Are you a Hypnotherapy Marketing Dinosaur?

hypnotherapy marketing don't be a dinosaurWhether you have been a therapist for years or are just starting out there is one thing you do not need to be and that is a hypnotherapy marketing dinosaur. In other words a person who is using old techniques and strategies to get clients in through the door that simply are not working anymore. What used to work ten years ago may not longer be applicable now. In fact with the pace that new technology and the internet is moving at now practices that used to work a year ago are already becoming obsolete. Time and time again I see therapists who are wasting money on marketing campaigns that will never work effectively and if this is you then you need to stop!

So where to start. Well there are plenty of old fashioned mediums that people are still using which are a waste of time. Many directories for example are well past their sell by dates. How many people now search for a hypnotherapist in one of the paper directories now? Most searches are now conducted online so if you don’t have a great profile on the internet then you are doomed from the start.

Or how about therapists who are still getting hundreds of flyers delivered door to door? There is only one place where these items go and that is straight into the bin. What about those of you who advertise in local newspapers. Are you really getting enough customers to pay for your ad that is stuck on page 20 where nobody looks? The reason many therapists are still using these mediums for their hypnotherapy marketing is because in many cases they really don’t know what else to try. They have not updated their marketing skills and because of that they keep on flogging a dead horse in the vain hope that they will still get the same benefits as many years ago.

Hypnotherapy Websites

Now lets think of your websites. How many of us create a website to advertise our businesses and then never do anything to keep it fresh and exciting? A static website which does nothing at all is useless in the eyes of many search engines. They want to see new content regularly  otherwise you will never head up the search engine rankings. An old website may also do nothing for your customers especially if it looks basic in comparison with the latest offerings that are in the market. Generally you should be looking at updating your current site once every couple of years to really keep up with the latest trends. Get a website review to tell you where to start.

Skype Hypnotherapy

How many of you are now offering Skype or online sessions to your customers? If you are not then why not? Yes I have heard all the comments about many therapists preferring one to one sessions with their clients and I understand that but what do your customers want? I can tell you that your customers who are under forty are much more willing to use online forms of communication with many preferring it. Do you really want to alienate a big percentage of potential customers?

New Skills

Now lets look at how many of you have learned hypnotherapy marketing skills in the past year. I know that as part of your CPD’s you will always be updating your hypnosis knowledge but what learning new ways to get customers in through your door. How many of you really know how to use social media effectively? What about building a simple website? Creating an email campaign? Selling apps? Writing Ebooks? Blogging effectively? I could go on and on. You should never stop learning new skills especially ones that are going to make you more money. I help many small businesses learn new ways of marketing and I can tell you the pay back can be huge.

Hypnotherapy Marketing Business Plans

If you have never mapped out a plan on how to improve your business then it is never too late to start. Take time and out work out exactly what you need to achieve. How many customers do you need or how much money to you have to earn to achieve a great standard of living? How far apart is your current reality from those numbers? Now what are you going to put in place to make this happen? Where is your one month, six months, yearly plan? If you have never done this before then I can help. I mentor small businesses and make the vision a reality. Your hypnotherapy marketing does not need to be a chore when you have someone who supports you by your side. Don’t be a dinosaur or stick your head in the sand while the world moves on without you. Get the business you deserve by making improvements to the way that you market today.