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2016 Hypnosis Marketing Strategy & Merry Xmas

Hypnosis Marketing 2016If you are not in the world of the self employed it is highly likely that this is the time of year when you are winding down and getting ready for the Xmas holidays. Perhaps you are planning your christmas shopping or are intending to go to every party in town during this festive season. If you are a self employed hypnotherapist and are thinking of doing this then it is time to get a new job. Yes December tends to a time when client load tends to reduce but this means it is the perfect time to work on your 2016 hypnosis marketing strategy.

December in a therapists calendar is time to take stock of the previous year and to decide what worked well and what needs to be overhauled in the New Year. If you are planning to create products to sell in order to make passive income this is the perfect time to do it as you will be able to dedicate time to making a great course, audio, video or self help manual without the distraction of too many clients. If you don’t have the clients then this is the best time of year to create a new hypnotherapy marketing plan to attract those customers in through the door.

Hypnosis Gift Cards

How many of you are offering gift vouchers on your hypnotherapy sites? If not you are missing a trick. At Christmas sites such as Virgin experience or Red letter days sell all kinds of vouchers for everything from wine tasting to helicopter trips. At Xmas there are millions of people out there with money to spend on presents and wanting to pick something for their loved ones that is a little bit different. It could be a relaxation taster session, a stop smoking program or even weight loss sessions. Publicise your products well enough in the local area and online and you may get a great monetary boost just before Xmas.

Partner Up

Why not partner up with another local business in order to market your hypnotherapy clinic. Create a package that enables you to cross sell for something a little bit different. The possibilities are endless when you team up with other local businesses. If you know someone offering pregnancy massage package it with your hypnobirthing. If you offer weight loss find a nutritionist who can offer a personalised nutrition plan to offer to your clients. These packages will work for sales both before and after Christmas especially when they are linked with New Years resolutions.

Marketing Your Hypnotherapy Business in January

There is no point in thinking about marketing your hypnosis services in January because by then you will have missed the boat. People start taking stock of their life almost as soon as Xmas is over. By the time they hit the office on the first day back after the holiday people who are dissatisfied with what they achieved in 2015 will be hitting Google to see what they can do to improve themselves the following year. Make sure that you are the business that is giving them what they are looking for rather than thinking about adding something to your website later on in the month.

What is your 2016 Hypnosis Marketing Strategy New Year Resolution?

To get more clients? To earn more money? To give up your day job and start your hypnotherapy practice? Just as your clients need guidance and help to make positive change so do therapists. I was saddened to hear during the week of a hypnotherapist who announced that they were quitting the business because they had only managed to get two paying clients through their door in 8 months. They believed that they had done everything possible to get those paying customers but the reality was very different. When I looked for their website it appeared nowhere in the Google rankings. Without a web prescence in 2015 a hypnosis business is doomed from the start.

It is interesting when I hear therapists say that they have tried everything to get clients in through the door but can’t get the business. What they are really saying is I have tried everything I know which is very different to doing everything that is possible. A good Hypnotherapy Marketing Coach can show you where you are going wrong and help you start to build the business you deserve providing you are willing to put in the work as well. Don’t let your business fold in 2016 without getting expert help.I wish you all a Merry Xmas and I will be back in the New Year with more ways to plan your 2016 Hypnosis Marketing Strategy.



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Building a Hypnotherapy Business by Having a Plan

Hypnotherapy business planIn the last month I have spent a considerable amount of time creating a hypnotherapy marketing plan that will help my business be ready for January 2016. In other words I have created a systematic and detailed way of getting my business to rank in my local area as well as creating plans for future products to increase my passive income earning potential. Trying to do well at marketing a hypnosis business without having a plan is pointless as the world of website creation, content generation, social media interaction and SEO requires detailed thought and regular input to get real results. Here are just some of the things that you will need to consider if you are to create a successful business.

A website as I have discussed before is a must have for any therapy business starting up now and in order for it to succeed it must be set up correctly. Getting the elements of your website right is key to getting the customers you deserve. What I have noticed is that just about all of my competitors in my local market are failing in this area. These are just some of the big errors that I am seeing when I look at my competitors.

Spelling Mistakes – Nobody is going to trust a hypnotherapist who hasn’t taken the time to proof read their website. I can forgive the odd mistake but a competitor in my local area has huge ones in the headings of his web pages. This is a turn off for many people who arrive at your site.

Keywords – Frankly many of the local hypnotherapists around me haven’t even thought about using them in their copy which is unbelievable. Google and the algorithm it uses needs to see keywords when it crawls your website otherwise it doesn’t have a clue where to bring up your business in its listings. So if you are a hypnotherapist in London you need to write that somewhere on your website. If you have no address in London, no mention of London in your copy or the fact that you are a hypnotherapist then how the hell do you expect to get found?

Minimal Pages – I have said it before and I will say it again. Hypnotherapists in general are lazy when it comes to doing anything marketing related. They can barely be bothered to write four or five pages of copy on their site. Most of my local competitors have a website that has too few pages. Yes it takes effort to write a website and lots of time to do it well but get it right and it can reap rewards. As I mentioned before with keywords these need to be all over your site leading customers directly to you. If you don’t mention that you do confidence coaching or work with depression then you will not get found when a client places a query in a search engine.

Minimal Content – Even those therapists who have placed in a number of web pages tend to write thin content. In other words they can barely summon up the energy to place a picture on the page and a short paragraph. Content is king currently. Write thin content and your website will be penalised and you are wasting your time thinking it will attract business.

Pricing – Oh I could weep for the local therapists and their business pricing. Some of the locals around me are charging as little as £40 a session! I am already the most expensive in the area by miles and guess what clients are still coming to see me. Undervalue your skills and charge too little and you will never earn a great living. From a business perspective I sell a gastric band audio download program for £39.99 on my website which is a form of passive income. I have recorded it once and now I can sell it again and again with little effort at all. Why would I want to see a client for £40 when I can earn that from a passive income product that requires me to do very little? Clearly my local competitors are not thinking like a business.

Hypnotherapy Business Plan

Now of course it is impossible to do everything at once but having a business plan which lays out your markting strategy is vital for the health of your business. I know that I have a great one for mine and it is working. Bit by bit my websites are moving higher up the search engine rankings and getting me not just on the front page of Google but in the number one slot.

As an example in my nearest local town I am number five on Google. So in just over six weeks I have gone from nowhere to beating websites that have been up and running for years. This town has a population of 25,000. I expect to have the number one or two slot by the new year. I am now repeating this formula in all the surrounding towns which means that I should have a population reach of well over a million potential customers.

I am also systematically creating great web pages and content for each of my key niches and building backlinks. This means you will find me on the front page for all kinds of issues related to hypnosis such as fear of flying, weight loss, depression and so on. By January I should have hundreds if not thousands of pages of content out there for people to find me. With the right guidance and work ethic you can do the same and not just earn a great living but dominate the area that you choose to work in. For more details about my hypnotherapy marketing mentoring send me an email via my contact me page.

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New Beginnings and More Exposure in The National Press

Balance Hypnosis Daily MailIf you are wondering why you haven’t had any emails for the past six weeks it is because I have moved house. That has of course created upheaval, mess, tradesman and a never ending list of things to do to get the new house into some sort of liveable condition. Whilst this has been going on of course it also means that I have moved my business as well. This is a bigger issue because the area where I have moved to has no clue about my skills, I have no referrals to boost my income and I have no search engine rankings locally. That means I am having to start all over again putting my in a similar position to a new Hypnotherapist. So the next series of blog posts are going to be about I begin to dominate the local area and rebuild a thriving practice. You can also read my previous blog post on what makes a hypnotherapy business portable.

Balance Hypnosis in The Daily Mail

But before I begin I had one piece of great news this week. A contribution I made to an article on Nail Biting Hypnosis was finally published in The Daily Mail this week. When I say finally I should point out that I actually gave the interview to this journalist nearly two years ago. I would have missed the story completely (most journalists don’t bother to contact you to say when you will appear in the press) if it had not popped up on my husbands news feed on LinkedIn. It is worth noting that just because you are interviewed by a journalist it does not mean that you will instantly get a story in the press and it almost certainly can be parked for a long time before publication.

Now I should point out that having a mention in the National press does not necessarily lead to a stream of nail biting clients ringing for help. If you want that kind of exposure then the story would really need to involve an issue such as weight loss or your face over a major news story.on television. What this story does do is make me more credible for my hypnotherapy marketing. I can now happily add the words as seen in The Daily Mail on my website as well as adding their logo to my front website page and in the media section of the site. That means when people come across my site and have to choose between a therapist with a low grade website and myself they are more likely to pick the hypnotherapist who has appeared in many of the national newspapers and demonstrates expertise.

Hypnotherapy Marketing in a New Area

Anyway back to the real issue which is how to get clients when you are just starting your business or have moved to a new area. Well I always start in one place and that is getting a website up and running. Now because of the house move I actually did something that I don’t do very often and that was hand the setting up of the website to a SEO and website building expert. Big mistake! Why? Because despite this person having all the credentials and knowledge to create a fantastic site to dominate my local area they have not as yet delivered. This is despite the brief having been given to the company concerned back in June! Luckily I have set up a considerable number of my own websites before and at the last minute I have had to create a website myself to get some exposure. This means that I am at least three months behind in my marketing plans which is far from ideal.

I have written previous posts on not putting all your eggs in one basket as well as staying in control of anything you own or produce and I still stand by that. If it were not for my web knowledge I would be feeling stranded right now. This is why I still suggest that any Hypnotherapist who is starting out takes the time to learn how to get a website up and running. No it does not have to be an all singing all dancing website but it does have to do the basics which is tell people where you are and what you do. Having these marketing skills will be a great back up to you if you should ever need them.

Getting Your Hypnotherapy Website Right

Being found in the local search engines is the one major thing that you need to work on when you start up in an area for business. There is no point writing a fantastic website if it makes no use of keywords and nobody knows where to find you. At the moment this is my number one task and I am afraid it takes time. Your content needs to be original, you need plenty of it and then you need to structure your website in such a way that Google wants to place you on its front page (ideally in the top three organic rankings). This takes a methodical approach, knowledge and the ability to write quickly. Currently three weeks after getting my website up and running I have front page rankings for 17 locations in my area and one number one spot. For more competitive locations I am generally appearing on page two of Google despite the fact that my actual location is not in that area. The next month will be spent boosting those rankings to the front page. Note I do not market in one small area and make sure that the radius I cover is at least 30 miles wide.

Do not forget location specific keywords are not the be all and end all of getting business. So if you are a Hypnotherapist in London and trying to rank for the front page of Google you are going to need a couple of years at the very least to get to that spot. That means you need to target long tail keywords instead. That means phrases of three or more words which will help you get found. If you were not aware nearly 50% of searches placed into the Google search engine are brand new and have never been searched for before. Such as “hypnotherapy in London to help migraines” , hypnosis to stop my IBS flare ups” and so on. Concentrate on targeting the long tail and business will eventually start coming your way. I know that apart form my keyword phrases for locations I have 21 top five rankings already for my weight loss keywords in those areas. In some places in fact I dominate the front page. Over the coming months I will use the same tactics to corner other niches that I specialise in.

I expect that my big push into my new location will now happen in the New Year as business for most Hypnotherapists starts to wane in December which is not that far away. I will be also be on holiday that month but I will look forward to sharing with you some of the other tactics I am using to build my face to face hypnotherapy business over the coming blog posts. Remember if you need help structuring website content so that it converts or want help with your hypnotherapy marketing I offer coaching and mentoring programs. The proof of my abilities as you can see is written in black and white in the National Press this week (or colour if you go on to The Daily Mail website).



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Using Periscope and Meerket to Promote Your Hypnotherapy Business

Hypnotherapy Marketing periscopeEver heard of these apps? My guess is that the vast majority of hypnotherapists haven’t a clue what I am talking about. You see the world of social media is changing all the time and the latest methods of communicating with your followers is by live streaming video from your phone. Both Periscope and Meerkat allow you to do this and both are linked to your Twitter account. In fact Twitter owns Periscope. This allows users to comment on your live streams and see how many people are actually watching and viewing your content. If people like what they are seeing then they like it on Meerkat or signal their approval with a heart on Periscope.

So what do these two apps mean for you. Well firstly if we look at their usefulness outside of promoting you Hypnotherapy Business. Lets say that you are on holiday and you are about to take the cable car up Table Mountain in South Africa. How amazing would it be to livestream the views and your comments on your phone. You could arrange for your friends and family to be alerted of  the broadcast and show them exactly what you are experiencing at that moment. Or perhaps you are out and about and you come across an amazing sight. Same thing start a broadcast and transmit what you are seeing to your followers. If they like what they see the comments will start to flow in. Just remember that on Periscope what you broadcast is deleted within 24 hours.

Using Live Streaming to Promote Your Hypnotherapy Practice

As this blog is all about marketing them of course I am going to talk about how you can use this great tool to promote your business.

1) Using it for Q&A sessions – I know that you will find that many of your customers ask the same questions again and again before they book. Am I asleep under hypnosis? Will I remember what I say? What about creating a broadcast for people thinking about booking with you where you can answer their questions live. Instead of repeating the same questions again and again you can transmit to many people and save time.

2) Group Work – There are a huge number of possibilities of working with clients online and this system has now added another dimension. Imagine offering cheap hypnosis for stop smoking sessions to your customers. Instead of meeting you the hypnosis session is carried out as a live broadcast to those who have signed up and paid you money. No of course it wouldn’t be the same as seeing you one to one but your price could reflect that. Just make sure that you take the same precautions that you would use for Skype sessions. Vet your potential clients carefully and make sure there are no reasons why they should not be using hypnosis.

3) Demonstrations – Many people are afraid of hypnosis and worry about what could happen to them when they see a hypnotherapist. Create a live broadcast of you working with a subject so people can tune in and see the power of hypnosis in action.

4) Announcements – Just got featured in a magazine. Create a broadcast about it. Or what about that new audio that you are selling? Tell your followers so that they are informed about what you are doing and your product offerings.

5) Follow your Potential Customers – Find out who is on the app in your local area and start to follow them and comment on their videos. Remember social media flows in two directions. If they need a hypnotherapist in the future you are the person who will immediately spring to mind.

6) Interact with Fellow Therapists – How about using the apps so that you can hold live supervision sessions? Or stuck with how to handle a particular client. Head on over to the apps and call for help from your fellow professionals for instant feedback.

As both of these apps have been going for less than six months this form of communication is in its infancy. Lets see if they stick around but for the short term experiment and see where this great new form of communication can take you.




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Marketing for Therapists – The 80/20 Rule

Never heard of the 80/20 rule? Well it is a simple observation that can change the way in which you run your therapy business. This rule otherwise know as the Pareto principle was first thought of by Joseph Juran and named after the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto who noted that 80% of income in Italy was received by 20% of the Italian population. In other words most of the results for any situation are determined by a small number of causes. The same principle will apply to your work and practice and when you understand the areas this impacts you can dramatically alter them in your favour.

80/20 Therapy Marketing

Lets look at some of the areas where this rule can be used.

80% of your income for example is likely to come from 20% of your clients. Why? Well some of your clients come for one off sessions whilst others may see you for many more. Clearly having clients who stick around longer creates a stable income and additional return on your investment for advertising and marketing. Now of course that does not mean stringing out clients therapy for longer than you should. It simply means recognise the value to your therapy business of those clients and seek to find more of the same.

20% of your blog articles will be read more than the other 80%. This can be due to a combination of factors. Perhaps you got a great mix of keywords which helped you get found in the search engines. Or maybe your blog hit a nerve or coincided with the hot topic of the year leading to lots of social shares. Once you identify the subjects that people want to read you can go and create more of the same. Marketing for therapists is simple when you know how.

20% of your business time is probably doing something that you don’t really love to do. Tinkering with ad campaigns, filling out spreadsheets on your finances and creating invoices, graphic design and so on. In this case you need to start to find people who can take over the things you dislike so that you can focus on the good stuff. Yes it could cost you money but the world is global now. It is possible to get virtual assistants in India or graphic designers in Thailand for a fraction of the price that you would pay in the UK.

Your task for your business is understanding the ratios at work in your business so that you can maximise your performance and income. Find the areas that generate the most income for you and drop the remainder which only produce minimal revenue. If you have great skills in certain areas then focus your time working on those and then hire others to work on the areas where you need more help. If you have certain clients that make you feel sapped of energy and depressed then refer them on to other therapists who would love to work with them and focus on the clients who make you feel happy and rewarded.

How This Marketing Tip Impacted the Way I Work

When I discovered the 80/20 rule it transformed my hypnotherapy marketing. Just some of the ways I have embraced the rule are:

Now I work only three days a week with clients and focus my other time on building up other aspects of my business such as passive income. Yes it is entirely possible to work five or six days a week with clients seeing 7 to 8 clients a day but it was making me burnt out. Working with so many clients left me feeling tired and lacking energy and that does not make for great therapy sessions. Taking a step back has allowed me to really focus on the clients that I have whilst actually helping me to make more money. You see if you work all the time you never get time to develop areas of passive income which allows you to earn money whilst you are asleep. Now I actually make more money by working with less clients.

As I have probably mentioned before I am in the process of moving house to a new area and that means moving my business with me. Now I could spend hours building websites, doing SEO and generally optimising my business for this new area but I simply haven’t got the time. I have however hired someone who is doing all that work for me. It means that I now have the time to focus on the house move and everything will be ready for me when I move house.

When I first started working at this business I would spend hours trying to work out how to do certain tasks. Trying to design graphics, record audios online, design newsletter templates and so on. The result was often that I would be tearing my hair out as the hours ticked away and I made little progress. Not anymore! I recognise my weaknesses and hire others to do it for me. I have had graphics done for the price of a cup of coffee. People creating websites for me for less than £50 and the best thing of all is that they looked great. I would have probably laboured for hours to get something half as good and here was everything I wanted presented to me in no time at all.

Most of my business now comes from clients who will see me for programs of sessions rather than one of visits. This means that I have culled many areas which I felt were not great for my revenue. Think about the time, effort and money it takes to attract a client into your business. When you add up the numbers it is significant. So seeing that client for just one session means that you are hardly making a profit at all. Yes you can write blog posts about nail biting and spend money advertising that service but it is not going to make you rich. I now focus on the customers who need the time and support to see me for multiple sessions.

Make the 80/20 rule work for your therapy marketing and business and you will see your yearly income rise significantly. You can even apply it to your day to day life as well to make a difference. Remember follow your passions, play to your strengths and you will have a great life and a booming business.



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Who is The Target Market For Your Therapy Business?

Therapy MarketingHave you ever stopped and taken the time to consider your therapy marketing and who exactly it is supposed to be targeting? My guess it that the majority of therapists have never given it a second thought. Why? Because they construct a generic website that is all things to all people but don’t take the time to really focus in on what their customers really need and want. Here’s a typical example:

Sharon has just completed her therapy training and decides she wants to set up a practice in Townsville. She works with a local web designer and tells them that she would like a website similar to the ones that she has seen her competitors use. She tells that designer that she is looking to get business in Townsville and asks them to construct website pages detailing all the different forms of therapy she does. Sharon knows that she loves working with people suffering from pet bereavement so makes that a feature on her front page. The rest of the website pages have a brief overview of her services and there is a contact page for potential customers to send her an email. Sharon gets the website placed live online and waits for the phone to ring.

Sound familiar? I would say the vast majority of therapists do something very similar to Sharon and never really think about who their customers are and what they want. Instead they construct a website that they have seen a thousand times before or alternatively they choose to focus on a treatment  that really interests them without ever giving a thought to whether their customers actually want or need it. To really target your therapy marketing it is necessary to put in much more thought into who your customer really is.

Defining your Therapy Business Market

1) Location – One of the biggest mistakes I see therapists making is defining a market location that is too small. In Sharon’s case her marketing revolved around Townsville but that really does not make much sense especially if that area does not have a significant population. The reality is that you need to be targeting the towns and villages around your home location as well. This could also mean the county or the region where you are based. I regularly get clients coming to see me from many miles away so it does not make sense to focus on a small area.

2) Age – How old are the clients who are coming to see you? Are your treatments aimed at children, young professionals,the middle aged or even the elderly? Try and work out who is coming to see you and then create a website and marketing plan that appeals to that niche.

3) Gender – Can you define your market even further and differentiate by gender? If you specialise in fertility therapy or Hypnobirthing then creating a website that also appeals to men is slightly pointless as it is the women who are making the buying decisions in these cases.

4) Income – There is no point in offering £200 per hour treatments or an expensive package of treatments if you know that your local area is filled with low income earners. That said if you are in the middle of Central London or New York then yes you can sell top dollar all singing all dancing therapies at premium prices.

5) Interests – You may have a huge interest in pet bereavement therapy like Sharon but is it the most suitable therapy to highlight on your website front page? This issue by the way is not made up. I worked with a Counsellor who was getting hardly any clients and was scratching a living. She had put this treatment as the highlight on her website. It was obvious that not only did nobody care about this treatment but that it was probably putting them off contacting her for other issues. Think about the real problems that people really want to see you about such as couples counselling or anxiety reduction and concentrate on those. If you do offer other treatments that are more “out” there stick them on your inside pages.

6) Best Sellers – I have mentioned before that in order to be a great therapy marketer you need to “Smell What Sells”. Have a look at your competition and the people who are typically coming to see you and you will find that some of your treatments will be ten times more popular than others. These need to form the core of what you offer as that is what is going to make you a living. Creating a niche is great but not when it is so obscure that nobody is paying to come and see you for it.

7) Where are They? – Once you have a better idea of where your target market is based you can start to market to that location. So if you are selling Hypnobirthing you need to target local midwives and doctors surgeries, playgroups and coffee shops. Get together with local Yoga and Pilates teachers to sell your services and so on. There is no point just sticking an advert in the local paper as it isn’t targeted marketing. You need to focus in as closely as you can to your niche and sell them more services.

8) What do You love? – Even though I don’t advocate choosing obscure treatments to focus on there is no harm in choosing to focus on the other areas that you love to work in. If you get a kick out of helping people to stop smoking then really focus in on making that part of your core business. If you hate working in other areas then leave them off your websites. I know that I don’t get excited about working with children so where possible I try and avoid  that kind of work. Others however will love the little ones. Horses for courses as they say.

9) Vocabulary – I saw a great website today from a Life Coach called “”. The title of the website and the content stood out but remember that this kind of website has its limitations. It has been clearly designed to appeal to women and I would say an age demographic of 30 to 50. Having a website using similar language whilst offering treatment for older customers will simply not appeal in the same way. Choose the tone of your words and phrasing carefully to suit the customers you are trying to appeal to.

10) Keywords – Finally make sure that you use keywords in your copy that will help you get found. In other words think about what your customers would type into the search engines and then use those phrases in your website content. There is no point in wasting words talking about non related content as nobody will find you!

Defining an audience for your therapy marketing and targeting those customers can be easier than you think but it does take a little effort. Get it right and you will reap the rewards but get it wrong and you will be lucky to see a customer coming your way. If you need help with your therapy marketing strategy then getting a professional involved is a great way of making a difference to your bottom line. It can make the difference between success at your new chosen career or failure and heading back to your old day job!



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10 Ways to Increase Your Hypnotherapy Business Revenue

hypnotherapy businessBelieve it or not it can be very easy to make a difference to your hypnotherapy business revenue with some simple tweaks to the way in which you work. Here are just ten ideas which can help you to improve your earnings that are actionable today.

1) Raise Your Prices – Such a simple thing to do but so many therapists seem to lack confidence in their abilities and what their local market can sustain. In the recession when I started my business I actually raised my prices each year and I found that the demand for my services actually increased. Having cheap session prices sends out a signal to your potential clients that you offer low quality services. Oh and if you live in an affluent area you most certainly should have high prices and never discount. Unbelievably I see many therapists offering bargain basement prices to people in areas with multi million pound houses! If you are one of them stop subsidising your clients Planet Organic habit and raise those hourly rates now.

2) Upsell – Not sure what that means?It means offering a product or service to your client which is more than they originally intended to purchase. So if a client rings you and wants help with sugar addiction and you find that they actually also suffer from anxiety then you can up-sell your services to deal with that problem as well. This will benefit the client as their sugar problem may be fueled by the anxiety. Now instead of seeing your client for one or two sessions you may be seeing them for four to six. Remember this always has to be done ethically so you are not selling your customers services they don’t need.

3) Cross-Sell – If you have other services that you can sell then those can also be offered to your client. For therapists perfect examples of this may be offering your customers audios or apps to assist them in times when they are not in your sessions. Perhaps you have an eBook which has lots of useful tips for a client which they can buy. This advice can be applied to just about any therapist. I know that I recently visited my local Osteopath and I noticed that he sold no products at all in his clinic. Madness! So all his customers who visited him who were told to buy ice packs or surgical tape were heading to the local chemists instead of purchasing these things directly from him. I would have loved the convenience of getting the things I needed then and there especially when I was in pain. The last thing I wanted to do was make another trip somewhere else. Since I pointed out the error of his ways he has gone to a wholesaler and is now starting to sell some of these products. My guess is that he will increase his revenue by 20 to 30% by this simple action.

4) Bundle – I use this tool all the time. Earning more money by bundling products together. A perfect example of this are my hypnosis downloads. I have a number of weight loss audios when sold individually cost around £9.99 each. Now however I have created a full premium weight loss program out of these audios and these retail for £39.99!! You can do the same bundle your sessions or services and watch your profits increase.

5) Get Rid of Bad Customers – 99% of your customers will be great. They will pay on time, be friendly in your sessions and generally cause you no problems at all. Then you will get the one customer who makes your life hell. They are always late for appointments, they continually ask to change their appointment times. They don’t pay on time and want to speak to you on the phone for hours between their sessions. When you make the decision to not deal with these people your life will be so much simpler and it means you are freeing up your time so you can concentrate on other areas of your hypnotherapy business.

6) Take Money up Front – Even better never deal with a bad paying customer ever again and take their session fee up front. I do that with all my customers. Either they pay for individual sessions up front or I take a deposit for multi session products. Never fear this approach. If a customer is reluctant to pay for their sessions up front then you know they are likely to be the very people who wouldn’t turn up for their booked sessions.

7) Invest in the Longer Term – With the profits that you are making in your business you need to invest some of that money into longer term investments. Perhaps some of those profits can be used to creating online training programs, apps, audios or other helpful products that you can sell when you are asleep. This will help you to grow your hypnotherapy business beyond seeing customers and clients one to one.

8) Sell to Multiple People – There are only so many hours in a day which means that if you are seeing one to one clients you will eventually hit a ceiling on your income. Sell to groups of people and you can earn greater revenue if done well. Corporate well-being work is a perfect example of how this kind of work will be much more lucrative than seeing individual clients.

9) Extend Your Market Area – Are you just trying to sell your services to people in your home town? If so think again. People will come and see therapists from miles around so start thinking about advertising your services to your whole county, region or even country!

10) Get Help – Hire a marketing mentor to take your hypnotherapy business to the next level. For a relatively small investment you can transform your business by getting someone to help you transform your business. With the right advice and guidance your business could significantly grow. One of my recent clients has found that her revenue has increased by 30% already and now she has hired two new staff members to help with the workload. My guess is that by the end of year we will have doubled her previous years revenue. Probably the best investment decision she has ever made.

How to

Are Therapists Afraid of Making Money?

Therapy MarketingOver the past few months I have been participating in forums and commenting about therapy marketing matters to a number of therapists. Interestingly in many of these communications I have noted that a large percentage of therapists seem to have a belief system that they will not make great money from their chosen profession. This partly appears to be because some people believe that there is not sufficient money to be made in the therapy industry and partly because they feel as caring professionals they should not be charging premium rates for their services. Wow I thought no wonder so many therapists go out of business within the first year of starting out and see so few clients per week. I thought I would address some of these myths and beliefs as they are clearly preventing the profession from becoming well regarded and highly paid.

1) How Therapists are Perpetuating Myths about Low Pay – One of the comments that I see time and time again is that therapy is not a great paying profession. Well speak for yourself I do very nicely from my chosen field of work and I believe that is because of my mindset. I didn’t start my job as a therapy professional but as a trader in the city. I used to earn a large salary and get great bonuses so when I chose to start a new career I did so with the expectation that I could earn good money again. As a self employed person I knew that with a little effort and great therapy marketing I could attract a sufficient number of clients to earn a great living wage and with passive income efforts there was no ceiling on what I could make.

Now think of the people you encounter in the therapy profession who perpetuate the myth of low pay. Have they taken the time and effort to learn new marketing skills to assist themselves in increasing their business? Are they happy to see just a small number of clients per week and spend the rest of the time pottering around? What do their websites look like? How are they Networking? What is their social media activity? Generally the very people perpetuating these myths are doing so because they haven’t made the effort to move from a small business to a thriving one. If you are looking at becoming a therapist I would say that there is no income ceiling and that it is perfectly possible to bring in over six figures with some creative marketing efforts.

2) Fear of Becoming Legitimate – When you charge a small fee then you are going to be thought of as disposable. The people who come to your therapy will be less committed and you will get more no shows and worse results. Being a hypnotherapist or any form of therapist is a hugely valuable profession because you can change someones life dramatically. That skill and talent is worth lots of money but because many therapists especially hypnotherapists are seen as new age alternative healers many charge very little.

Well I can tell you that my websites scream out professional! They are slick and informative instead of airy fairy and plastered with images that are more suited  to hippy culture. The addresses where I choose to practice are up market and well regarded. When a client books with me they get a full contract and confirmation policy so they know exactly what is expected of them and of me. I dress professionally, conduct myself well and charge premium rates because of this. I would welcome stricter professional bodies and alliances with the medical profession as they legitimise our business. I frown on therapists who embrace the alternative side as they drag down the industry as a whole. Have you seen the websites I am talking about? The ones where the hypnotherapist offers hypnotherapy and crystal healing or magnet therapy! No wonder we are seen as quacks by so many people.

3) Worry about Charging our Customers too Much – Some therapists believe that when they attract clients they should not charge too much for their services in case those people can’t afford the therapy which could help them. Indeed this could be a legitimate worry if it wasn’t for the fact that most of the people who come and see me have made therapy a priority instead of:

  • A huge flat screen TV
  • Sky Sports
  • The latest model of phone
  • Going out all weekend to pubs and clubs
  • Smoking 20 cigarettes a day
  • Ipads and Computer Games
  • A holiday abroad

I could go on and on. Yes there are always some people who may not be able to afford therapy but in many cases it is a lifestyle choice. The people wanting the cheap prices are the ones living with all the latest gadgets whilst they want the therapist to earn such a pittance that they are living hand to mouth. This was perfectly illustrated by a friend of mine who ran a Montesorri playgroup in an affluent area. She used to charge the parents only when their children came to a session instead of by term. On some weeks there would be a number of no shows and she would be worrying about money. In fact she couldn’t afford to heat her flat properly. As you can imagine I had something to say about her lifestyle and business sense.

This does not mean that we should be money grabbing parasites but we should look after our own needs before concentrating on those of others. I worked very happily for two years at a Cancer Centre one day a week for free. It gave me invaluable experience and was hugely rewarding. My business however was growing outside those hours and my prices high.

4) Worry about Abilities – I know that some therapists charge very little because they think that is all they are really worth. Again a former marketing student of mine wanted to charge £40 an hour in yummy mummy Muswell Hill! An area in London where everyone lives in multi million pound houses. Where they have a Planet Organic and chic little shops. His thought process was that he had only just qualified so it seemed like a fair price. Well if you want to go out of business this is a great way of doing it. By the way women are particularly great at making this error. See my previous blog on gender differentials in hypnotherapy earnings.

5) Unable to Market Well – I would say lack of therapy marketing knowledge is one of the biggest reasons why the profession is poorly paid. Most of the therapists have insufficient marketing or business knowledge and it shows. This is why the vast majority of hypnotherapists in the UK see a handful of clients per week. As with any entrepreneur if you have not got the requisite skills you will go bust and in hypnosis the vast majority of new trainees are out of business within a year of finishing their courses. You can save yourself a fortune and a lot of hard work if you spend the money and hire a hypnotherapy marketing and mentoring professional to show you how it is done.

So never again believe it when another therapist tells you that you will never become rich. Is simply means that they have chosen to remain poor or did not have the appropriate therapy marketing skills to grow their business. Remember the only ceiling placed on your earnings is the ones that you have placed there!



How to

Is Your Hypnotherapy Business Portable?

hypnotherapy businessYou may have noticed that this latest blog post is slightly later than usual. This is because I am planning to move house and having sold in one area I am frantically trying to find somewhere to buy in another part of the country. Moving house of course is only part of the issue because it also means that I will have to move my business as well. Not just  a few miles away but to an entirely different area where I currently have no customers or clients who will have seen me. Am I worried? Well no because I believe that my business model will work in any area that I relocate to. The question is can you say the same for your business?

Even though you have no intention of leaving your current location and moving cross country at this time you never know what will happen to you in the future. I know that I had no plans five years ago to leave London but circumstances change. It therefore makes common sense to consider all possibilities when you set up your business as to what would happen if you had to move premises, town or even to another country.

Moving Premises

Unless you work from home or in a very small area with limited choice of rented rooms then it is very likely that you will move premises at least once during your therapy career. I know that I have moved premises a number of times in the areas where I have worked. Mainly because I was always looking for the best premises for myself and my clients. I always recommend that wherever you set up your hypnotherapy business you look at a location where you have a choice of premises. This means that if one place closes or becomes unsuitable you always have other locations where you can move without any disruption to your income. Income stability should be a big consideration when planning your business strategy.

When you choose your business location then I would suggest that you make sure that the set up is such that either you are the only hypnotherapist at that location or you have full control of your phone number and advertising. Why? Well let us say that you decide to work at a natural health clinic in your local town or city. You rent the room space, they field your calls and there is some form of joint advertising. In other words they advertise the clinic so you may get some business that way but the onus is on you to bring in the bulk of the customers.

So you begin to optimise your website for that location, link your Google places account to the same premises and generally get calls flooding in to the receptionist at the clinic. Then they decide to hire out another one of their rooms to another hypnotherapist. Now what happens? Well firstly the receptionist no longer knows who brought in the customer. That means that the new hypnotherapist could potentially be getting business because of your hard work. Always keep control of the phone number that you have on your websites. That way you get the calls and you book the people. If the other therapists are not proactive in their advertising they will have empty slots and you will be the busy one.

Moving Location

A loss of income when you move your therapy location is almost impossible to avoid unless your earn substantial amounts of passive income. However this reduction in income can be minimal if you have a great business model.

Websites – When you understand SEO and website design it can be really easy to replicate a winning formula and simply transfer it to another area. Of course organic rankings take time no matter how great you are but in the short term using pay per click will get you customers in through your door.

Understanding what Sells – If you really understand clients problems, know what they need resolved and provide them information on how you can eradicate their issues then you have a winning formula. It does not matter where you are in the Western world as the problems are always going to be the same. People always want to lose weight, there is always anxiety and confidence is always going to be lacking in some people. Show people how you can resolve these and your bank balance will always be positive.

Online – If you haven’t caught on to the online revolution yet then it is time to dip your toe in the water. Conducting therapy online is a great growth area. It means that not matter where you are based or where your clients are. Providing you have reasonable website access you will be able to do therapy sessions. Even better create an online course which does not even require you to be involved and you can earn money whilst you are asleep.

Passive Income – Never rely totally on income from one to one clients. Try and create income streams in other areas as well. That means that there will always be some money entering into your business. Selling audios, video courses, eBooks never rely on location and can be bought by people all over the world. Oh and don’t forget to collect those emails. Google may change and alter its algorithm but if you have a large database of email addresses of people you can sell to then you will never go hungry.

So if you want a great hypnotherapy business spent some time thinking about the what ifs. Remember change is inevitable at some point so you may as well have contingency plans just in case it happens to you.





How to

10 Issues That Impact Your Website Performance

hypnotherapy website designToday’s post is all about the issues that may be impacting your website performance and ultimately how these can push your website down the rankings super fast. Just because you hired a web developer to create your website does not mean that everything about your website is going to be working perfectly. Many web developers do not understand SEO and that means that their design can impact the way your site performs in the search engines. Then when you start adding content to your site it is very simple for you to make simple errors which could see your site being penalised and your hypnotherapy marketing ruined. Here are some simple things for you to consider when building and designing your site.

1) Mobile Usability – If you have not seen my previous blog post on this subject I suggest you read it to find out why having a mobile responsive website is hugely important. Websites that are not mobile friendly are actively penalised in Google. This is because Google wants to give its search engine users a great experience and if they are landing on a site that does not look good on their tablet or phone then they will click elsewhere. It appears that Bing will also be launching a similar penalty very soon. Paying for an upgrade to a mobile responsive website is now absolutely essential if you are serious about hypnotherapy marketing and building a great business.

2) Duplicate Content – This means that you cannot write content for web page and then copy and paste that content to another page and change a couple of words. It also means that you cannot write something on your website and then copy and paste that information somewhere else on the web such as on a guest blog post or article submission site. When Google is faced with two identical sets of information it does not know which version to trust or which should be placed in the search engine rankings first. Ultimately when faced with this dilemma it makes a simple decision to penalise you and place the content down the rankings.

3) Keyword Stuffing – So you want to appear high in the search engine rankings for the keyword hypnotherapy Birmingham. In order to achieve that goal you write those keywords multiple times on your first page and throughout your other web pages. This makes your posts virtually unreadable and is classed as a black hat technique by Google. As a general rule try and make sure that your keyword is used no more than 2-5% in your content.

4) Speed of Your Website – How fast your website loads is now a ranking factor. Nobody has the time or patience to wait ages while an old website slowly loads. You can read about what Google thinks about website speed in their Google blog.To test how well your website is performing then you can try a speed test on your website. Google PageSpeed Insights allows you to enter in the url of your website and analyses how quickly it responds. Once the analysis is complete it will tell you what changes need to be made to your website in order to improve performance.

5) Guest Blogging – Once upon a time you could quite happily write blogs on other peoples websites and place links within them leading back to your website. Writing a significant number of these could boost your rankings significantly but not anymore. Mat Cutts from Google announced that this form of SEO is now considered as spam and that from now on people doing it could expect to be penalised. You have been warned!

6) Geographic Location of Hosting Account – For those of you who don’t know about hosting there are companies out there who allow your website access to the web by placing your site on their servers for a fee. If you have a web developer they will have signed you up to a hosting account which you generally pay for monthly or yearly. What you may not know is that if your website is a and your hosting is in The States you will find that your site is likely to be penalised in the rankings. As a general rule of thumb make sure that your hosting account is based in the country where your website is.

7) Low Quality Pages – So many therapists are guilty of this crime. They place up a web page with a picture and write two sentences about their product and that is it. Your website content needs to be useful and relevant to the people reading it if not Google will penalise you and your competitors will leap ahead of you in the rankings. Get your hypnotherapy marketing right and create quality content for your site instead.

8) Technical Issues – Ever used Google webmaster tools? If not sign up and add your website. It is a great resource and will flag errors appearing in your site. These technical issues may be preventing you from getting a higher ranking in the search engines. Don’t sit in ignorance and these errors will ultimately cost you money.

9) Fancy Web Design – So you hired a web designer to create you an all singing all dancing website. You have a video loading when people login or you have pictures that fade in and out or use flash on your site. Well don’t because the search engines don’t like it. They want a fast responsive website that can be read easily. If you have too much going on it slows down your site and can’t be accessed properly by the Google bots. If it doubt keep your website nice and simple.

10) Optimising Media– It is great sometimes to put images or videos on your website but have they been optimised so that they don’t impact your sites loading time. There is a line to be drawn between putting media on to your site and being penalised because your site takes too long to load.

For more interesting tips and tricks to increase your hypnotherapy marketing success you can buy my hypnotherapy marketing eBook online today. Don’t let marketing ignorance prevent you from building the business and income you deserve.