2016 Hypnosis Marketing Strategy & Merry Xmas

Hypnosis Marketing 2016If you are not in the world of the self employed it is highly likely that this is the time of year when you are winding down and getting ready for the Xmas holidays. Perhaps you are planning your christmas shopping or are intending to go to every party in town during this festive season. If you are a self employed hypnotherapist and are thinking of doing this then it is time to get a new job. Yes December tends to a time when client load tends to reduce but this means it is the perfect time to work on your 2016 hypnosis marketing strategy.

December in a therapists calendar is time to take stock of the previous year and to decide what worked well and what needs to be overhauled in the New Year. If you are planning to create products to sell in order to make passive income this is the perfect time to do it as you will be able to dedicate time to making a great course, audio, video or self help manual without the distraction of too many clients. If you don’t have the clients then this is the best time of year to create a new hypnotherapy marketing plan to attract those customers in through the door.

Hypnosis Gift Cards

How many of you are offering gift vouchers on your hypnotherapy sites? If not you are missing a trick. At Christmas sites such as Virgin experience or Red letter days sell all kinds of vouchers for everything from wine tasting to helicopter trips. At Xmas there are millions of people out there with money to spend on presents and wanting to pick something for their loved ones that is a little bit different. It could be a relaxation taster session, a stop smoking program or even weight loss sessions. Publicise your products well enough in the local area and online and you may get a great monetary boost just before Xmas.

Partner Up

Why not partner up with another local business in order to market your hypnotherapy clinic. Create a package that enables you to cross sell for something a little bit different. The possibilities are endless when you team up with other local businesses. If you know someone offering pregnancy massage package it with your hypnobirthing. If you offer weight loss find a nutritionist who can offer a personalised nutrition plan to offer to your clients. These packages will work for sales both before and after Christmas especially when they are linked with New Years resolutions.

Marketing Your Hypnotherapy Business in January

There is no point in thinking about marketing your hypnosis services in January because by then you will have missed the boat. People start taking stock of their life almost as soon as Xmas is over. By the time they hit the office on the first day back after the holiday people who are dissatisfied with what they achieved in 2015 will be hitting Google to see what they can do to improve themselves the following year. Make sure that you are the business that is giving them what they are looking for rather than thinking about adding something to your website later on in the month.

What is your 2016 Hypnosis Marketing Strategy New Year Resolution?

To get more clients? To earn more money? To give up your day job and start your hypnotherapy practice? Just as your clients need guidance and help to make positive change so do therapists. I was saddened to hear during the week of a hypnotherapist who announced that they were quitting the business because they had only managed to get two paying clients through their door in 8 months. They believed that they had done everything possible to get those paying customers but the reality was very different. When I looked for their website it appeared nowhere in the Google rankings. Without a web prescence in 2015 a hypnosis business is doomed from the start.

It is interesting when I hear therapists say that they have tried everything to get clients in through the door but can’t get the business. What they are really saying is I have tried everything I know which is very different to doing everything that is possible. A good Hypnotherapy Marketing Coach can show you where you are going wrong and help you start to build the business you deserve providing you are willing to put in the work as well. Don’t let your business fold in 2016 without getting expert help.I wish you all a Merry Xmas and I will be back in the New Year with more ways to plan your 2016 Hypnosis Marketing Strategy.