t understand what you are doing with the system get some help to navigate the complexities of Adwords. This is why I have created a new online course to help you skyrocket your profits by using pay per click advertising in your area. This online course consists of over two hours of video recordings designed to help you start your own profitable localised campaigns allowing you to bring in significant additional revenue to your business.

Hypnotherapy Google Adwords
Hypnotherapy Google Adwords Online CourseGoogle Adwords can be a fantastic tool for hypnotherapists who want to get new customers fast but set up it up incorrectly it can cost you a small fortune. As an illustration of this I once worked in a small Health Centre in the UK who had supposedly paid an SEO professional to set up their Adwords account. In particular this centre advertised on the system for massage clients, acupuncture and osteopathy. It was only when I was talking to the business owner and checked their website that I found that the Adwords account was not well set up. In fact any person in the area who had been looking for a certain form of intimate massage of a sexual nature had ended up on their site. This had cost the business owner a small fortune in pay per click and of course had yielded no clients!

Remember if in doubt then get our online course which can guide you through the process of getting the system working perfectly for you. I know exactly what works for hypnotherapists and what does not so rather than learn by trial and error get it right first time as the cost of our course is significantly less than you could lose with an incorrectly set up campaign. If you need help understanding Google Adwords, organic search results or any other form of Hypnotherapy Marketing I also offer one to one marketing programs. Contact me for more information.

*This blog post has been updated in November 2016 to reflect changes in the Adwords system.