Want Me to Prove I am a Hypnotherapy Marketing Expert?

Hypnotherapy MarketingI know that am a hypnotherapy marketing expert but of course how on earth do you know whether I am as good as I say I am. You see I know that when I read websites with people trying to sell me things I tend to be sceptical. I sometimes read reviews but I know that even they can be doctored so in many cases I remain unconvinced and I don’t buy. What I really need is a demonstration that the person can really help me and that is something hard for them to do on a website or a video.

The great thing about my business is that I can offer your proof that my marketing works and today is a perfect example of how I got a great publicity boost for my business today and you can do the same for yours as well. Only a few days ago I was contacted by a journalist from the Daily Mirror. Now if you don’t live in the UK the Daily Mirror is an institution. It is the third most read newspaper in the country and has a daily readership of nearly one million. In fact once upon a time Piers Morgan used to be the editor of the paper. Anyway the journalist concerned had just finished an interview with an actress in the UK called Faye Ripley who has a terrible fear of insects. The interview which was to appear in the gossip section of the magazine was all about her phobia and the journalist wanted some comments from a hypnotherapist on how this phobia could be cured using hypnosis. As this was all at short notice I got a call on Tuesday to do the interview and two days later my name is in the paper.

To read the full article in the Daily Mirror click here.

Now the amazing thing about this great piece of publicity is that the journalist came to see me and not the other way round. Contrary to popular belief you don’t always need to be the person chasing journalists to get yourself in the paper with clever angles and marketing. In many cases most of my best publicity has come from a journalist reaching out to me. I have been approached to appear in magazines and newspapers, appeared on the radio and even consulted with the BBC and ITV. Now this is not a fluke. Journalists come back to me time and time again for one simple reason, they can find me easily in the search engines.

You see most journalists do not have a big list of go to people to contact when they are on a story. This is because for the most part these journalists will only need the help of someone like me once in a blue moon. Therefore if I aimed all my hypnotherapy marketing at a handful of journalists in many cases I wouldn’t get very far. Instead most of the journalists need a quote or an interview with a hypnotherapist very quickly and they go on to Google and contact the name that comes up first and in many cases that will be me.

Getting found in the search engines can be extremely important for your business not just because of getting into the media but because it also means that potential clients can find you as well. Admit it most of us including journalists are lazy. They want to do a quick search on hypnosis and find the person they need straight away. They haven’t got weeks to spend researching it instead they want an instant answer. If you aren’t one of the tops spots on the search engine they are using then forget it someone else will get the publicity or the sale. I just happen to be very good at getting found on search engines which means that I get a steady stream of new customers and media work coming my way.

The best thing about my hypnotherapy marketing is that I can teach anyone to get the same results. Providing that person is willing to put in the hard work and follow my advice journalists could be ringing you as well. With my marketing and mentoring packages I work with therapists like you to increase customers, build revenue and increase profits. Today I hope that I have demonstrated to you that my methods work, just read my article today or head down to your local newsagent and buy the paper.