Hypnotherapy Marketing – Attitude is Everything

Hypnotherapy MarketingSo you have qualified as a therapist and you are looking to set up your practice. What approach are you going to take when you market yourself and your business? Are you as serious about you new career as you need to be? The reality is that some people believe that once they have their website up and running and handed out a few leaflets their hypnotherapy marketing is done. Big mistake! Running a business takes hard work, sustained effort and in the case of therapy building your marketing knowledge to attract those new clients.

Now some of you will only ever want to work part time or use hypnosis as a hobby but there are others who want this to be their new career. A career that pays the bills and gives a sufficient income to lead a great lifestyle. In order to build a business like this you are going to need to be working hard. Not part time hard but long 10 hour plus days in order to do all the things that you need to be to make your business a success. If you were thinking about long mornings having coffee with friends and dabbling in a little bit of social media in the afternoon then you are in for a big shock. No entrepreneur ever build a great business by working part time.

To build your business you need to get serious. Every minute when you are not seeing clients should be spent on your hypnotherapy marketing and so that means having a plan of action. Just some of the simple things that you can do include:

1) Setting out your core business hours – Resolve to be at your desk every morning by 9am at the latest and not leave it until 7pm in the evening. Yes of course you can have short breaks but no day time TV or chatting on Facebook (unless it is related to your business). These are your core hours and you may even find that on some nights you are working later. Remember people like Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson didn’t build brilliant businesses by just working a few hours a day. When you have things up and running then you can take some more time out.

2) Get your website right – Yes you want referrals but when you are starting out the majority of your new clients are going to find you from your website. Get this right and you have a great way of attracting clients right from the start. Remember even if someone has built and designed your website for you it does not mean that they are experts in marketing. Get your website reviewed by a marketing professional as they can tell you what to do to get in more clients. Even better get them to help you with your website structure before you build the site.

3) Set yourself goals – As therapists we set goals for our clients all the time but we may forget to set them for ourselves. Write down one large goal and two or three smaller goals that are easily achievable. Every day work on ticking off those goals and when one is finished then add another. So small goals might be writing on social media every day or blogging regularly. Larger goals might involve learning to sell downloadable content or writing a training course. Regular goals with target times for completion can help to propel your business forward each month.

4) Keep on learning – Remember that the world of hypnotherapy marketing is changing all the time and that means that you need to keep on top of the latest innovations in the industry. Resolve to spend at least part of your week researching what is new in your field. Look at other therapists websites and see what ideas they are using to attract customers. Subscribe to marketing blogs or journals and read about what methods attract most customers. I know that for the past two years I have hardly read a normal book as most of my spare time is spent reading about what others do. You can also enrol in some courses to improve some of your skills. Check out your local enterprise centre or start an e course online.

Take your business seriously and you will reap rewards. Hypnotherapy marketing is an essential if you are to have a successful practice so resolve to spend time learning how to do it well. Get it right and you client numbers and profits will soar. Get it wrong and your business will never get off the ground.