Opportunity and Tragedy! Good Morning Britain.

Hypnotherapy marketingGet your hypnotherapy marketing right and you can find yourself presented with all kinds of opportunities. Today was one such occasion when I was given the opportunity to talk on Good Morning Britain. Sadly if you haven’t heard there has been a plane crash in The Alps where over 150 people are expected to have been killed. At the moment all the media organisations are looking for plane experts, commentators on flying and in my case hypnotherapists who can comment on resolving a fear of flying especially in light of this terrible tragedy.

Now you might have expected that these news organisations would have a huge pool of contacts that they would use as their go to people in times of a crisis. Well the reality is not what you think. In many cases they don’t have the right people at all and so when a news story breaks researchers start looking to find people who might fit the bill for the news coverage they need. So how do they do that? Well firstly they go on the internet and start ringing people. If you appear highly in the search engine results they call you and generally ask you to be ready to make comments within an hour or so. There is no preparation time you have to be ready to respond to a reporter’s questions immediately.

So how did they find me? Simple I market myself well. When they typed in the kind of person they wanted to speak to they found my name. This wasn’t by fluke or magic it was because I had deliberately placed myself in front of both the public and researchers eyes. You can do the same with a little help and understanding of how the internet works. This is how I have made TV pilots, appeared on radio, in The Sun and The Mirror and so on. Opportunities come my way because I have made them happen.

Today I had to turn this opportunity down because of prior commitments but I know that with my hypnotherapy marketing I will get many more.  Yes it may seem horrible to have to comment on a situation that is so terrible but if you do not others will and that kind of exposure can keep your phone ringing for months. If you want to learn how to get these kinds of opportunities they you can either purchase my eBook to get an understanding of social media and SEO or alternatively sign up to my marketing and mentoring sessions. My methods work and pay for themselves.

On a more reflective note my thoughts and prayers go out to the families who experienced this loss today. Whilst it is a tragic event it is important to remember that we help people get their fears and worries into perspective. The chances of a plane crashing are millions to one making it one of the safest ways to travel. What happened today is an accident that is unlikely to be repeated quickly however there will be many more nervous flyers not in light of this incident. Make sure you aim your hypnotherapy marketing at these clients and give them the help they need to get on their flights without fears and worry hanging over them.